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Opening Up Astrology

  • 1st Session One Hour Natal Chart (Introduction)

  • 2nd Session Transits (future)  can include the following:

  • Solar Return

        (birthday session)

  • Venus Star Point  

        (personal passions)

  • North & South Nodes of the Moon (souls purpose & past life symbol)

 Inquire and pay required deposit 

Choose this if you're new or want a unique take on Your Understanding to your Astrological Chart, your Big Three (Sun/consciousness/ego, Moon/subconscious/habits & Rising Sign/Ascendant (how you look to & approach the world)

Choose this for a deeper drive into relationships and your place within your community. Tarot Sessions may last from 30 to 90 minutes depending upon your evolutionary needs, questions & interests.


Intro to your Venus Star (Personal Passions) This involves TAROT and the Goddess of Love, Venus as she creates a pentagram in Her dance between the Sun & Earth. This particular practice has been around since 2013.

Reflect on your Solar Return as it influences what will be present in your life for the year chosen. (how you choose to interact with elements)

Transits tell the on going movements of the planets within your Natal Charts

NN / North Node Your soul’s purpose for your life. Soul’s major goal. The soul is a witness to our spirit, thoughts, feelings and actions. SN / South Node your past life symbol (or what comes easily to you).

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