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Noon on Tuesday (Tiw?s Day Norse God of War), May 21, 2019.

Numbers 5th month (Venus? Pentagram of Earthy Magic), 21/3 (The World, Transgender Universal Dancer of yin/yang), 5+3+2+0+1+9/3=11 (Angelic Messenger of Higher Truths).

Leo Rises at noon exacting supporting ethical Jupiter in Sagittarius on the first day of Messenger Gemini Sun sharing space with fast footed Mercury in Gemini. Kudos to whoever picked this time (or allowed to be guided by this time!).

Realize that our collective passions in the USA are Warrior (individualistic) Morning Star at 2 degrees Scorpio. We are nearly 243 years old. It takes the Venus Star 250 years to repeat itself. Young ass country we are.

Scorpio is all about the public-private relationship. Cancer (privacy decisions to decide when to become a mother, what is my personal health care decisions along with my family, etc.) opposite the state which in this case are 25 white men in Alabama, but let?s be clear, we are coming to the end of the patriarchy as we know it symbolized by Capricorn. ?We the people?, an idealistic concept that still hasn?t walked its talk is this financial accountant?s work in progress. Our cost of goods sold continue to think that women?s bodies and what they produce are under the control of the state. This echoes back to when my ancestors were considered as chattel. Makes you wonder?a country built upon freedom kept people in chains.

A woman owning her body suffers the behind her back (an internalized oppression) the indignity of the ?b-word? and blacks now have two alphabet words (n-word and r-word). ?R? stands for reparations?the protest tomorrow moves our awareness of all forms of oppression, suppression, repression and microaggression.

The first day of Gemini is what I call ?Humpty-Dumpty? Day. We are preparing for a fall. The King?s horses cannot put anything back together again. Just-the-Facts Gemini is a human sign in a circle of animals aka the ?zodiac?. It is beyond time (call it trans-factual) to have a conversation and policy about yolk sacs, no heartbeats and the difference between an embryo, fetus and a child.

I am willing to stipulate that in 1973 viability as described in Roe v. Wade has changed. The fact (Gemini time of year) that our legislative branch has not made the SCOTUS decision the law of the land is embarrassing at best and maliciously reckless at worse. It is as if these individuals think women want to have an abortion.

The astrological chart for noon clearly demonstrates a break with the past (shades of bringing together what is broken). Until August 13, 2019 we are under the influence of a Scorpio Morning Star (which, by the way brought the ?taboo? information from the Senate Hearings of Brett Cavenaugh). Count on uncomfortable discussions about death.

I fully expect the Missouri and/or Alabama laws to be seen by SCOTUS. Remember, no matter what the spin, these individuals were hazed, indoctrinated or to put it mildly influenced for three years by law professors. From personal experience, it is a powerful process that keeps us questioning any and all bottom lines. As we are told early in this process, ?the law is a jealous mistress?. I hope that she is that and more. I?d like her to be a defiant Lilith who realizes the power to create life also means that those who simply deposit ubiquitous seed need to be more concerned about life outside of a woman?s body than within a women?s body.

If you?re lukewarm (not taking action) then as the Bible says, ?you need to be vomited out of our mouths?. In the upcoming months, it will be get exceptionally nasty (be safe near marches, Planned Parenthood and clinics). As it is said, ?Pray to Allah, but tie up your camel?. I am a man of color who has women in my life who have protested for the right to have control over their bodies. It is important to support and not shame, to listen, not judge and above all, to speak up in conversation where men of power are involved.

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