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My undergraduate degree was in Financial Accounting. ?Wanting to have that feeling of calm that comes from an absolute, you know, numbers don’t lie…ah, the balanced balance sheet. ??I lasted less than two years working for a bank in Detroit. ?There’s more to life than counting someone’s else money…!

However, my power number (birth date) 25 is a 7 (2+5=7). ?Seven of ‘creation in the Genesis story’, 7 days of the week named after the 7 classical planets, four 7 day weeks in one lunar cycle. ?You get the point. ?Seven is a metaphysical number given to researching the truths behind physical phenomenon. ?It is rumored in Egyptian Mythology that children born under the number seven were given over their priests to rear, as they would have spiritual gifts that their parents could not properly train them. ?These children belonged to the Gods and Goddess.

Yet, a book in Numerology found me. ?A close friend who by her own account an ‘artiste’ had very little patience (Aries Sun) for the ‘numbers. ?At the end of the first day I was giving out numerological readings to anyone who would listen (lots of them cause I was my own intern, ahem, free readings). ?Seven folk (7, 16, 25 born or those whose birth path-month, day, year adds up to a 7) are the non-judgmental listeners, counselors and mystics of the numbers game. ?I believe that when the aliens come out of the closet they will find Aquarians and Sevens. ?So, those born of January 25, February 7 and February 16 have a double dose of the seven energies. ?In addition, when determining your birth path remember to add the 1+9. ?For example, June 14, 1958 would be added 6+1+4+1+9+5+8= 34 ?and 3+4=7)


After the rampant power plays of physical completion of 2016’s (2+0+1+6=9) nine cycle, 2017 gives us a stark choice. ?We can act from the lower ‘one’ or the higher ’10’. ?Understand the one energy focuses on themselves, their needs, their pioneering and their individuality. ?When unevolved Ones (1, 10, 19, 28) folk can be so enamored with action and competition that love is fleeting or treated as an exchange. ?After all, you cannot love others if you’re not focused upon their needs and the reciprocity between equals (and Ones do not tend to see themselves as having an equal). ?In its extreme shadow state, Ones can become so driven and being first that they burn out, take unnecessary risks. ?If they have no healthy outlets, Ones are likely to become addicted to work, winning, drugs and alcohol. ?They hate failure and even worse being dependent or seen as a failure. ?Being never satisfied can make for ambition and breakthroughs in their chosen career path, but the relentless drive must be balanced with rest, relaxation and contemplation., traits that usually not on an agenda of Ones.

Add a zero to any number and you get increased power. ?How this power is used requires reflection on your behaviors and motivations. ?Zeros can be drawn by a connecting circle (symbol of wholeness) around the yin/feminine 6 and the yang/masculine 9. ?Allowing you to ponder on the give and take delivered by 69, elevate the physical to the power that is created when the passive and active energies are merged. ?The power of the 10 takes on a new meaning of the individual seeks wholeness in order to increase their power. ?You no longer look for completion outside of yourself. ?You are complete. ?Your actions demonstrate your wholeness.

This is one lesson of the Ten Year of 2017: ?Learn what your individual spirit has to offer powerfully to your chosen communities.

It is not a question of whether you have power. ?It is a question of how you use power. ?A Ten year demands a basic awareness of how integrated you are and what your motivations behind your individuality.

Magician and Wheel of Fortune

After my passionate diving into Numerology, the tarot followed seon after. ?The Major Arcana are the large soul secrets your higher self contracts out to you. ?Like contract law, if there’s a breach in performance, we look to see if each party took ‘best efforts’ to complete the terms of the contract. ?The tarot lets you know if you did or not.

As representing the first tarot card, The Magician represents oneness through the use of our will. ?Our will, those energies emanating from our solar plexus, our gut feelings to manifest, feel, intend or speak truth. ?Without The Magician coming through the number One, how would anything get done? ?From where would those ‘ideas whose time have come’? emanate? ?Who would perseveringly adhere to their visions even when naysayers surround them? ?How would our passions bond us to others who may not have as strong a will? ?Intention rules, however, actions reign supreme when The Magician lights your path.

Because we tend to learn our lessons through pain and negativity, The Magician can become to who is all talk and action (and generally observant enough to read you and the environment to take from or con you). ?When the skill set has not been developed, seen usually in lots of planning and paper trails but no actual tangible success, The Magician is the consummate bloviator. ?I cannot tell you the number of false Magicians that get surprised when I tell them what my profession happens to be and they respond incredulously with ‘You make a living at that?’ or ‘I would have simply practiced law’. ?These mercurial ones have no imagination beyond the material world. ?As I have established Sevens live in other dimensions that usually do not prioritize the physical world.

Magicians must use each element to fully get the best results of their ‘oneness’: Fire (vision)’ earth (planning & doing the physical work), air (communication & reasonable objectivity) and water (loving the work and how it helps others). ?We have all the elements because we are a representation of each of the planets which are made of the elements.

The Wheel of Fortune connects us to the number 10, a higher octave of the 1. ?In this instance, Tens see the longer term picture. ?They are aspirationally inclined. ?Like the Goddess Fortuna, they may speak in riddles. ?It is a test, albeit unconscious, but want to know the motivations of those who are uninitiated into metaphysical truths. ?Tens want you to think about the nature of your integrity, of why fortune’ matters to you…and with whom will you share it? ?It is the ferris wheel; it is starting at the bottom. ?It is the lack of attachment or identification with the ups and downs of life. ?It is a centering and being centered. ?’What goes up’ must come down/spinning wheel’ ?you know that ditty. ?Tens are acutely aware of karma, in the phrase ‘what goes around’ comes around’. ?However as we evolve we do not seek ‘an eye for an eye’ we begin to bestow grace onto others. ?We actively find ways to forgive, learn the lesson and also remember the lesson lest we might have to repeat the lesson. ?Healthy Tens embody this lesson of grace, like the robins as harbingers of spring.


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