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Aint No Fool Like an Old Fool

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

These last days of Aquarius can house sociopaths, malignant narcissists and brilliant minds.

Ever wonder why the circle of animals aka the zodiac doesn't end in the 'I know' stubborn air/mental sign of Aquarius?

Sigh 😕. Reread last sentence. Ponder. Contemplate.

Aquarius can be the following--when not aware of their shadow:

Ego invested in being right. Justification. Rationalization. World owes me something. Privilege. Entitlement. Beauty as currency. Compare and Contrast increasing their insecurities of where they feel like an outcast.

The zodiac doesn't end--it is a circle. Pisces completes a cycle of growth. We spiral onto the next level of our evolution.

We need adaptable water/soul sign of Pisces--these sensitive souls remind us to re-member to reassemble our innocent belief in miracles, wormholes and inviting thighs (and eyes). Pisces ignites our childhood where we had imaginary friends, caught butterflies and fireflies in Mason jars. If we've mastered our clever and cunning minds with a healthy sense of 'not‐knowing', Pisces and the universe ooze benevolence.

The mind increases its cynicism in direct proportion to living a life without faith, joy and loyalty.

Aquarius is 180 degrees away from heart centered aka 'loyal living' Leo. Circulation of ideas makes for a detachment that can wound.

Faith suspends our minds' unwillingness to suspend disbelief. Our minds create rationales to nourish unfaithful and cruel people. Divorced from heart (Leo) the mind goes after what it wants without caring who may be hurt. Ego dictates behavior---selfishness results. We all have Aquarius somewhere in our charts. It's to a proportional degree of how much we allow our egos to use our minds instead of our souls.

Yet, when we believe (keyphrase of Pisces is 'I believe') in the underlying unity of the multidimensional universe, we relax. Now our souls have been set on the 'easygoing' button. Lightness attains clarity.

Notice the Tiger nipping at The Fool in a handstand--year of the Water Tiger & underdog Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl LVI--if I were a betting man, just sayin'!

Enjoy your Sunday! 😘

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