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About Quan Tracy Cherry

I’m trained in left hemisphere studies, business and law (hey, it was the 80’s and 90’s time of financial deregulation). However, my interests are in personal growth and evolution using the language, art and scientific measurements of Astrology. These ancient healing arts found me at a time where the non-magical world did not and could not fulfill me. I have since realized that there is only one world, it is our rational minds that makes the separation between the spiritual (transrational/magical/belief oriented) and physical (empirical/scientific/rational) worlds. Like one love, it is one world. We need people who speak the language of both. I do.

Beginning with Numerology, swiftly I went from balance sheets (quantitative) to charts (qualitative). Yet, I did not have the faith (I have pragmatic tendencies) that I could make a living at my calling, so I became a licensed attorney from Washington State. I worked in both worlds for nearly 10 years.  This is like a Scorpio (and indigo child).  We live in the physical and spiritual worlds learning to integrate them both as close to equally as any medieval alchemist), building a professional practice with my vocation while paying the bills working at places where I was not dismissed through being ‘overqualified’. Huzzah! On January 3, 1996 my vocation became full time. I have not looked back; I realize I’m one of the fortunate ones.

A healthy life centers on balance deftly utilizing logic and intuition. I use both in my professional practice of integrating spiritual law and practical experience through historical referencing and observation (Astrology) and intuitive awareness.

It took opening my mind to aspects of life that are not easily explained until you experience an alleged coincidence. I will concede that there are other systems to categorize and reflect upon human behavior, but Astrology (road map) and Tarot (gas station in which you ask for directions) incorporates your personal world and your intimate connection with higher and other worlds of awareness. I combine these systems (and brain hemispheres) to facilitate a better life for everyone I meet.

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