​I offer a range of services for families/groups as well as personalized coaching, chart reports and tarot readings.

Services provided in person or by way of phone, Skype, email or audio recordings.

 $180/hour unless stated otherwise on the services page.  (Each of the following is an independent session of at least 30-60 minutes.) 


  • Natal Reports

  • Transits & Solar Return Charts

  • Past Life Exploration 

  • Venus Star Point Session

  • Couple Sessions

  • Family/Group Sessions

What's Your Sign? 


That'll be your date of birth. A way to determine how you are to develop in consciousness aka healthy ego/soul development. Learning to walk the path between you and another represents an interaction that creates joy, love, and peace, within and without.


Know Your Sign, Know Your Element?


There are 12 signs. Basic life lessons or stories are central to how we perceive and relate to reality. Ask yourself, 'what if there are only 12 tales, like 12 tribes of the 'Holy Land'. You are chosen. You are special. Self-development is a cost for admission. Consistent growth is how your soul stays alive in union with your ego.


From What Plane Do You Come?


There are four (4) planes of existence in Western Tropical Astrology. Tropical Astrology is founded upon the season in which you were born. These four planes of existence are Spiritual, Physical, Mental & Emotional. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, respectively. If a Jungian, Intuition, Sensation, Thinking and Feeling.




There are four elements. Fire, earth, air, and water. Respectively, spirit, physical, mental and emotional. 

Fire Signs represent the spiritual plane of existence. It sounds lofty, and in many ways, they can seem above it all--action-oriented but aspirational and visionary. Our spirits illuminate our identity or better put---the energy behind our individual pursuits.

Earth Signs represent the physical plane of existence. we use Earth language a lot through describing people as down-to-earth, couch potatoes, or my favorite obviously rest tends to stay at rest. So we get the vision to aspire the spirit energy and lighting up when we see people. However, Earth grounded into reality, third-dimensional reality.

Astrological Signs

Hey, what's your sign? The signs are the large energies I like to think of them as the curriculum what were here to study how was your study being on planet Earth. We've already discussed the four elements and the signs are a combination of the elements and where they're placed in the season and tropical astrology.


  •  If you are a new client or new to Astrology, I suggest a session dedicated to understanding your natal chart. This session is more diagnostic and personality driven.

  • Venus Star Point Session. Focus upon your personal passions and how to express them through this new system (for advanced and beginners alike).

  • If you are a returning client, have existing astrological knowledge and/or ordered a report, this session will include your secondary progressed, transits and solar return charts. This session is more predictive and interactive.

(those who are who are looking for new insights or new interest in what astrology can offer. )

(those who are returning clients or have a working knowledge of their ‘Big Three’)

  • Astrological tools for divining and co-creating your future (solar return, progressions & solar arc directions) used along with Tarot $120 to $150


  • Tarot spreads (card lay out) offer a spontaneous and insightful perspective to any relationship, career, past life and future possibilities. 

  • Coaching and/or packages (at least three sessions of 60 minutes of more) particularly suited for those going through challenging planetary transits (usually involving Saturn or Pluto). Starting at $180/hour. Coaching sessions can be an unlimited number depending on your set goals.

  • Past life exploration. Through guided meditation, my own research through your astrological chart, tarot cards and personal meditation, you can access larger reasons behind reoccurring challenges within your life and relationships

  • Couple Sessions (personal and business) begin at $300/hour  (This includes up to one hour of research utilizing two natal charts, two synastry charts and a composite chart of the relationship, please include in which city you met and date). 

  • Vocational Sessions may also be included in a coaching session.

  • I am also available for retainer events. Call or email for a quote.

  • These are determined at a cost of $180/hour and quantity of preparation (additional astrological charts and/or reports).

It is suggested that new clients purchase:

It is excellent to have additional information about those closest to us, particularly our children, partners, friends and closest mates. Did you know that your astrological map can delineate your past lives (a.k.a. unfinished business)?