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New Moons mark beginnings.? A Black Moon means we have two New Moons in one month. ?A Black Moon offers us all the chance to look deeper into our inner selves, to root out our inner warrior that knows the battle is within.?The last New Moon was on September 1, 2016.? These occur approximately every three years.

The two lights (Sun and Moon) come together in pitch darkness like compost to fertilize this area in our lives (wherever 8-9 degrees of Libra lands in your natal chart is highlighted for the next 29 days).? Libra initiates our individual egos flowered and purified ready to meet with the ?other?.? Hold onto your hormonal horses, yes, Libra can be erotic (depending on its emotional wave like energy balanced with Spock like logic), but this ?other? is your soul, higher self or whatever you call that witnessing part of yourself that knows your ?truth? of a situation.

Libra starts the upper hemisphere of the community, the collective, how we play well or not so well with others.? Our individuality ends in Libra.? With this second New Moon in one month, our shadows are activated even more than usual. ?Have you been on edge more so? ?Have you been feeling a sense of foreboding, but cannot identify the source? ?I have had a bit of a scare about what would happen if the grid would fail?and, Wednesday, September 28,?I came home to eat lunch and there was an emergency alert from FEMA.? It was called the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).? These allow messages to be disseminated from emergency management ?helluva job, Brownie? officials to the masses through TV, cell phones, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio, old school radio, internet-based systems, etc.? Then, I read that an additional 600 troops were deployed to Iraq.

With Mars (action/aggression) moving to join Pluto (suppressed collective power/shadow) in Capricorn (government/authorities/hierarchy) on October 19, there is reason to be worried and anxious, particularly if Libra cannot initiate open dialogues based upon trust…is it too late? ?Look to your own interpersonal life to assess where the emotional landmines exist…can you mend your own relationship fences? ?The collective picture mirrors the personal and interpersonal.

It is through Astrology that I connect dots.? Libra brings together aspects of ego and higher self, identity and vision that have not been connected, previously.? I have not ever felt the kind of darkness that I am feeling in our American collective.? Libra, through the fall equinox, represents the balance of day and night, light and shadow.? Yet, it is night that increases.? Without a corresponding internal assessment of your personal and implicit biases, you are destined for these to be reflected in your daily lives.? Manifest destiny aka western expansionism has waned.? There is a shift in direction and frequency.??In essence, relying upon the outer world of appearance and structure does not work anymore.? The frequencies demand an inner reflection and evaluation of your authentic motivations behind behavior and thought.? What is on the inside will display outwardly.

Shadow side?? But, of course?Libra projects, transfers and triangulates.? Know anything about the Clintons? of the 90?s?? Those centrist Democrats utilizes the right?s fear of ?welfare queens? and ?ghetto/gangsta rap against those who wanted corporate money.? Hey, they are lawyers, well, Hillary still is, Bill has been disbarred.? As a lawyer, it?s an indoctrination process, for sure!? Lawyer are taught to narrow define truth and put on a vigorous defense for their clients (often at the expense of our interpersonal relationships health).

No matter what Libra?s occupation, there?s a lawyer inside whom I call Lawyer Innate.? Simply refuse to argue with an imbalanced Libran.? With this New Moon sitting with expansive and fire by friction Jupiter and being challenged by cantankerous Mars and nuclear energy Pluto from Capricorn, stay out of any discussions where the other party would not know their integrity if it bit them on their ass.

Let me unpack some of the astrological language.? Libra New Moons demand from a position of idealistic bliss and charm that we negotiate.? Parties have to presume that these ?talks? come from a position of equity.? Whenever inequities are ignored or overlooked, then resentments are not far behind (with Venus in Scorpio with this New Moon, that can be a given).? Whenever there is a mixture of air (Libra) and water (Scorpio) there is a potential danger for the expansive Western intellect to pick apart the adolescent feelings of pride, vanity, jealousy and revenge. ?Each of these shadow feelings MUST be transformed through the sign of Scorpio.? Transformed into their higher and inclusive expression of sharing, connectedness, transparency and joy (yes, Scorpios can experience massive joy!).

These first two weeks of October will continue to challenge existing institutions, governments and laws to align the passions of the people for social justice and equality with what is best for all.? Libra is the sign of the scales of justice.? Libra starts new forms of relationship.? Through its Venus rulership, we must look neutrally at how events affects others we do not know personally, however, what is our shared human experience?? Must you know an African-American personally to listen and observe what has happened in Tulsa,?Charlotte or San Diego?? Libra asks from a counselor?s perspective to slow your roll, in short, no rushing to judgement?be that in your mind, computer keyboard or latest smartphone.

This New Moon has two aspects (geometrical angles) to Mars and Pluto in Capricorn (expect more power struggles between those who feel oppressed and the government, violence and war.? Mars and Pluto conjunct on October 19.? In essence, the ideals of an allegedly increasingly ?more perfect union? meets with the facts on the ground.? What are groups of people experiencing in real time and space?? What are our bank accounts saying?? How much debt are we carrying?? These are grown ass Capricorn questions.? Where Libra is the Peace Corp volunteer full of hope, Capricorn is the war weary Iraqi veteran who is suffering from PTSD (and probably lives in a state where there was no Medicaid expansion).

Our young adolescent rulers and systems have decayed.? We must mature to create a working system for all lives.? As is literally being played out in the balancing act between Black Lives Matter and police officers.? Realize that the many of the protests of the mid-sixties (and including Stonewall) begun out of excessive force used by police on black communities (and LGBTQ individuals).? We are one Chiron Return (wounded healer) in Pisces (oppressed peoples) away from these protests that occurred fifty years ago.? May the cameras on each of our smartphones act as a lens for each of us (particularly those of privilege and power) to reflect upon how very different our experiences are (again, balancing and reflecting on white and black, privileged and oppressed, male and female, cisgender and LGBTQ.? (Remember there is intersectionality of oppressions as well as a spectrum, it is not binary.)

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