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The services provided here are what my former financial analyst self would call ‘intangible assets’. Tips are not expected, but are greatly appreciated (love that statement). As someone who has officiated weddings, funerals and tributes, it’s been demonstrated that ‘charging’ is like ‘suggesting’. What has been given has surpassed any expectation. When you donate you are supporting someone who has ceased to use the word ‘work’ to describe what service I provide. It’s paradoxical---the more I surrender to these feelings, the more is given. And as such, I have a general rule to give a little more to those who support others through their work (be they therapists, counselors, yogis, etc.)

Here belief is not required, our donation page is centralized around just giving and paying it forward. So if you do offer a donation please offer comments and feedback about your anticipation and expectations regarding your generosity.

I've had long-term clients just send a donation based on my responding to their comments to a Blog. It is not expected but greatly appreciated. Sure, there are times that I'm used to it, usually from a place of fear of what my financial present and future would have looked like had I chosen to practice law professionally. I simply feel that the Tao, also known as a larger guiding Universal force in my life, inspired me to become a professional astrologer and Tarot reader which are culture surely needs versus yet another divisive lawyer. oh come on let's laugh at ourselves a little bit all right?

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