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After a Full Moon in Aries---What's Next?: Constucting Healthy Boundaries aka Where's Taurus?

This may be a part of a series, this blog follows the last one on the Full Moon and A Fallen Ego. I hesitate to say this because then there are expectations. And, where there are expectations, there are projections and disappointments. So like anything connected to Taurus---let’s keep it simple.

Let’s begin with music (as this Fall 2023 season of ORM is centering on this Pillar). For those who are unfamiliar with ORM (Our Raw Material). It is a self-monitoring aka DIY system of drinking water, breathing and focusing our minds upon our egos and souls. Please go to for more info.

The Full Moon (last blog and last week occurred on the last day of Mentors (Pillar One). In AstrORM (where the 12 Pillars are associated with the 12 signs of Astrology) Pillar One/Aries. Pillar Two connects us to the Second sign of Taurus, etc.

At the Full Moon I asked Where’s Your Libra? Now, I ask you, ‘What’s Next?’ What follows a Full Moon? As AstrORM blends the language of Astrology, it is important to follow these instructions. 

Our physical bodies demonstrate how we are a separate 8.5 billion individual beings having evolutionary experiences that we share. This sharing which we feel in ORM is a rooted connection which our souls collectively guide us.

After Aries enters Taurus. After Mentors we live Music.

The James Ingram tune from the last column was ‘How Do You Keep the Music Playing?’ To honor a simple word play and the continuum of how we contain each of the 12 signs within us in a cosmic and soulful organizational splendor--Taurus keyphrase in Astrology is ‘I Have’. So let’s connect to Mr. Ingram’s song ‘I Don’t Have The Heart’.

Which Pillar or sign is next door to you? Think of which sign follows your Sun Sign? 

  1. Aries/Mentors/I am

  2. Taurus/Music/I have

  3. Gemini/Food/I think

  4. Cancer/Ignorance/I Feel

  5. Leo/Feelings/I Will

  6. Virgo/Listening/I analyze

  7. Libra/Values & Ideals/I Balance

  8. Scorpio/Conflict/I Desire

  9. Sagittarius/Intention/I See

  10. Capricorn/Resources/I Utilize

  11. Aquarius/Aligning With Intention/I Know

  12. Pisces/Wholeness/I Believe

As the circle of animals aka the zodiac, there are no endings and beginnings or to our logical minds a circle symbolizes eternity and infinity---so Aries follows Pisces, even though number one does not follow number 12.

For what do you have or not have a heart? How does knowing which sign follows you give you a soulful edge in keeping the music of your soul and ego playing? ‘Heart and Soul’ are two words that are often connected for a very good reason. Physically, our hearts are below our minds. We have become aware of our solar plexus or gut-brain. Our hearts are closer to our guts and stomach. We may decide a number of aspects in our lives through our intuitive or ‘gut knowing’, then our egos make up reasons to please ourselves, partners, mates and family members, etc. AstrORM makes our hearts, guts and souls a valuable part of our living. Follow along about how each of your signs moves in harmony or disharmony from your heart knowing…

Taurus, Gemini brings the heart knowing for you. Yes, mentally flexible, curious and human sign of The Twins gives you the fire to incite your mind to consider that other people do not have the same values as you do. Your heart's motivation is curiosity. When you allow your heart to be nourished through an open minded questioning of why another spends their time or money in a certain way, your life continues to flow--synchronicities abound! You emanate joy. Your aura equalizes. An equalized energy field attracts harmony everywhere you go. Yours is one of the most magnetic signs---much like the Pillar of Music is often embraced by all. Even when you don’t like or do not possess tolerance for another’s musical choices, you’re entirely more leary of those who do not like music or have a definitive taste in music. In essence, you don't 'have a heart' for these folx. Neutrality in certain areas of life bores the living daylights out of you.

Gemini it was your comment in the last blog on the Aries Full Moon that inspired this structure (you know who you are!?!) You enjoyed listening to James Ingram’s tune. This second one pinpoints your 'having a heart' through the sign of Cancer. Yes, feeling the water sign of summer’s beginning grants you the confidence to speak up about your feelings. Feelings nourish your incredibly active and contradictory mind. Once you express yourself from your heart, you begin to explain your actions less. Your ‘I Think’ keyphrase allows you to pause before being rushed into actions of any kind---from what to order at a restaurant to whom to love. This Scorpio stargazer loves the way you live at the crossroads of Tolerance Boulevard and Acceptance Avenue. Having a heart sourced in Cancer helps keep your playlist on wanting love, yet not sacrificing your integrity to have love enter, stay or leave your life. On multiple levels, you know once you’ve loved, you’ve always know how to love.

Cancer your sign tends to have a heart for everyone. Ironically, the sign that is connected to the heart rules your heart. It is none other than Leo! (Note: each sign is associated with an organ or body part.) When you look forward and recognize how much you’ve been loved in the past, you radiate a confidence that’s hard to overlook. You draw what’s next in your evolution or who’s next. You live out the heart centeredness of Leo, the best way is how you sense energies. When you say to others ‘you look good', you’re speaking about their vibrations, their auras. Like your other water tribe (Scorpio and Pisces) you perceive other dimensions. Do you have synesthesia? Can this be applied to your heart? Security is an internal thang with you---personal and mutual.  The more heart aka affection shown to you, the more you return.

Leo, your heart resides in your next sign Virgo. It’s a human sign. You live what it means to ‘have a heart’. Or not. Wounded you plays the role of superior--aloof, arrogant and shy. Personal preferences are conflated with universal truths. You begin to believe that your world has those in your elite inner circle and those who are not invited. Your heart is wired to sound. Remembering that your tone matters more than word choice makes all the difference between those whom you forgive versus those you uninvite from your life. Your highly discerning heart makes you an exceptionally loyal and humble friend. Having a Virgo heart inspires you to constantly work on your passions. Better said, you confront your fears and potential suffering--demonstrating a vulnerable heart. You live the rhetorical question in song--’Why Do Fools Fall In Love?’ You have answers to this timeless query.

Virgo, the scales of justice weigh your heart and mind. It is your tireless work, to bring some equilibrium to these seemingly opposing forces. Libra, like you, seeks balance. Your heart has ideals. Ideals birth expectations. Expectations lead to projections. Projections source themselves in game playing. Game playing brings on those Roles---be they gender, self-images or characters. What’s important to realize is that your sign is an adaptable earth one. Pragmatism ignites your modest spirit. Allow logic to use you to investigate all realistic possibilities. Go on a charm offensive or forgiveness tour. Begin in your own closet. Feeling sorry? Then, set a timer. When it rings, count your blessings. And get to work---perfecting the process of self-improvement. You are already whole. Be open to joining with others as peers--mutual teaching of how to treat one another. In your soul the seeds of the Aquarian Age exist.

Libra, imagine the holiday of the sign that carries your neutral observing heart sits you in the underworld. Yep, it’s ‘Day of the Dead’, Halloween, All Saints Day, take your pick. Your Scorpio heart places everyone who gets close into a blender--two speeds--crush/puree or off. Unless ta dear principle rears its idealistic head, you're detached or 'ride or die'. Once you decide, you want to participate profoundly with others who are as different from you as possible. Through deep conviction, often through disagreements, you come alive. You have agency. You have standing. You can have your day in relationship court. With your well-oiled mind you can allow your heart to lighten up any circumstance. You become sought after for your well reasoned and heartfelt way of presenting yourself. You sit prettily between human flaw seeking Virgo and fixer/shadow inducing and igniting Scorpio. Throw your imaginative scales around bringing equilibrium to those energies.

Scorpio, your heart survives on a ‘fire by friction’ theme, that’s Sagittarius, Your heart sees what it wants. Wants what it wants, then this precious visionary energy is stored. Like an intermittent fasting person, you can wait until you hear what you want from others. Reciprocity is, as reciprocity does. Those who have heeded their third ear aka ‘intuition’ see your passions. They act. They insist upon securing your attention. I believe sports were invented for this reason. Or debate. Any activity that combines wit with action captures your attention. You’ll even begin to converse about alleged taboo subjects like pronouns, gender fluidity, abortion rights---you can easily tailor your arguments (ahem, heated discussions) to your audience. Having a profound distaste for ‘small talk’, you’d rather have a debate that ends with the tepid ‘let’s agree to disagree’, then to discuss the weather or who’s smashing who. Well, the smashing you’ll listen more intently, particularly when your ‘urge to merge’ has been ignored for far too long.  

Sagittarius, you inspired the phrase ‘you’re all heart’. After all, Archer, you have a one-pointed direction. Lofty human side of you sparks around ‘paying it forward’, nobility and rescue of damsels and himbos. An animal side of you keeps a drawer full of sex toys, belts for remembering and a trendy text--something analog (for those future power outages). Resourceful Capricorn controls your heart. Insecure you sees worth in quantity, be that money or former hook ups. Secure you emanates a love bizarre (French for ‘weird’). What exactly is love weird? You allow yourself to become excited by another’s spirit. You see their potential. You morph in order to be the first to (fill in the blank). You remake them in the image of what role you want your lover, friend or family member to play in your life’s production. You and the other fire signs (Aries and Leo) created the ‘grand gesture’. Your heart has its limits. No love bombing for you for long. You can wait as long as it’s not too long. Your heart has a time table founded upon a cost/benefit analysis. 

Capricorn your existence relies on your proper use of Resources (Week 10 in ORM). Allow radical Aquarian energies into your heart. As you do, you question all outside authority. You learn to ‘play the game’. Radical means root. You begin to root into your personal, familiar and national history. What you learn eventually breaks your heart. A broken heart is an open heart---or can be chosen to stay open. Learn from your water sign siblings of Scorpio and Pisces. Keep your heart pliable through a series of forgiveness exercises. Aquarius (your Good Samaritan) screams in your ear: ‘What you’ve chosen can be unchosen!’ How about it? paradoxical truths--’give freely from your heart and it comes back to you multiplied and richer’. Universal truths are often contradictory when seen through the eyes of the mind. Know that you don’t know it all…because then there’s no evolutionary energy at absolutes. Use you can without fear or reservation. Everything is okay when viewed from our heart’s eyes.

Aquarius your ego is set in the future. History comes with it. Your heart when soaked in Pisces soothing waters softens the hard edges of your mind. Your vision becomes peppered with angels, fairies and extraterrestrials. Nothing wrong with your imagination. It’s one of your superpowers. Like your fiery sibling signs of Aries and Sagittarius, you make believe that the world is yours and we’re all auditioning. You might as well be a scout for those reality shows looking for talent--raw and transparent. Your ethics may be situational. Trust becomes shallow and your soul begins to dry. When out of balance, your individuality is about as deep as a reflecting pool. At these times you call upon your invisible help. Grace hovers like an enticing perfume. Or like a water purification plant. LOL

PIsces you possess an Aries heart--warrior, down for the cause. It’s a matter of timing. You thunder out of your cave as if you were a bear ending its hibernation. You protect whatever ideals, dreams and vision you have. How you differ from your preceding sign (Aquarius) is that your heart sets itself upon acting in the moment. That’s the Aries way (hello, Mandalorian).  Act or die. Pioneer or follow. Your Pisces identity still mediates these different urges. As long as you hold on to what goodness you feel inside you, you can place your trust in your Cosmic virtues. Asking for Grace, Joy, Radiance and Goodwill brings you a personal brand that’s been Godsmacked. Imagine who guided Joan of Arc or last century’s civil rights activists. Rage rages righteously fuels our path. Rage spread out for everyone to witness offers us a choice how to faith in how we live instead of living for outmoded ideals and beliefs. You’re a stealthy pioneer who reforms dogmatic thinking.

Aries, for all of your bluster, your heart simmers on lets slow down to eat, drink and be merry (fuck). That is the Taurus way. Let’s take it slow. Again the heart is speaking. Your spirit has to feel a consistent fire. When the flame goes out for too long, your spark dies. Unless you’re fully independent (financially as well as sexually), you’ll stay where you no longer belong. It is important to know where you lay your head. Separate bedrooms? Oh, no, place a physical time limit. Keep your heart simple. To reignite, initiate a new activity for the both of you. If it’s a number of people that you’re wanting to influence. Have a party. Or some event that unifies you and them. Bling is welcomed for some, but not others. Some of us want to bask in your natural child like nature--simple, direct, transparent and affectionate. When your innocence emanates, you embody loving-kindness. Beguiling and amusing at the same time (& dimension).

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