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Aries Joy & Foundations of Gratitude

These last four weeks have been something, yes?

With all those planets in multidimensional Pisces, but needing to prove ourselves through Aries Sun---

The image of the four of Wands says it is beyond time to establish your passions.

Allow this last day of Aries to create a list of your accomplishments (even bullets you've dodged).

Imagine that hummingbirds are speaking to you---guiding your to embrace what (and who) brings you joy!

Locate what's builds your gratitude inventory. Last Night I had a dream about a close friend in high school who had the best singing voice. A tune from 40 years ago was playing in the background. It took about 10 minutes to remember the artist, but I waited until it was revealed.

This upcoming Taurus season begins tonight around 9.30pm

Allow gratitude to create joy to celebrate your life NOW!

Oh, the song? Come With Me by Tania Marie

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