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Allow this Lunar Eclipse to…Unwind Those Wounds: Blood Moon Part Three 11.8.22

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

As a parent, I joke that we add the buttons in our children that we push later. Buttons aka wounds. Eclipses get us to unwind our wounds. Ideally, we would give ourselves enough time to see the situation objectively with humor and compassion. Remember to subscribe here and at YouTube channel


If you have Taurus and/or Scorpio in your chart---Allow this Lunar Eclipse to…unwind your need to be in control, either using your power seductively, physically or financially. Realize where you learned to perceive exactly what someone desires from you, then you hold back. You resist someone’s help because you are suspicious. You either didn’t learn the lessons of your two preceding signs of Aries (suppress your anger to the point of no return and you lash out) or Libra (you wouldn’t know moderation if it bit you on the nose). You hide your rage. You justify your secret relationships in direct proportion to your suppressed anger or hurt too. When balanced, you are the epitome of grace, reliable, honest and joy filled based on seeing beauty everywhere and within everyone. You offer practical and emotional aid to those in legitimate need (even when you have incompatible values, ideals or beliefs). You fuse what you have to what you desire in context to your life---not in spite or revenge, but in love and support to those who are fortunate enough to have earned your total trust.

If you have Gemini and/or Sagittarius in your chart---Allow this Lunar Eclipse to…unwind your need to be an ‘influencer’--over intellectualizing and rationalizing a basic lack of concern for the ‘truth’. Before social media, you were our storyteller. At what point does your exaggerations become a lie? Let this eclipse help you confront your pasts built upon a shaming parent or authority figure (that can include God/religion). You feed an ‘ends justify the means’ philosophy. Gemini gossips endlessly, using your observation skills to set yourself as ‘indispensable’ to any group. Sagittarius moralizes, makes snap judgements and believes they are better than anyone else who doesn’t ‘see’ reality in the same way. How else do you explain ‘Christian’ missionaries or sport fanatics? When balanced, you are bright, inquisitive, accepting, light hearted and can tell a great joke at the best (and worst) of times. Like Whitney Houston’s first hit ‘You Give Good Love’, you give good unsolicited advice--and you make sure it is unsolicited or you ask for consent. You have a fluid quality that makes all who know you feel seen, heard and felt. Glory. Hallelujah. Huzzah.

If you have Cancer and/or Capricorn in your chart---Allow this Lunar Eclipse to…unwind your need to be the ‘damsel in distress’ or the ‘man whore/fuck boy’ to secure your rescue from your early childhood traumas. Your insecurities can make you clingy, overly possessive and stuck in the past or they fuel your ambitious ascent in your career, often using others to get to the top of the corporate mountain. Whatever. You rarely admit your own emotional needs or you skew to seeing things through your subjective gut while ignoring the facts of the situation. Maddening. When balanced, you are tenacious, protective---playing the chosen role of a healthy parent and child---knowing when to offer us a ‘port in the storm’---able to keep secrets and when to show your vulnerabilities. Then, you become a model of integrating masculine and feminine energies, no matter which gender(s) you identify with. You live the healthy equilibrium of judgement and mercy.

If you have Leo and/or Aquarius in your chart---Allow this Lunar Eclipse to…unwind your need for being at the extremes of the fantasy spectrum. You can either be a Charles Manson, Hitler, Mussoline type or the culturally appropriating without shame Madonna. Whatever you choose your arrogance, pompous ways cover us a basic fear that you may not have been loved as a child. Either it was benign neglect, stage mother, dominant father or a combo of all three. Your dramatic energies can either demand to be the center of the universe (Leo) or collect a quantity of people and sexual experiences without any concern of whom you may hurt (Aquarius). When balanced, you do the personal work of uncovering your personal passions regardless of what side of the tracks you were born in or how you may have never fit in while growing up. You confront any ugly duckling scenarios and shine with an otherworldly beauty (or handsomeness) that may be enviable in us lesser beings. With gratitude, wholeness and acceptance of the present moment, is there anything you cannot accomplish for yourself, family, community and planet.

If you have Virgo and/or Pisces in your chart---Allow this Lunar Eclipse to…unwind your need to be petty, nitpicking and self-denying. Or you slide to another extreme and you ‘go with the flow’ into escapism, fantasy and promiscuity. No judgement of whom you decide to get busy with or the numbers--it is the ‘why’ you do what you do. Your axis of ‘I analyze’ and ‘I believe’ has to learn to find a way to ‘be in the world, but not of the world’. Excess emotion whether it’s based upon an ideal of physical efficiency or religious expediency is still excess and it can become self-perpetuating fantasy. When balanced, you are mystic and pragmatist. You are otherworldly with wisdom born of reflecting upon your wounds in a manner that instructs instead of judging us for our flaws. Your discernment is earthy and inspiring at the same time---or what I like to call--you live your life as if you know how to make gumbo that everyone likes. You integrate the sacred and mundane--and we love you for it.

If you have Aries and/or Libra in your chart---Allow this Lunar Eclipse to…unwind your dependency or victim patterns. Your indecision can take many forms in either acting too quickly because to do nothing was seen to be a weakness or you give your power away to others too easily. There is nothing wrong with waiting for more information, particularly if it is your ass that needs covering. Your axis of ‘I am’ and ‘I balance’ can keep you in a seesaw of excessive independence aka selfishness and toxic actions and reactions or you can see yourself through the eyes of others who simply do not see you clearly. Admit to yourself whom and what you do not like. Personal preferences in relationships is not the same as being bigoted…simply keep your generalizations to a minimum and please realize when you’re relating to a peer as if they were your parent. When balanced, you are that ‘tough, but fair…fill in the blank’. You have charm whereby we are willing to follow your pioneering lead, be that into battle (courtroom, boardroom or public protest). When Libra is more prominent, you influence the way we behave, often acting as a conscience to us, a bit of a devilish angel. After all, Lucifer whose name means ‘Light Bearer’ is an angel. ‘Pray to Allah, but tie up your camel’. Apt advice as you have a caution and belief in being your own hero in your life that ignites our aspirations.

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