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What's Nature Except Love

'If you really love me'--by Stevie Wonder comes on as I begin this blog...Love does not question itself. Love questioning is like a flower asking why it has blossomed. Children need play.

As we move through these troubling times and church pews seat less and less people, where do we search for life's meaning?

Fortunately, as I reflect on my own cult-adjacent religious experience from early childhood to my almost fully blossomed spiritual practice, I smile and sigh. It has been a journey, for sure! I smile because I live my values. I search within for my values. No longer is there an outside authority, like Belief Is Not Required (pun intended). I allow my mind to search for which experiences form from my soul--belief plus experience equals wisdom. Now, I can breathe a profound sigh.

No matter if you're agnostic, Cafeteria Catholic or one of my favorites 'spiritual, but not religious', it has become increasingly important that you take mature responsibility to search for your own answers--within. Astrology is an excellent beginning. But, there's more. This is one reason why I am Stevie Wonder overjoyed that I work with Tavish Carduff on Our Raw Material natural thought practice that begins every equinox and solstice. Our Raw Material (ORM) begins with Mentors (or Tormentors) those folx who have had an impact on our lives---good, bad, but not indifferent. A mentor can be, and probably was many things, but their impression on you is rarely neutral. As we gain in our soul's perspective, a Mentor's impact can become closer to neutral. However, ORM's process culminates in Wholeness---we learn to create and allow every moment to be perfect in our evolution.


Moving from the collective mental storms of Aquarius where you can feel like you're the center of your own chaotic hurricane that's your life--pause, breathe and relax.

Flowing Pisces begins on Loving Venus Friday 2.18 at 10.48am CST. Dunno know about you but some kisses in the moonlight and some Wu Wei (non-action) are desired.

Use today's snow day to contemplate how your highest ideals can manifest through your body and daily life.

Remember Daddy Saturn says "Baby steps, baby steps". Helping you in this dreamy work is Toddler Mars in Daddy Saturn's sign of Capricorn--call upon your inner mountain goat and frisky dolphin--and you'll feel Wholeness playfully blossom throughout your entire being.

I guarantee it 💯💕🔥 as much I know much of what I've just written was powered by ORM.

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