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Venus in Gemini

In typical Mercury retrograde fashion we are all asked (particularly those with strong Gemini and Virgo energies) to reevaluate our intentions behind all communications.? I had written approximately 800 words (Thursday, June 19) and now they are nowhere to be found.? Apparently Mercury in his guise of? coyote/trickster energies took those words to the cosmos somewhere.? These are impish energies, not to be confused with the construction of a patriarchal Devil in the dualistic world of fundamentalism. ?Although it may sometimes feel like some evil force is out to get you; Gemini and Mercury represents thought and thought is amoral.? Gemini?s opposing sign of Sagittarius is where the script reads Ethics, Religion, etc.

Venus, that Italian Goddess of Love and Beauty, adores the Twins.? After all, what Mercury categorizes and separates, she blends and brings together.? I call it the Humpty Dumpty effect.? Because of the Mercury guardianship of Gemini, Venus acts the harmonizer.? The higher and lower selves are what she brings into alignment.? Higher is not inherently better than lower, it is a matter of perspective, a Point of View (POV).

Venus will be in the sign of Gemini from June 23 through July 18.? Venus is the esoteric (soul/higher self) ruler of Gemini.? As we each grow in consciousness, we move from the mundane ruler (Mercury, in Gemini?s case) to the esoteric ruler (Venus).? That?s why this blog article will discuss the blending of your higher and lower selves, you soul and ego.

For the next several weeks each of us will be offered many opportunities to unify those relationships that have lost their authenticity, passion or shared style of communication.? Venus is currently in her morning star phase.? We must be a warrior of words and recognizing those synchronicities.? Be brave.? Speak up even if you fear judgment.? If you want something different (and Gemini carries the story, that variety is the spice of life), it is up to you to give voice to it.? Trust your higher self and its ability to download the larger, long term purpose of your life.

How Does Your Higher Self Behave???????????

I use the term higher self and soul interchangeably.? As I write this blog, I am revisiting this concept.? It may be sloppy and/or wishful thinking on my part.? Our souls encompass many aspects of our being, one of which offering perspectives from diverse positions, not only higher and lower.? If there is a lower self, is there a lower soul?? Yes, your unexamined instincts and feelings that you feed on keeping you isolated from others would be considered lower aspects of the soul.

The higher self can act as a (n):

  1. ?Witness to your thoughts, feelings and actions

  2. Conscience

  3. Reflecting point of your living up to your ethical standards or an observer of your integrity

  4. Analyst of living the difference between your karma/drama and dharma (tasks you consciously accept for your evolution)

  5. Bridge between different dimensions, races, classes, genders and any other separating factors

  6. Goad/trickster to aid in your evolution

  7. Moderator between ego and unexamined instincts

  8. Agent towards keeping yourself open and using Buddhist ?new eyes? for living an authentic life

  9. Visionary to help you see the creative possibilities in each conscious present moment

  10. Dream weaver, be they of the day or night variety

Plan versus Purpose

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis can act like a seesaw between the lower reporter mind and the higher aspirational mind.? Our lower minds can get caught in an array of petty concerns like a lawyer looking for a loophole in a contract his client does not want to complete.? Sagittarius, an adaptable fire-spirit sign, is learning how to see the possibilities in all life.? When balanced with the inherent limitations of the physical plane and the immediate environment perceived by Gemini, these two signs together can have adventures galore.

A shadow of Gemini can be the need for a detailed plan of action before taking any risks.? These spritely twins sometimes question the joy out of any circumstance.? Curiosity morphs into nosiness; reporting and observational skills become gossip and speculation.? It is challenging to have a mind that rarely stops actively thinking.

Any plan must have an intention (or several), a purpose.? Adding expansive and jovial Sagittarian energies to the mix can focus the connections into transcending cliques and ego squabbles.? There?s a ?more the merrier? vibration that increases the intimacy of each participant.? Sag adds mission, a partying with a purpose to the occasional narrow minded or shallow Gemini person.? Sagittarius is not immune to its shadow, which includes the collection of people, the more exotic the better. ?Trend followers and star fuckers are other traits of a dark, insecure or unconscious Sagittarian.

What Does This Venus in Gemini Mean For You?

Remember that the mutable signs (Gemini/Sagittarius & Virgo/Pisces) reflect and learn about their chosen element.? Each uses their active mental bodies to assess when to contract and when to expand.? Gemini is an air/mental sign.? They can expand their logic to where it becomes amoral and ridiculous.? Or they can contract their minds where no new information permeates.

This Venus transit was made for an emotive release, a trusting of your soul.? Our higher selves have been seeking entr?e into our collective lives through the seven squares between Uranus and Pluto beginning in the spring of 2012 culminating March, 2015. ?These two outer planets awaken our individual spirits for conscious action (Uranus in Aries).? After our higher selves illuminate our life purpose, it cannot be turned off.? Sure, you may momentarily place shades on your eyes of truth, but life gets listless really fast.? Once enlightened, you must continue to participate in the transformation of all institutions that are out of integrity.? The lord of the underworld, Pluto, ensures this destruction of the old ways and assumptions through his sojourn through executive and power driven Capricorn.? How much income equality will be enough for our system of measuring wealth will be no longer recognizable?

(If you know your rising sign, please read that paragraph too.)

Gemini:? When the Goddess of Love visits your sign, it is time to pay attention to your appearance.? Others will be magnetized by your presentation.? This is an excellent time to act on what is most personally meaningful for you.? If you?re getting more attention, use it to move the conversation to something grounded, provocative and challenging.? This is a Morning Star Venus, her warrior side.? Your Venus Star Verse is #39 Obstructions.? When you are faced with obstacles, look within; take ownership of your part in creating these blocks.

Cancer:? Venus brings you a sweet Taurus moon at the beginning of her movement into Gemini.? You are born to serve and notice the little things that most of us miss while building intimacy with another.? Allow your highest self to alert you to over-giving, lest you become an enabler.? Your Venus Star Verse is #33 Retreat. When others act from a mean spirit, stay away.? You do not have to be everyone?s teacher.? Wait for a more appropriate time to discuss and/or confront (as when Venus enters your sign on July 18).

Leo:? You like the finer things in life.? And, you can easily become enthralled by their appearance leaving your consciousness in a constant state of striving and competing.? We love your authentic heart, not your latest Coach Handbag or car.? Your Venus Star Verse is # 53 Developing.? The image is a tree on top of a mountain.? It is the slow engagement, not the swift marriage.? This metaphor works through all of your present creative projects.? Take your time; do it thoroughly or wait until you can give more quality attention.

Virgo:? Until July 1 you are feeling like you cannot catch a break from those who seem to have authority over you.? This is an illusory story you tell yourself.? Release that critical parent like voice.? You need to reach out in an open hearted attitude to those who can aid your career ambitions.? They may not move as quickly or in the same way you would, but they won?t move at all if do not ask.? Your Venus Star Verse is #39 Obstructions.? Look in the mirror before you project blame anywhere else.? Time is your ally.

Libra:? When your ruler enters into a compatible air sign, this can be too much of a good thing.? You?re here to learn balance and moderation.? There?s a kismet relationship you possess with Gemini, please prioritize before you have little time to assimilate all the evolution you?ve been experiencing since last December.? Your Venus Star Verse is #31 Attracting.? What a joy you are to be around!? Select your closest mates carefully (particularly if they are a recent connection).? You?ve got stars in your eyes which can blind you to some undesirable traits.

Scorpio:? Oh, lover of darkness, allow your childlike side to show.? Not everyone?s out to get you.? Fortunately, while Venus moves through one of the introspective parts of your chart, the Sun is in compatible Cancer.? You trust their moving and healing waters.? Feel that, and then think what overly possessive grips you need to release.? Your Venus Star Verse (VSV) is # 56 The Wanderer.? Do not hold people in past infractions, they are doing their best too, no?? If not, then you do your best to not repeat past pain and losses.? You may feel like a stranger in a strange land, learn their customs, keep your eye on what you have under your control.? Leave the rest be.

Sagittarius:? Gemini is your opposite sign.? These Twins call you on your hypocrisy; they?ll take you off any and all high horses.? Allow your root assumptions about relationships to be questioned.? Relax and follow others.? Ask before your offer unsolicited counsel.? Your Venus Star Verse (VSV) is #62 Conscientiousness.? Like your fire sign comrade, Leo, watch your finances, be frugal, but not cheap.? In speech, be respectful and a bit guarded or keep silent.? It is easy for this Venus to lure you into a false sense of superiority and that can be your blind spot.

Capricorn:? How?s that becoming an authority among your peers working for you?? Elevate your team?s playing field.? Like Sagittarius, you can have a superiority complex; you?re just not as vocal about it.? Give yourself the time to examine all of your possibilities in your closest connections.? Examine your physical health, particularly your relationship to excess.? Your Venus Star Verse (VSV) is # 52 Meditation.? If you are so focused on your inner growth and integrity that it causes you to be slower in returning communications, which is okay.

Aquarius:? Gemini makes your eccentric communication and actions understood by others. This Venus translates your true heart intention behind your words.? You have a quick mind that easily plans for possible outcomes, mostly negative ones.? Let the Goddess of Love inspire you to see more positive scenarios.? Your Venus Star Verse (VSV) is #15 Moderation.? Some translations call this hexagram Modesty.? You know how bright you are.? Say what you sense needs to be said, and act like an MC, drop the microphone and leave the stage, as it were.? Others who care will catch up with you, and may even begin to follow your lead.

Pisces:? Venus in Gemini brings a blended mix of the divine and mundane in a way that may be initially confusing.? Your belief that you can be all things to all people without any introspection on higher truths is what repels others.? Venus, in curious Gemini, is a wordsmith.? Maybe there are no words to describe what you?re currently feeling.? There are other forms of expression, no?? Your Venus Star Verse is #62 Conscientiousness.? If you find yourself in a position of leadership that you do not feel prepared for, act humbly.? Ask for help.? Do not fake it because you?ll give yourself away through oversharing.

Aries:? You cannot wait to get your mojo fully back.? In your favor Gemini is your wingman sign.? They can easily attract a number of opportunities that your headstrong nature and single minded focus do not see.? You could wait until Venus moves into Cancer to communicate your intention, but you won?t listen.? Your Venus Star Verse (VSV) is #56 The Wanderer.? Resist the temptation to argue simply because you can.? Accept that you are learning how to act from your authentic individual self.? Become immune to applause.? Or treat the compliment and the constructive critique the same.

Taurus:? Venus is your ruler, so you have a vested interest in what she does and where she goes.? In next door neighbor sign of Gemini, you have an excellent opportunity to access a second income stream.? If it is possible, you become even more comfortable in your skin.? Your Venus Star Verse is #31 Attracting.? Already you are the most magnetic sign of the zodiac, and this force will be doubled until July 18.? However, if your self-worth is sagging like a pair of old jeans, you?ll attract unhealthy and diverting people. Use your psychological perspective to shift the energies of those who drain your essence.

Choose your words carefully and Venus will bring good fortune in your life during this cycle.


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