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I call it the ?Confluence Of Factors?. COF happens when too many seemingly unrelated factors come together. Tomorrow is Mother?s Day. Alabama?s State house passed HB314 essentially banning abortions at all stages. Doctors who perform this procedure would face 99 years in prison. There has been a systematic chipping away at Roe v Wade since 1973.

According to NBC news these advocates at POWER (People Organizing for Women?s Empower and Rights) not only plan rallies and organize resources. They escort women to the clinic in Montgomery, If this weren?t so heinous, I?d applause their services like a five star concierge.

I see the world (muggles!) through astrological lens. Birth of a Nation?? series will be an insightful and unique world to examine the 2020 Presidential Election using the Venus Star. Personally, Venus is about your taste. Collectively, Venus and Her Passion Star illuminates diplomacy and the intersection of our shared values or not.

Everything that has a starting point has an astrological chart. Alabama was admitted into the USA on December 14, 1819. They are a Sag state with a Balsamic (waning crescent) Moon in Scorpio. The past can have a strong hold upon these deep south natives.

It is the Venus Star that I?m examining. It is Evening Star (abstract, ideal, theoretical) at the 16th degree of Libra. Doubling down upon how refined and civilized the fairer sex to be is the South Node of the Moon (past evolution and major comfort zones) is also in Libra. To add insult to the women who?d want to have control of their bodies is the fact that Venus (women) is in Capricorn exactly square (challenging the Venus Star and karmic axis)! Mercury is also in Capricorn, so you can bet a hugely propaganda act is occurring regarding these reproductive issues.

Alabama?s Venus Star is conjunct (shares space with) the United States? Saturn in Libra. Expect (if HB314 passes the Senate on Tuesday) this case to go to the US Supreme Court. With a retrograde (individualized) Mars (warrior/pioneer who fights for progress and individual rights against patriarchal/Capricorn structure) in Leo, you can bet in the next couple months a battle. It has been said that the mark of a good compromise is that both parties grouse about the outcome. It is beyond time to decide where no compromises are allowed. When these Leo, Capricorn, Aries and Libra are involved, a new path must be forged that will seem self-evident to the next generation. Alabama, through its waning crescent moon phase, is poised to dream the US into a better future, even if we have to fight with its past demons.

The Democratic candidates for President who have an innate Aries fighting spirit are Kamala Harris, Jay Inslee and Bernie Sanders (Aries Moon). Those Democrats who have an Aries Passion Star (gifts and talents to fight) are Cory Bookard, Tulsi Gabbard, Tim Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren. Former President Barack Obama has a warrior Morning Star in Aries. Cory Booker shares this with him. The other three are abstract Evening Stars which means you may sense a more theoretical leanings to their personal passions. There are many astrological indicators of a fighting spirit, these are the most apparent from the info that I have on the nearly two dozen Democratic candidates.

For the record, I say if you don?t want an abortion, don?t have one. I know there is much behind the scenes work that goes into how souls enter the physical plane. I want those younger souls to resist the temptation to create policy or laws keeping women and families away from keeping this procedure safe. Although I see this increased polarity between what is an essentially religious belief to be an inducement to begin serious discussion about taxing religious institutions and curtailing their funding. As Americans become more internationally focused, humanists and continue to leave the pews, it is not ?if? this will occur, it is when. Alabama (among other states) are simply the proverbial canary in our fundamentalists? coalmines.

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