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A Light Look @ Orgasms & 12 Signs: The Lords of Death aka 'Leave Your Ego at the Door' Part One

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

As a full time Astrologer, Tarot Reader and IChing Enthusiast for 27 years, I have noticed that the ‘uninitiated’ often fear the Death card. Our country and Manifest Destiny is less than 250 years old---one full cycle of Pluto (and Venus Star). We are young. We do not see the ‘cycle of life and death’. We fear the invisible. Pluto as the God/Protector of the underworld incites fear. However, as we come to make friends to court the invisible world (ever seen a thought or a feeling? Or do you see the effects of these inner processes?), we begin to make peace.

Pluto is at the crossroads of our interpersonal and transpersonal dramas. Through his rulership (close association with Scorpio), Pluto gives a lot of wealth and prosperity to those who ‘leave that egos at the door’ or in modern day Silk Sonic’s ’Imma leave the door open’. In case you are unfamiliar or uninitiated, the male lover prepares himself for his partner, who can choose to enter his room (door open) or not. Beautiful tune with an exceptional melody. Scorpio knows that any exceptional love making begins with play and non attachment to how things go--you heard that one of the best laid plans (don’t know if that pun was intended or not) of mice and men. Or one of my favorites--god laughs when we make plans. Oh, I’ve digressed, but you’ve forgotten about death, have you not?

This year is all about as the Elizabethans called orgasm ‘la petite mort’. (orgasm would be feminine, oui?) French for the little death. And, any orgasm requires a relaxation, a dissolving (shades of Neptune here) a death of ego--faces, sounds and movement---you get the point. I am going to pause on the larger more profound aspect of 2023 with these Lords of Death (Saturn & Pluto) changing signs to have a little light hearted fun with each sign on orgasm---

Let’s take a round of the circle of animals aka the zodiac for how each one of us is likely to ‘let go’ into pleasure & bliss---(first draft, so be kind, ok?)

Please share your experiences in the comment section and/or your Big Three for add'l info! Thanks in advance.

Scorpio orgasms hard for themselves or they incite their partner(s) to do so. Yes, Scorpio, albeit possessive little buggers, can be involved in playing with multiple partners only if everyone is on a solid and truthful foundation, emphasis on the truth. It be best to not to fake an orgasm (men can do this too) because you’ll be Alanis Morisette 'Uninvited' from their lives---because You Oughta Know--her father is French/Irish, love synchronicities!) Take it for this Solar Scorpion it usually takes a second round before my ego dies completely. Don’t take their seductive

ways seriously, Scorpio has a double Venus (magnetic) function---secretly we know how to create atmospheres brimming with harmony inducing vibrations---spider and web. However, take us for granted and we’ll pull out, withdraw and freeze over---after all what are toys and porn for? For-play?

Taurus orgasms are similar to the earth quaking. Squirters and precum alert (withdrawing as a method of birth control is ill advised with these fertile creatures). They are every bit as magnetic as their polarity Scorpio, yet, they have a natural charm similar to the prostitute with a heart of gold or a mimbo who is paying for college through stripping. Whenever these lusty folx do not have a healthy body image you can best believe someone shamed them or they were the overweight kid amidst a lot of anorexic or jocks who placed excessive importance upon physical appearances (sometimes coming from their own parents). Add some food and time and these people created the question---’round two?’ Like springtime, let’s get to rutting, ok?.

Sagittarius does the spectrum from multiple orgasms to learning about the million dollar point (now called ‘edging’) Edging, for the uninitiated is when a man takes himself almost to the point of no return (I love, love love that phrase) and he stops. Usually, this allows him to fulfill his partner(s). He, unlike Alanis, gets invited back or to another orgy or threesome. All I ask from these half human half horse folx is ethics, ethics, ethics. Whole book about it---called The Ethical Slut. Polyamory is here to stay--so is same-sex marriage. If Sag has learned the gender lessons from its predecessor Scorpio, they’ll have as many guilt free orgasms as they damn pleases--no matter how they identify sexually. They have a pansexual experience about them---to seduce them go into nature and exhibit your gifts freely and unabashedly, ok?

Gemini, as Sag’s compliment energy can talk themselves into sex, you into or out of sex in the blink of an eye. If they aren’t talking during the act, they’re concentrating on how good it feels. If they are talking, you’re being directed to bring their ego into a rousing conclusion. Clean your fingernails because the all Gemini genders look at your hands---how you speak with them (or not), how clean they are (or not) and whether or not they want them on their body. Orgasms? Yep, lots of them once they’re relaxed with you, allow for some fits and starts, don’t get it twisted if they stop, take a break and crack a joke or two, they’re just testing your sense of humor, because along with your hands it is as much as an aphrodisiac how you touch them. Take a sensual music video break, yes?

Capricorn, I argue, is the lustiest of the three earth signs (Taurus and Virgo being the other two). Yes, Taurus may get the quantity through having the Body Ody ala Megan Thee Stallion, but Cappy get the quality. After all, their ruler is Daddy Saturn who controls time and space (Saturn can present as the 'cougar', sugar Mama or Zaddy too). Sure, they’ll give you a quickie, but that’s only in the beginning when they are career focused or once the relationship has been established and the sex has grown predictable. Do not, I repeat, do not make quickies a standard item on your love creating menu. You’ll lose them and the lusty ways. They have a slow and gradual build up, so be patient---it is so, so worth it. They’ll surprise you through their endowment or their closet freakiness. Like their sister sign of Scorpio, they tend to become more experimental as the relationship becomes more solid. Time is the essence with these appealingly shy folx---once they feel you’re theirs, privately they are anything but shy…coy buggers...who are connected to mythological satyrs, yes?

Cancer is all about the feelings of which they like Baskin Robbins have 31 flavors. Their auras (or morphogenic fields) are sexy. The male Moon child has a softness about him and the female Moon child has tidal waves of passion they can break down even the most intransigent. Maybe, just maybe, this initiating water sign is the foundation of transgender and non-binary living? Point is that it can be the man on the bottom or woman on the top, just enjoy the ride cause this salt water people are built for intimacy in all forms. Allow some emotion or clinginess after love making, it is just their process. Cook breakfast or make coffee---they have to replenish their stomach in order to assimilate where you will (or will not) fit into their lives. Orgasms come in all varieties, the men will hold back in order for you to get your nut first, the women will turn on the grinding into out perform anyone else you may have in your mind. Remember though, no matter the gender, these folx are psychic as hell, concentrate on them and only them as your button blows or head explodes, okay?

Aquarius may orgasm as easy as it is to find soft to no so soft porn on Instagram or Twitter. It is a shame (sigh) how much our physical bodies are on display. Where’s the mystery? If you want mystery, go to a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), the star child comes from a planet where clothing does not exist, neither does shame of exhibiting desires. Like their sibling sign of Sag, they can give off a ‘more the merrier’ vibe, so ethics, ethics, ethics. I respect those Aquarians who allow no one to kink shame them---their minds rarely, if ever, turn off, so they may need ‘extreme’ sexual activities to get to the orgasmic finish line (although to this water sign, there is no finish line when comes to creating more love). Personally, I feel these knowing people stay either in a state of constant arousal or they dissociate from their physical bodies all together. If you happen to have the latter, lots of discussion about what you are prepared to do with and for them is advised. After their large brains have been satisfied with many multiple fantasies, their bodies will definitely follow. As IG ‘fitness’ blogs are here to stay, I guarantee it. You’ll be begging them for a round three, yep…

Leo needs to have a healthy masturbatory routine for proper orgasm---wanna cuddle, may we have a cuddle and cuddle later? Reread imagining your favorite British celebrity? Meghan Markle (Leo) or Mick Jagger (Leo). Idris Elba (Virgo) or Celeste (Taurus) doesn't matter their sign just know you can't give something to someone that you don't have yourself, ok? Masturbation requires (unlike belief) self-love without guilt or shame---cuddle with toys? How about The Peripheral on Amazon (Gary Carr/Sag or Chloe Grace Moretz/Aquarius)? The point is allow your buzzer to blow (an Amy Winehouse lyric in 'You Know I'm No Good) for any sex or gender, ok? You see, lion/ess, through masturbation you take care of your own needs to become less needy for attention to shore up your sagging ego...cuz unlike pants we only want to see your ass when it's being displayed confidently like those bonobo monkeys or any monkey that does this! Fun facts these monkeys use sexual gestures to resolve conflict. So show your ass, get some play, remember humor and know how you like to cum, yes?

Virgo has what I phrase ‘festival orgasms’. If single, these folx will juggle multiple partners, usually one or two out of town or in another relationship. Like Capricorn, these folx are motivated through career and service. If they have their ‘yay job’---aka vocation, they may give their sexual energies to this. You will have to seduce them through discussing what commitment means to you in all areas, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally…a five year plan helps too. Have a part of your life that needs fixing. Smear some ice cream or kiss them with an edible in your mouth---anything that disturbs their sense of order, but make it subtle. You must lure them into pleasure, but once lured, watch out---festival orgasms can include a boyfriend/girlfriend experience to full on orgy. Healthy egos need only apply, ok? They’ll fool you with their girl/guy next door demeanor. Virgo made up the phrase---’lady in the streets, freak in the bedroom’, yaaas!

Pisces (read Virgo for context). They are even more nuanced than these ppl. Like Cancer, Pisces has a knack, proclivity to create atmospheres of harmony. Even their auras are seductive. Have you heard of the Sirens? No matter what gender these folx lure you with their enigmatic ways. Fish need bait. Fantasy is their strong suit. Let them paint a picture. To continue with the fish symbolism, know that you must keep still as they run their hands (or whatever body part) over your body. Allow the passion to build, so what if you’re premature or a bit thirsty, they are compassionate people if your heart is guiding your actions. They will freeze and swim away if they feel you see them as a conquest or a mark. Remember they are the original con artist, so don’t con a con, ok? Music, candles and incense helps any love creating along, as does mushrooms, marijuana and malt liquor (alliteration).

Aries has a quick draw. Whether these warrior people are he/she/they, there’s an impatience and need to see you as a conquest. Make them beg in the guise of ‘sorry, not sorry’. Teasing is a form of foreplay. Give all too soon and they are likely to lose interest. Even in a relationship you need to continually imagine ‘firsts’ together. Whether that is a quickie at a restaurant or on an airplane, keep it spicy and unpredictable. Edge the males and talk dirty to the females. Realize that there’s little different to what they need---simple, clear and direct passion. If you have to manufacture it, they’ll sense it is fake and they’ll move on. Ask them what they haven’t experienced before---the line starts right here and it’s painted in red.

Libra can be maddening as they work one side of their scales about what’s in it for them. These lovely folx can be surprisingly transactional when it comes to giving their physical body, particularly if they’ve been wounded in the past (and who hasn’t?) Of the three Librans that have not been hurt by another human, huzzah!! Seriously though they can be a kind of saint in the bed using sex to heal you. Turn the tables---heal them instead. Undress and begin to talk about what they’ve always wanted to do with another person or persons. Remember Libra is the sign of beginning new forms of relationships, so do not say no in your mind and heart to whatever visions float into your consciousness when in their presence, yes? Like Aries---the line forms right here, but Libra cannot decide on a color---no worries if they feel you are not rushing them to decide, you get more orgasms than you currently can imagine, fosho.

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