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Aries Full Moon 🌝--A Fallen Ego For Our Relationships--29 Sept 23 at 458am CDT

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

In some spiritual systems (and this includes organized religions) the ‘ego’ is designated as bad and our souls and/or spirits are good. Libra as the only sign on the circle of animals to be represented by an inanimate object---the scales (of justice). Hell, Justice is often depicted as blind (and to some populations She be deaf). Point? I’m getting there, be patient, after all, Libra season is about taking your life under advisement. Pausing, reflecting and breathing. As the other Venus ruled sign Taurus, these lovely folx seek grace and peace. Hint: these two intangible assets are inside, not outside.

Each of us has the 12 signs within us. Libra, as the fall of our ego, demonstrates our interdependency upon each other. The fall usually occurs in direct proportion to our ‘making deals with life’ and ‘seeing life as a bitch, and then you die’ or ‘I did it all by myself’. Yep, like Lucifer (whose name means ‘Light Bearer’), you’ll fall from your angelic status. Not to stress, though. Your Libran (grace, joy and peace) sits directly across from you. The sign precisely 180 degrees (your half birthday, if that helps), aids you in seeing your shadow. Shadow states are fear based. One Libra scale can be fear and the other is love. Or for the more practical minded--contraction and expansion, fear and love.

For All 12 Signs---this tune How Do You Keep The Music Playing? Read Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Aquarius---the Human signs.

Here’s a breakdown of which sign carries your fear and love. Like any worthwhile antidote, you need a bit of the poison to create the cure. These signs carry your healing and wholeness, in essence, your re-membering what Cosmic Harmony feels like.

Aries--your ‘expanding love energy’ is Libra. Once the mask of hyper individualism and competition is taken off, we all can see your softness and how vulnerability is a superpower using you, your body, mind and spirit to take all of us to the next level. Anyone who’s lucky enough to be a part of your hang out tribe gets inspired by your vision. Venus is spending her last days in Leo (compatible fire sign that inspires your warrior/pioneer self to set up court). The Goddess of Equilibrium Inducing and Joy gave you the entire summer to learn how to make this transition from Warrior to King/Queen.

Taurus--your way to seek equilibrium is Scorpio. Like the spring of seeing the beauty in growth and generating the green grasses and rutting animals, Scorpio reminds you of the social responsibilities of your physical desires. When you ignore your impact on others, a mutual shadow grows, drama ensues. Beauty and magnetism has a price, as your ego tells you there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. Your soul, though, knows all that is chosen, can be unchosen. Your ‘I have’ mantra transmutes in ‘We Share’---and our world is filled with joy.

Gemini---your way of entering into harmonic states of mental stillness is through Sagittarius. Sure, you’ll begin each philosophical discussion referencing your experiences, however, as you open your heart and mind to those who think and live differently than you, you become a wonder of the world. Your ability to blend objectivity and inspiration, gets those in your immediate environment moving in your multifaceted direction. Your chosen tribe thrives in your aspirational spaces. ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing?’ Did you listen to the tune at the beginning of this blog? If not, why not? In your defense, you’ve had mysteries within mysteries. This is precisely why, any relationship begun without transparency has been destined to fail for you.

Cancer---your emotively responsible self seek unification of light and dark in legacy-building Capricorn. Private versus public life. Church of Mama/Papa Bear aka ‘The Family’ versus The State, NSA, effing Congress. ‘I am an American, I got my rights!!! Democrats versus Republicans. Every Full Moon no matter what astrological season brings these matters into stark focus. It’s only a matter of degree. Since July 2, you’ve been on a wild roller coaster ride (even for you) about how much of your private world to disclose. Secrets fester, for sure!

Leo---read Cancer’s message first. I am learning patience, so I’ll wait. Did you? Read it? Until the end of this water Rabbit Year (February 8, 2024) if you’re reading my words, then you are mandated to read Cancer’s message first. You see, the first water sign (Cancer) makes sure you have the inner world intact and personally reflected upon, so you can confidently jump out on the world stage---be that a social media message, love relationships or leaving your family patterns behind you. Aquarians enter your life to help you constructively deconstruct those parental and tribal messages---your heart is SO much bigger than your childhood (and past or concurrent lives). For sure!

Virgo--what pieces of your heart and soul must you put back together? Combine the stories of Pinocchio and humpty Dumpty. You may misrepresent, misspeak (even lie), but not to yourself. As worn out as this phrase may be--’the heart wants what the heart wants’. A reflected upon heart is a heart in healing. Trust the process of the last three months. Lovers returning, current partners and friends wanting more and your confusion. Allow your shadow carrier (Pisces) to teach you the fine art of surrender. Begin with a mantra of ‘make Thy will, my will’ (you can subtract any Christian overlay).

Libra--Aries holds your shadowy gaze. This Full Moon belongs to your two signs with a healthy dose of Pluto thrown in. Huh? Who’s on your side? Does not ‘sides’ imply a binary? Adolescent point of view? What if there is no good or evil or tree of knowledge of good and bad? Since the beginning of this summer (and every summer 8, 16, 24, 32 years ago) you’ve been asked to recognize your impact on others. This impact comes from your acknowledging that you are your own judge, jury and executioner. It’s action that matters. Leave intention to your conscience Aries teaches you this---in spades (which in the Tarot is the suit of swords). Energy follows thought (it’s a universal principle).

Scorpio---security driven and slow moving Taurus methodically brings your shadow dancing into focus. Let’s face it. You can make any situation complex---motives upon motives. Excessive feminine energy is sus, jealous and possessive. The tune ‘You Belong To Me’ belong to your axis (Taurus & Scorpio). Two messages center your life at this Full Moon. 1) KISS-’Keep It Simple, Stupid. 2: NSS-No Shit, Sherlock. Commas can make all the difference. As the best QB in the NFL (Mahomes) learned when he messaged “ hate that man’ about Aaron Rogers season ending injury. He meant to write : ‘Hate that, man’. Taurus slows your internal manipulations down so you’ll catch all commas. Learning to pause, Scorpio can make all the difference between joyous multiple orgasms and eating soup for one.

Sagittarius, in an ideal world, you’ve already learned the lesson of Scorpio. This Full Moon requires you to look at your shadow in the Twins. Your axis (Gemini & Sagittarius) is the most human on the ‘circle of animals’ aka the ‘zodiac’. You’re The Archer and ‘The Centaur’. That half human and horse hybrid can cause you to over emphasize your animal urges. As long as you don’t allow old time organized religion to separate what is supposed to be united, you are OK. This summer your heart has been healing. Allow your Gemini shadow to ask questions that you’ve been afraid to verbalize---taking the Fifth halts all evolution. Imagine vulnerability as your superpower till early January 2024.

Capricorn, those of us with intuitive ears can hear & feel your soft underbelly. Yes, you present as a gruff old man screaming on his lawn (no matter what gender). You assess, judge and withdraw. Hell, I believe it was your sign that made ‘dropping the mic’ a thing. LLJ Cool J comes to mind, yep he’s a Capricorn. Cancer represents the space where the mic lands. How’s your family been supporting some of your more outlandish schemes? Have you overextended your credit--tangible and intangible? You’ll need a session with me if you cannot imagine what your ‘intangible assets’ are---yes? Hint: you can read the other earth signs (Taurus & Virgo) for clues.

Aquarius--as we ‘cusp’ on your age, we can integrate some of the Swifties’ energies---make friendship bracelets, get into football because of Travis Kelce and shake off the past destruction you’ve left in your intimate relationships. Yep, when your heart closes there’s a meanness that ensues. You keep lists. That’s why self-centered Leo illuminates where you’ve lost your humanity. What? You’re the most idealistic and tolerant person you know! Yes, that is true to those outside of your family home. Know this: tolerance is not the same as acceptance. Those who dare to put their hearts on the line for you can feel the difference. Allow this Full Moon to illuminate the friendships within all of your relationships.

Pisces--your recognition of how you spend your time is a priority. Imagine if you got a report from the NSA. What would their surveillance show to you? No matter how you feel about Virgo---their ‘to do list making ass’ is precisely what you need. This summer has taught you how you’ve dropped the ball--particularly with work colleagues and friendships. In an ideal world (read Sagittarius--the other Jupiter/expansive ruled sign), you are supposed to have mastered the preceding sign of Aquarius. Both your demanding shadow sign of Virgo and Aquarius are human signs. They provide all of the metaphors for purifying the water in which your fishes swim. Maybe imagine you’re a joyous mammal in the water. Dolphins are pleasing to me for sure (me gustan los defines seguro!)

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This is awesome content. Thank you💓

Sep 29, 2023
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You're welcome 😊


I forgot how much I Love James Ingram and just listened to a whole playlist!

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