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We Are Responsible For the Children of the World

At this time of year & in the midst of a Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday 2.16.22 in the late morning, we can easily become resigned at the state of world. Exactly what kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren? Hell, do we even like those closest to us? Do we distract ourselves incessantly? Can we show love without a holiday telling us to? How do we balance our loyalty to our personal inner truths without guilt or shame?

Despite all of the obstacles, it is important with Saturn (past) and Uranus (future) in contact with this Full Moon that we reflect upon what we can do.

'Baby steps, baby steps', says Daddy Saturn. 'Turn over the table where the coins lie!' says Granddaddy Uranus. In the myth Uranus was Saturn's daddy. He saw an urgency, a deep need for reformation, at best and revolution at worst, like grandparents who have lost their filters. The more soulful we behave the more humor and acceptance of differences we express--however these present themselves--race, gender, class, orientation, culture, etc...

Can you set up your life to live at the intersection of Responsibilities Street and Freedom Boulevard? What would/will happen to each of our institutions once the motherships do land? How has hip-hop integrated different musical genres of the past to update for our planetary future? How have musicians and artists carried these past visions for better days?

Or is it time to have another American and French Revolution? Well, an actual world revolution---it begins inside. How we cut away our collective pasts based upon fear of hierarchy, illusions of external control and separatist thought patterns--these are internal processes too. Reform how we have become addicted to fear, stress and pain. Something gotta give--it may be what we consider to be our sanity. We must wrest control away from attachment to one singular identity and start to see ourselves from a 'one love' perspective.


All of us have a responsibility to self-monitor--our thoughts, feelings and actions. To live on Freedom Boulevard we must embrace our individual selves along with our communal selves. Allowing for everyone's opinion to be voiced without an attachment to action is a start. Recognizing our exquisite gifts and talents. Communication about what healthy shared futures would look like and more importantly feel like. To begin with our first community (our family) and moving outwardly from there.

Can we begin and continue to acknowledge that it doesn't have to take a crisis or two or several to transform our behaviors toward each other?


Leo learns heartfelt and personal expression. Aquarius observes all to create room for personal expression. Leo is like the lead singer and Aquarius the chorus. This Full Moon helps us locate, deepen and share with our harmonious teammates--who sings the lead, duets, trios or quartets--just know no one's expression is wholly singular or without support. To release control is to release fear--when Leo & Aquarius sing together our world becomes a better place to play---paying it forward is more than an ideal. Take those small steps to make it a reality.

Bob Marley was an Aquarian

Paying It Forward Oprah is an Aquarian

Former President Obama wears an Aquarian mask (Rising sign) & Leo Sun (ego/consciousness)--just sayin'

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