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At a New Moon Solar Eclipse, the Moon (past) blots out the Sun. ?The Moon creates the form that we have. ?Our emotional body, the way we feel about our gender, race, sexuality, family, class, education and physical body have its roots in the Moon. ?Our past conditioning takes over our consciousness (Sun) at a Solar Eclipse. ?Memories like the corners of our mind/The Way We Were?can we become great? ?Leo would not have it any other way. ?It is about recognizing the past while moving towards the future. ?Leo celebrates each individual spirit in all its glory, shapes, sizes, colors and genders. ?An older soul recognizes no one human or religion as having all the authority.

We know how to love each other, because we see how to love each other.

We know how to love each other, because we see how to love each other.

The past triumphs over the present and asks:


Leo?s key phrase is ?I Will?. ?Leo is a concentrated and fixed fire (spirit) sign. ?There is an energetic pulse, presence and charisma that is gifted to Leo. ?When used for its own aims, Leo plays and exhibits the patriarchal game to the fullest—best cars, mates, homes, clothes and Facebook posts. ?Everything and everyone that is on display is an extension of the Leo ego. ?Get underneath the surface and no one exists inside.

When energetic and self-directed Mars operates from their heart center found through Leo, a fully flowering of the personality is displayed. We are no longer threatened by displays of power, domination or control. ?We know how to breathe in difficult situations around narrow minded narcissists. ?Any aware parent of a teenager knows to balance ignoring their tantrums with consistent boundaries. ?We are in the last throes of an adolescent culture. ?Fat lady has finished singing, she has left the building, and now she has boarded a plane to Belize.

As Americans, we must look at the effort it takes to obtain and maintain these outer props that Leo demonstrates. The chart for America (July 4, 1776) has the Nodes of Fate in Aquarius and Leo. ?We are learning as a nation to join with other nations, not be superior or feigning exceptionalism. ?Take our consumerism, for example. ?This eclipse requires a paring down and deconstruction of why we need to have so much in the first place. ?How can you look to your past while simultaneously preparing for a future of increased and conscious participation with yourself, family, community and friendships? ?How can you realize more joy and happiness in your life while having less? ?In intense conversations about race, gender, orientation or class, how can you listen more and talk less? ?How do we discuss famine, war and climate change? ?When do we look honestly at billion dollar weapon deals to Saudi Arabia and the civilian deaths in Yemen?

We here in KC will be in the Path of Totality. ?Eclipses of the Sun block your personal aims and aspirations if they are only used without a collective goal in mind. ?With this Solar Eclipse being in Leo, the heart must make best efforts to align with collective goals through the South Node in Aquarius. ?Fortunately, the rulers of the nodal axis, Sun and Uranus, are in a supportive aspect to each other from Leo to Aries. This good news of our personal ego aligning to collective revolution promised by Uranus makes our star spirits soar. ?This can inspire even the most timid of us to gain the world, through accessing their soul. ?We are charged to blaze a trail for others to follow.


The relationship between Jupiter and Saturn can demonstrate our relationship to society. ?With Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius at this Solar Eclipse, realize that the way of how we support ourselves is coming to an end. ?In essence, those high paying manufacturing jobs are gone. ?You knew this. ?However, in your personal lives, Leo expects heartfelt self-determination. ?In the previous sign of Cancer, there can be some emoting about what your family did or did not do, what the government did or did not do. ?In Leo, though, we want authentic expression, effort and participation based upon disciplined action. ?What have you done to prepare for a future that requires personal effort based upon realistic appraisal of present day conditions? ?Nearly 30 years ago, I realized I had the head (Aquarius) to complete law school, pass the bar. ?But, I did not have the heart (Leo) to practice law. ?My nodes of fate are Leo and Aquarius. ?As such, I created a spiritual law practice, where my father and law professors thought I was crazy (Aquarius).

The last quarter connection of Jupiter and Saturn heightens your social consciousness. ?What have you done for your community? ?For the last three years Saturn has been tested our beliefs, philosophies and aspirations to culminate at this Winter Solstice. ?Have you been adaptable and flexible when faced with differing opinions or argumentative and fundamental? ?This Eclipse will let the dark side of your heart be on display for all to see. ?Humorous snark is one thing, but mean spirited duplicity without a purpose borders on malignant narcissism, possible sociopathic disorder.

?Tip 1: ?No agreeing to disagree when the other person is clearly on the wrong side of history. ?End false equivalencies at all times. ?What would Rosa Parks Do? ?Or Say??


?Broad and spacious is the way of destruction, narrow and cramped is the way towards salvation?…I?m paraphrasing, but it is in the Gospel (good news) of Matthew.

Mars in Leo leads this New Moon Solar Eclipse. ?Literally, Mars is in front of the Sun, Moon and her Nodes of fate. ?It is predestined that Mars announces how this eclipse will manifest. ?Mars is our ?terrible twos? planet (he takes 26 months to move around the Sun). ?Mars throws tantrums. When he is not is not willing to play the role of warrior/protector and submit his services to the group, then they can easily become a bully, a self-righteous, judgmental person. The group is doomed to back-biting, bullying, violence and rage.

The President of the US has Mars in Leo. ?This eclipse activates this planetary energy and his Ascendant. ?Eclipses bring the unexpected. They also demand one?s personal will/intention be used for collective purposes. ?Does a health crisis have to occur for reflection upon others? How do you heartfelt reflection upon others with whom you have disagreement? ?How have you been part of the problem through not speaking from your heart regarding others who are not present or capable of speaking for themselves?

This eclipse tests each person?s courage. ?Courage to ?come out? as it were. ?Ask someone who has come out of the closet. ?It takes heart. ?It takes confidence. ?You have little to no control of the ?others? response…from dismissal to anger to complacency to defiance to condescension (or what I call the ?emotional buffet?.). ?We must speak from heart to gain back our communities, families and planet. ?While the Nodes of Fate travel through Leo and Aquarius (November 9, 2018), we are being charged to become the agents of our own underworld. Like Persephone, we must rule in the very place where we have been abducted.

Healthy role models to be emulated populate our planet. ?We must look for them. ?We must engage. ?We must do our homework. ?For example, as a male, do you know the first territory gave women the right to vote before 1920? ?Can you imagine what type of role model you?d become to a young man, as an older man, if you knew the answer?

In the beginning as you speak from heart, you may feel isolated and unsure. ?As time passes and confidence mounts, you begin to join with like-hearted others. ?In solidarity, you speak with assurance. ?You resist getting into conversations with those who want to bully, bash and bewilder for their own sake. ?When the passionate Venus Star emanates her loving energies through warrior Aries, you know which battles are worth fighting. ?You act from a pragmatic authenticity. ?You know when to get a supportive ally to bake your same-sex wedding cake and when to say ?Fuck You? to the baker with ?so-called? Christian values. ?There is no good news or gospel in segregation or discrimination.

The current Venus Star in Warrior Morning phase in Aries underscores the acting from a position of present power, heart-centered power. Taking on worthy opponents, sure, is encouraged. ?However, it is better to get out of victimized thinking and realize how to act from self-determination to become victorious in your life. ?Defending your personal passions and protective instincts does not mean that you have to become or are destined to become a bully. ?As a matter of fact, the more you stay in touch with and express your passion, the more likely you will observe when they will be well received.

Tip 2: ?Check your motivations at all times. ?When does being recognized as right get in the way of being heard?


Mythology to astrology to psychology, these words of the ?myths?, ?stars? and ?soul?, respectively build upon each other. ?To make more sense out of this upcoming total eclipse, let?s analyze the triangle of Pluto, Ceres and Persephone.

Pluto, as the god of the underworld, has wealth. ?It was not obvious wealth in Mount Olympus with Jupiter or oceanic wealth with Neptune, but there were certain powers he had through being guardian of the dead. ?Lonely (and probably resentful of his brothers), Pluto abducted Persephone into the underworld. ?Persephone?s mother, Ceres, went on strike (no food for you, mortals)! ?In her grief, Ceres became a nanny to a royal child. ?In the end, they had to share Persephone. ?Shared power. ?Shared children. ?Shared custody. ?Fear of loss can produce the hovercraft parent. ?Fear of molestation, rape, abduction or even paranoid about not being seen as the ?provider? can all dissolve into petty fights over a child with the other parent.

Even our often antiquated and patriarchal legal system gets it right at times when they ask this one question: ??What?s in the best interests of the child?? ?Persephone becomes the queen of the underworld. ?The child grows into their own power, no matter how much alienation occurs from the abducting parent, oops, oh, the parent with legal custody. ?Our Earth has been abducted by oligarchs and plutocrats. ?We must come into our power. ?Like Ceres, we must strike, boycott and rebel. ?Like Persephone, we much choose to love our intangible virtues of compassion, goodwill and peace. ?Like Rosa Parks we must refuse to leave our bus seats in the front.

This eclipse asks all of us parents that question of how to share. ?However, on a collective note, our indulgent adolescent child called America has to grow up. ?We can no longer consume 25% of the world?s resources, yet only have 5% of the world?s population. ?We cannot shirk off our environmental responsibilities via non-participation with the Paris Agreement. ?Transformative Pluto takes approximately 250 years to complete one revolution around our Solar system. ?We are 241 years old. ?2022, we grow from within, whether we like it or not. ?It is already happening. ?This Total Solar Eclipse has us in its cross-hairs.

Ceres opposes Pluto from security driven signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The last one at this degree on August 21-22, 1998 had Ceres/Pluto opposition in Gemini and Sagittarius. ?Although the Nodes were in early Virgo-Pisces, it is still will demonstrate certain themes. I had two of the biggest crises in my life in August, 1998. ?Yet, I also became a second degree Reiki master called Tera Mai. ?I have used this healing modality for myself. ?I have every intention of using it in the future as an additional service for my community and clients. ?This is one way eclipses work, they take away what blocks your growth, particularly your evolution within yourself and for your family, relationships, community and planet. ?This is an Aquarian (past) and Leo (future) eclipse. ?Our past calculations and heady detached analysis (Aquarius) must be shadowed/eclipsed by our hearts (Leo). ?If I had followed my legal analysis (head/Aquarius) 19 years ago, I would not have the heartfelt (Leo) connection with my son. ?This Aquarius/past & Leo/future eclipse repeated in these signs also on August 11, 1999. ?It took almost 18 months (from the August 1998 eclipse) for these difficult parenting issues to be seemingly solved.

This illuminates our emotional attachments.Ceres Pluto opposition could indicate our attachments being snatched away from us…childlike attachments that keep us from evolving. ?These attachments can be personal, collective or cultural. ?Why do some people vote against their best economic interests? ?Why has ?Obamacare? started to poll better when he is no longer in office? ?When will our country mature enough to deconstruct the illusory zero sum game regarding race, gender and orientation? ?Ceres brings awareness to how we nurture and take care of others who may or may be in our blood line. ?Pluto deepens and transforms our narrow awareness, particularly when it is based upon egocentric or separate concerns. ?Pluto states ?merge or die?. ?Recognize our shared power is lasting power.

Tip 3: Calculations and guile will not work well in the long term. ?Silence is better than speculation and half-truths.


Mercury, planet of the reporter mind and communication, will be in retrograde at this Solar Eclipse. ?Make sure you get your special glasses before you look into the Sun. ?During retrogrades, especially the Mercury ones, we get to go outside of linear time and space. ?Our minds visit other dimensions, receive inventive answers and visions. ?This one (August 12-September 5) has all the makings of bringing awareness to how you can most precisely serve your family, tribe, community and planet.

Mercury will slow down to get you to pay attention to areas of your life you tend to overlook. ?I offer you an overlooked area of my professional practice, the Sabian Symbols. Psychic medium Elise Wheeler in 1925 used her skills to give an image for each degree of the zodiac.

With Mercury (mind) in Virgo opposes Neptune (transcendence) in Pisces. Huh? Mercury opposes Neptune, both are retrograde and in their sign of rulership. ?Makes this time particularly potent. ?Makes your corpus callosum (part of the brain that connects and sends messages between your left and right hemispheres) acute and strong. Mercury tends towards the left hemisphere and Neptune leans right, analytical and intuitive, respectively.

The Sabian Symbol for the 29th degree of Leo is:

A Mermaid has Climbed to the Rocks Shore of a Bleak Coast; She Awaits the Prince Who Will Bring Her Immortality


Authenticity from swimming in idyllic feeling states to becoming more grounded. ?Sounds Evening Star that ?awaiting? her prince. ?However we are in a Morning Star Aries phase, independence from the collective waters. ?Pragmatically discovering oneself, the noble part of yourself. Mythical being disconnected from their original source. ?She has agency, she choose to leave her home. ?Or did she get ousted? ?When will the Prince arrive? ?How does he possess immortality? ?What is your legacy? ?Can you recognize where your Prince exists?

In conclusion, with Scorpio Ascending (US is a Warrior Morning Star in Scorpio nation), we are learning how to liberate our souls from our defective and brutal pasts. Frederick Douglass remarked, ?that power concedes nothing without a demand?. ?Power to end our splintered hierarchy through money, status and ownership (Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house). ?These next 8 years will continue a televised and tweeted revolution…may it be a shift in an inward direction without the use of guns. ?May be awaken to the oneness that we are. ?A shift in consciousness is available, we have the information, now it has to be applied collectively as wisdom.

?Tip #4: As one Sufi said, ?Pray to Allah, but tie up your camel?.?
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