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Aries Full Moon October 9 2022

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Sitting with one of my favorite Aries Sun & rising folx inspires me to write to you about what’s happening in the #libraseason. I watch him take care of every person in his immediate environment, the epitome of generosity of spirit, soul and matter (yep, he comes with tangible gifts related to the modern day ‘peace pipe’). After all, Libra season is all about making do with the disengaged parts of yourself. All conflict begins within yourself, this lesson is certainly brought home when #scorpioseason --the battle is full on--between ego/self-interest vs soul/unifying connections.

This Aries Full Moon (Sunday, October 9 355p CDT) has such assertive energies of the Wounded Healer Chiron complementing it from afar in ‘I exist’ Aries. Bring in those childhood wounds of ‘who do you think you are?’ Or ‘I brought you in this world, I’ll take you out!!’. Libra Sun riding close to Venus offers us the necessary equilibrium, diplomacy and peace from within. If we are indeed all one, how would this present in the physical world? Well, less arguing for one--realize an outer argument often speaks to communicating from your projected self to fit in and please others instead of responding from your soul, your true inner self that has the lesson plan for your life.

Mars and Saturn speak to this Full Moon from Gemini and Aquarius, respectively. Mars is slowing down to go retrograde on October 30, while Saturn slows down to move forward on October 22. These two highlighting air signs represent our ability to live from the adage ‘thoughts are things’. Leave all victim narratives behind---become what you long for, openly acknowledging your need for love in all its forms. To see where you belong is a first step of setting up the boundaries of accepting joy in your life. Libra is a sign of joy based upon recognizing where you are grateful for what you have, not what you think is missing.

Everyone’s speech is being heightened, intensified and insistent as if we’ve regressed to our adolescence (pre frontal lobe of executive reasoning). Alert! Imagine each soul is looking to see where tone and acoustic runs the meaning of what’s being said---even more so than the words. When in doubt, go with the feelings behind the words, the triggers. Reacting from the past wounds will be tempered by Pluto in Elder Status Capricorn. He is stationary direct having begun to move on October 8. There’s a struggle between the eternal child within and our wise one. Maiden and Crone find balance in the Libran capacity to see all sides and impediments to unification and equilibrium. All we go deeper into where our conflicts lie, we have access to more light in these dark spaces. Profoundly embracing our shadows, gives us access to higher harmonies.

In traditional Astrology, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are considered ‘malefics’. This outmoded (and patriarchal/dominating) way of thinking keeps us separated from our souls and rooted interconnectedness. There is nothing such as a ‘malefic’ from the soul’s perspective--there is evolution and learning from the past. Our egos thrive on offering us half truths based upon the appearance of things. I mean, hell, what does ‘save face’ even mean?

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