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For the budget conscious, DIY or student, each product increases your personal understanding and access to your inner truths.


Additional insight may be provided by Quan through audio, video or email, if you request (in place of a booked session).


These reports may be combined with an astrology or tarot session, subscription and/or an audio recording, purchased separately.

Intro Astrological Report

  • If you think one chart is complicated, this report describes the interaction between two charts. For any partnership, family or business this report describes the strengths and weaknesses.

    A scheduled session is strongly recommended as Quan can guide you through the maze of possibilities of a couple when 1+1=3. (Two individuals seeking Wholeness follow link for more info aka known as growth from their soul's perspective become the 3rd entity of a couple.

  • This report reveals part of an astrologer’s magic--- looking at where the planets will be in the future. ‘Let your will take place on Earth as it is in the Heavens’ or as the Pagan Law of Correspondence clearly states: ‘As above, so below’.


    These Planetary movements are called transits. Progressions follow ‘a day for a year’. Both methods work. You may order this report in monthly increments. Suggested at least a minimum of three months. This helps you to attain clarity about where there is contradictory info. Remember Astrology, as an art form, mixes better with a conscious human perspective--’when the student is ready, the teacher appears'--- the teacher takes multiple forms (digital and analog), for sure.

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