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10-4--Capricorn Full Moon

10-4 & a wink, good buddy. Makes the masculine side show itself as equal parts protector, court jester, rapper and soldier. Hang in there, like this monkey in the Asian year of the Water Tiger!

Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon create an energetic non binary fit for the Gods & Goddesses. We are come in and out of the feminine…double entendre aside, it is important to know each of the beginning signs are egocentric, singular, therefore masculine energy in nature. To create there has to be a planting of physical seed or spiritual vision in our soul's soil (yin feminine in nature). Cancer and Capricorn both know and embody this non binary and transcendent union.

The non binary comes from (pun intended) the fact that Cancer and Capricorn are yin, feminine water and earth signs. 

"The man is the head of the household, but the woman is the neck" (a line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). This Full Moon has us squarely sitting at the neck's nape…that beautiful bridge point between the head and body. Out of balance these signs can produce crooked and stiff necks, smothering mothers and dictatorial fathers.

Fixed stubborn signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius--yes, you can make it out alive…

Taurus, admit to your anger, resentment and grudge holding. Then, flip your hair ala Taurean Lizzo, give not a damn, but some joy!

Leo, sweet one, it's all about the service and surrendering with an inner smile. Know that your life is happening as you will/intend it to be. 

Scorpio, balancing the past with your future demands an equal dose of ego and soul. Take off your blindfolds and soar like your favorite bird…prey, predator or song? 

Aquarius, remove your guards around your heart before you lose contact with those who've supported you.

Trans-signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces-what do you know? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Once you admit that, then wisdom appears like mist on a sailboat tacking about on your favorite lake.

Gemini & Sagittarius take care of your health. Recognize how your state of mind and stress from your chosen environments affects you. Get a second opinion if you don't accept what your caregiver says. Your spirit is being overvalued with grace as its foundation.

Virgo & Pisces keep your eyes on the prize, particularly as you look in the mirror. Purchase a hammock or floating toy. Do some yoga in the sky hanging upside down…whatever gives you a different perspective. Buy a bat figurine to symbolize your sonic hearing and rebirth.

Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn get stuff started & this Full Moon can have you running around like the proverbial chicken with their head cut off.

Cancer, please become proud of your impact you've made on the world. The size doesn't matter, but the quality and length of your influence does--dinner table or boardroom--you shape our emotional atmospheres. 

Capricorn connects us to knowing when to judge and when to be merciful. Time for both in your life. Begin with yourself.

Libra wake up! You've been asleep since February. Venus has picked up speed, so what you love and value is coming around again for a review. Ethics and principles do serve you, even when u can't see it.

Aries it is all about finding and living from the equilibrium--your public charming face integrated with your private lustprospers!

May you be Vulcan and 'live long & prosper'!

May we all recognize our non binary natures!

Praise be to this Full Moon in Capricorn ♑️! 

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