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Amazing Grace, this Christian hymn was written by John Newton (formerly involved in the Atlantic slave trade, prayed for grace after a shipping accident became a minister). ?Talk about ?dark night of the soul?. For the past year grace seems to have escaped us. We have had our collective sinking into darkness. After Jupiter?s movement through the underworldly Scorpio, we are ready to soar. ?Our wretched natures are ready to be saved (not by some oft planet deity, but by contemplating and acting from our higher and more authentic spirit selves.

Betrayals galore. Power struggles based on keeping too many secrets. ?Concealing our true soul?s nature for deals struck with those devils in our nature. ?Who we thought we were versus who we actually are underscored our Scorpio lessons. Jupiter enlarges these lessons so that we can learn from them. ?The ?teachable moments? of last year were about management of our attachments: money, sex, power, drugs, control and most of all, ego. The Senate confirmation hearing of Kavanaugh, #Metoo, #Timesup and Harvey Winestein, all are Scorpio themed.

What has been treated as taboo must be discussed publicly. ?Scorpio is like a private-public partnership that only works when people and their souls are prioritized, not money. ?But, when there is a fundamental power imbalance we must ask, ?Who?s zoomin? who??. Sagittarius takes the profound and painful lessons of Scorpio and gives a higher meaning. ?Yes, it?s overused but the phrase, ?everything happens for a reason? is truly Sagittarian. Although, I?d add, ?the process of searching for a reason coupled with inclusiveness of all beliefs matters?…because the more narrow your belief system that guides the reasoning, the more likely someone is going to be made into an ?other? or a scapegoat. Grace can be amazing, but it has to offered to all who have truly searched for redemption.

The King of the Gods found an uneasy alliance with his brother, Pluto, lord of the underworld. ?Hopefully, you?ve faced your paranoias, demons and compulsions. Transformed your desires and earthly attachments, moved from suspicious and often cynical Scorpio to an eagle. ?The eagle symbolizes lofty visions, recognizing opportunities for personal, cultural and communal growth through a shared philosophies. Behind Jupiter?s throne an eagle is usually depicted. ?A majestic bird that represents spirit. They have bifocal vision eight times better than humans. Their sight offers us grace. To see the possibilities of the future, that?s amazing. To investigate the possibilities of the possibilities, that takes a healthy dose of skepticism. ?Please realize that the acidity of Scorpio burns off the ego?s dross, it?s messiness and extremes. Our souls are to be reborn, lighter. Our souls are to aspire to higher spiritual aims. That?s what this next year is about.

With Jupiter?s privilege comes responsibility. ?Without a responsible and grounded use of the King?s power we become arrogant, pompous and superior. ?In its extreme, we can only associate with those who agree with our vision and move farther on the narcissistic spectrum into the malignant zone. ?We are entitled, and as such our personal vision of truth becomes a universal truth (or so we believe). The story matters, facts are an intrusion.

Let?s aspire better:

Fire signs of Aries Leo and Sagittarius your virtue is radiance (being bright of spirit and expression).

Jupiter will be making a supportive angle to your Sun (spirit) or rising sign (how you approach the world. ?In essence, you have the easiest time to expand your horizons, naturally. Expect an energy increase like a good tonic, Red Bull or caffeine jolt. ?Show up, spread your humor.

Aries: ?As usual, you are on the pioneering frontlines. ?Your warrior energies are to shake up the status quo. ?You may find that Jupiter offers you a bigger picture, a willingness to compromise for a longer term goal. ?In essence, you resist the temptation to default to ultimatums. You do not allow the imperfections of the now to destroy what can be gained in the collective future, should you simply slow down and listen. ?After all, we have two ears and one mouth. Cooperation and respectful (even it if?s heated) discussion does not automatically mean you are selling out. When you take the long view while passionately expressing what you know, you are endearing to us all. Travel, ancestral investigative work and learning a new skill is all on your plate.

Leo, you are the radiator of the radiator, the ?wheel of wheels? the ?fire of fire? and when the King of the gods and intersectional pansexual living (Jupiter whoops it up in his home sign, no less), play and pleasure rule your world. ?Repressions be gone! Doubt be placed on the backburner. Lose those judgemental parental voices. What cultural shaming? Who said you couldn?t succeed? Roar and practice tantra. Access your inner child, make like a 60?s pop opera and ?Let the sun shine in!? ?Or in your case let the Sun shine through you. Remember what you wanted to do as a child. Give yourself permission to do it this year.

Sagittarius, all eyes will be on you, so recognize and live out those trends. Imagine that your guardian protector has returned home. ?What did the father of the prodigal child feel when his son returned? How could the brother who stayed also rejoice? You already possess the potential humor to speak truth to power, this year this virtue is amped up three times. Remember to gather more info than less, you may rely too much on your intuition and jump to the right conclusions for you, but not for others. Allow your generosity of spirit to show without conditions or expectations. ?Explore the purpose of your life and all of its relationships. Fall in love with your untamed nature. Ask permission before you give your advice.

Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn your virtue is joy.

Joy cannot exist without gratitude, much like your element needs water for anything to grow. ?Water in this instance represents your soul. Assess which stories you continue to tell yourself about why you are unhappy or lack joy. ?Particularly when it comes to enjoying the physical world, your body, money and work, these are your areas of experience that teach us to integrate our vision with practicality.

Taurus, Jupiter in Sagittarius says to have a deepening of your commitment to your sexual instincts. ?Time to relish your time spent with a partner. Non-monogamous? Single? Who cares? Just keep it ethical and honest. ?We depend on your uncomplicated expression of truth. Even your physical body like it simple. It gets turned on. Consensual? ?Then, let?s go! Check for new ways to share power, money and space. Investigate any wounds you?re still carrying about relationships, this is an emotional healing time.

Virgo your joy will be located in your private, introspective self. ?Find your psychological roots. Look to and empathize with your parents, ancestors and culture. Through empathy, you will be able to glean the best from your early childhood. ?Allow your memories to shift through the power of grace. Allow grace to reframe those stories from a viewpoint of abundance, not lack. Your joy occurs in direct proportion to your ability to see things from another?s perspective without shame or blame. ?Jupiter protects spirit. When he moves through Sagittarius he wants you to engage your past, but from a forgiving and larger perspective. Practical note: real estate, home expansion are favored.

Capricorn seeks to get to the mountaintop. ?In other words, you want to reach the peak of any career or endeavor you are passionate about. ?Look back 11 years ago, what goals did you put into motion and are you ready for a new star in 2020? ?Ol. Jove takes 12 years to make his way around the Sun. You?re here to flow with the universal soul, talk with angels and guides to feel their protection this year. ?Being more otherworldly does not mean you will become ?spaced out?. Kindness brings you more spiritual protection. Practical note: find every reason to retreat from taking on too many responsibilities.

Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius your virtue is splendor (magnificence, being bright of mind)..

Your element enlightened us through sharing your insights in a timely and reasonable fashion. ?You sense that grace belongs to all who live their lives through spirit. You have an innate ability to join the mind to the soul to create buoyant connections everywhere you go. ?You will be sought after to cool heated discussions in a way that everyone feels heard and accepted. Beyond tolerance to coexistence.

Gemini, this is a year of opposites. ?Jupiter and Sagittarius are as far away from your logical reasoning as physically possible. ?How is splendor a subset of grace? Your mind radiates a magnificent ability to bring seemingly disparate ideas, ideals and by extension, peoples together. ?This year, this splendid virtue will be on steroids. Use your twin powers to imagine whatever questions you have you will attract a spirit folk who has the answer. ?This folk may even exist inside of you. Your circle of travelers (peers) is going to grow. Use your reporter self to spread the news about what new ideals you want to explore, and hopefully not alone.

Libra, you like Jupiter?s expansive ways. ?Your mind will be full of networking ideas. ?Writing, blogging, tweeting and creating new forms of social influence are all on your agenda. ?If you get out of balance, retreat into a non-communicative mode for a spell (pun intended). Short trips are indicated. ?Speaking to strangers is too. Realize that almost everyone has been a stranger to you at sometime in your life. The new year promises an enlarged circle of people you want in your life who also want to be there for you. You are protected in your daily travels and communications. ?No oversharing, unless you are asked for more information, though.

Aquarius your splendor evidences itself through your searing ability to see through falsehoods, unnecessary conventions and protocols. ?Typically, you?re born with your ?eyes open? rarely mistaking the form of your someone for the content of their character. You see bullshit for what it is. ?There will be a upgrade in your circle of friends, possibly even a business idea that can be made real and monetized (particularly if it futuristic and planetary in scope.) ?Keep on the lookout for a chosen community, found through volunteerism, second career or additional schooling. Know that there is a mutual search going on, you?re being sought after to bring unique people together in ways that they don?t see at first. ?Trends are you.

Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces your virtue is grace.

Without the water element, our souls would have little to no context for the present. ?You carry our secrets. You hold our stories. With Jupiter in his willful phase, you will communicate the motivation behind misunderstood actions. ?You will bring community and family together under the umbrella of shared goals. This is a year where you either say, ?there for the grace of God, go I? or ?he who is without sin, cast the first stone?. ?When a bit bitchy, you may use, ?bless their hearts?. If you are in drama or conflict, then you must give yourself permission to speak unfiltered (that is you?ve been hiding too much of your true feelings from those closest to you).

Cancer, when you a balanced caretaker, you know how grace is amazing. ?Forgiving through sensing the spirit of an intimate connection, that?s you. ?If there?s fear, you lose your warmth and become too critical under the guise of being ?helpful?. ?Grace is bestowed; grace is given freely because you recognize the redemptive quality of another?s soul. ?And, like charity, grace begins at home. When in doubt, don?t. Break those extreme habits of either staying at home too much or displaying a personality you feel others want to see when you leave your home. ?Practical note: most health challenges this year will be due to excessess.

Scorpio, many lessons of self-forgiveness last year. ?As you heal from a ego bruise or two, realize you can get on with increasing and sustaining abundance. ?Jupiter brings the opportunities for growth, but you have to let the past in the past. Worry less about your pain and more about what you?ve learned from it. ?Typically, a heart is broken because it was too small. The adage ?no pain, no gain? was true last year. This year?s adage is ?nothing ventured, nothing gained?. Hobbies can turn into money making ventures

Last and certainly not least, Pisces, you have all the right stuff to strut your stuff. ?As the emotive shapeshifter of the zodiac, you can ?fake it, till you make it? or at the very least, risk showing up to speak up. ?Express your ambitions to those who are in a position to help you. Create your ?elevator pitch? in your mind. Then, expect the universe to conspire a meeting for you to deliver it. ?This ?pitch? can also be used in all of your relationships, especially those who have been distant over the past year.

Hope feeds our aspiring spirits. True redemption demands a death and a commitment to transform aspects of our lives that keeps us trapped in fear, separate and splintered. This Jupiter in Sagittarius enlivens us to take action on our inner vision of what we can be to ourselves, families and communities. Unity matters.


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