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My favorite singer is Aries Chaka Khan. ?Like Aries Aretha, they both blazed trails for what is possible in the music industry. ?Aretha fused her political vision along with her ?Queen of Soul? moniker. It was a huge deal for a gospel singer 60 years ago to go ?secular?. ?Aries Aretha was a pioneer, much like her Sun sign promised. Chaka was a fiery starter in the interracial band called Rufus. BFD, too. Aries Diana Ross played Aries Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues. ?No matter what you may think about diva Mariah Carey, her ability to integrate her voice with hip hop remains unparalleled. Think Aries. Think ram. Imagine status quo. They forge their own path. When they think before they butts their rams? head, they are a force to be reckoned with. ?It is not so much a ?may the force be with you? as it is ?how may the force use you??.

At every New Moon, our spirits and souls unite to determine what needs to be birthed or created. ?The sign tells us how to precede in using the Moon?s waxing to light the most effective path to your creations. ?Aries starts spring (all beginning signs have a fire complement of wanting to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible). ?The other beginning signs are Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Aries basically doubles down on the need for speed when it comes to making visions manifest. ?This New Moon on Friday, April 5 has all the insistent urges of a repressed adolescent.

There are at least 12 different types of Aries New Moons. A beginning differentiation is where is Mars located? As ruler (think benefactor, sponsor or guardian angel) of Aries, the placement of the God of War tells us what tools or weapons will be most effective in bringing your vision down to earth. ?Effective, at least for Aries, is determined by speed. With Mars in the early degrees of communicative and quick thinking Gemini, it will be through the use of your mind. At this time and place, your mental faculties will be poised to cut through the narratives of limitations that run like background noise. ?Simultaneously, (as Gemini is dualistic) you will be called upon to recognize where you have said ?no, I can?t? or ?what will others think if I take this risk? to ?yes, I can? or ?what happened to me to cause me to gives fucks where I no longer need to give any fucks?? (With disruptive Uranus in value laden Taurus, we all must begin to know where ?no fucks given? works.)

Mars in Gemini (until May 15) humanizes this Aries New Moon. ?Gemini through its uncanny ability to know when others are not telling the whole story gets us to pause. ?This pausing is central to the air element, shared by Libra and Aquarius. Also, the air element spreads reasonableness in a divided world. The reflection that each of these signs employs keeps us from lynching on one extreme to saying things in a heated argument on the other. The last seven years while Uranus in Aries instantaneously heated up the fires of competition and individuality, his stint in Taurus is welcomed. ?The God of Chaos slows down our collective spirit to demonstrate what and who is or is not valuable. Gemini is a trickster; Uranus speeds up thought and Taurus moves at its own pace. Old and young, wise and foolish, we have our work cut out for us, that is, how to stand by what we know while moving out of our comfort zone.

Thank our heavenly witnesses aka planets. ?Planets in signs inspire us to be our best selves. The more conscious we are, the more we can elevate a planet’s expression and simultaneously be used by them. ?We have a mission at this New Moon to see what we want, breathe, pause and then fully flesh out how we can create a physical space to create it. We must make room. ?Let’s choose to declutter our minds and environments.

Aries New Moon By Each Sign: Personal Experiences

Aries: Entirely too much self focus can render your closest relationships transactional, confrontational and hollow. Like ?lions and tigers ?and bears, oh my!? or what is known as cowardly, know it all’s and inscrutable could be deadly silent types. Unless you have some Cap or Scorpio, deadly you aren’t, at least, not in a premeditated manner. Crimes of passion is more your style. This New Moon compels you to slow down and decide where you can possess more without confrontation. Even with our potentially offensive behaviors do not react. Pause. Retreat. Reflect. Response. ?However, you have a responsibility to stand your higher ground and maybe cause a bit of pain to those who have a proven unwillingness to apologize. (Or, at the very least, admit regret.)

Taurus: Slow methodical movement just may not be possible or advised. Paradigm buster Uranus is moving through your sign. Who you are and the comfort zones you’ve built is being challenged. Your personal direction requires a more universal application. Waiting for consensus, like love, can be in vain, Master Marley. ?Redemption occurs through not judging what folk own as a barometer for what they’re worth. Books and covers and all. This New Moon demands a conscious surrender to what or whom you’ve been denying since your last birthday. Grow, please, before you lose a pet of your life you’ve scantily appreciated for far too long.

Gemini: Wishing, speaking, affirming and wishing ?unifies your mind. Connecting parts relieves compartmentalized living. ?Lying by omission because of denial scorches your soul. Then joining agents aka opiates enter. Denying pleasure sets up a classic stereotype: ?your left hand refuses to let your right hand know what’s going on. That’s because your seemingly honest self has been gaslighting you into believing some rank aka basic ?judgemental mess. You can be chaotic, hot, messy & aware. Striving is built upon survival. Springtime ignites your mind. Your thoughts are sourced in fertile soil. In essence, you are learning how to communicate utopian visions. ?Prepare your path for filling in emotional potholes with your absolute acceptance of those who’ve demonstrated their authentically transparent hearts. How these folk touch you will leave no doubt, only realization.

Cancer: ?Concentrated truth from the heart builds your dynasty of everlasting love. It’s only when err on the side of excessive loyalty to your bloodlines that you divide when you want to unite. The Moon in Aries (your most challenging sign read: passionate challenger), arouses your ambition. You’re ready to lead those connected to you into brand new frontiers like an inner Lewis and Clark expedition. Realize all who are indispensable and treat them as such. ?What your mother couldn’t give to you is little to no excuse for bad public behavior. Your soul can reach anyone who is truly receptive which means you can walk in those deathly dark places and fear very little? you possess just that much light. Yep, yep. ?I feel like I know?, says a murder of crows.

Leo: Is Sara Smile by Hall and Oates a precursor to ?Resting Bitch Face?? ?The lyrics speak to her smile making him feel like a man. As Leo, you’re born to locate that confidence from within. Aries New Moon can bring eyes that water in anticipation, joy blazing through your heart. Your imagination creates heat. ?Passionate acceptance of your art heals your heart. Healthy competition can mean showing off your skills, not a need to prove yourself. Using toys in bed amps up your game, there doesn’t need to be an assumption that there are inadequacies. Competing with an outmoded version of yourself based on hidden insecurities is no longer an option (particularly when you’re taking center stage). Your higher self is ready to be integrated into your full self expression. Live unfiltered. (Read Virgo)

Virgo: ?Love is in the air. ?When you humbly risk what you want, you show a more well rounded soul. It’s almost as if you visualize where your edge exists, then you rationalize all of the reasons you cannot experience what your mind has imagined. I’ll be offering the whips for self flagellation. Allow Mercury to pick up some speed (mid-April) for your mojo to increase to your ?normal? levels. I say listen to Aries artists/ singers like Chaka (BTW, Hello Happiness is my jam), Aretha or Diana (Happy 75th birthday!) Imagine yourself as a hovercraft that centers on spontaneous fiery passion. ?Yes, love is in the air, yet, there’s fire in your body. After all, ?why do fools fall in love?? Have mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T for who daydream and think of you while waiting to come back to you, because they knew you were waiting?(Read Leo)

Libra: ?Who’s the fairest of them all?? Self- interested and egocentric or skillfully intuitive (soulful expression) are your internal balancing act. Beauty is as beauty does. This New Moon will have your beauty reflected in how you’re treated no matter anyone’s outer appearance. Realize that fairness can be exceptionally subjective. That’s why your unconditional love influences almost everyone who’s lucky enough to come in contact with you. Equality matters like ideals must be made practical. Give the fairest hugs with the weirdest in view of everyone. ?Civilized behavior informs opening up to those who have different values. (Read Scorpio)

Scorpio: Have faith in virtues and the behavior that accepts all. Faith as a form of acceptance in the practical coexistence of all. Faith as a personal experience of keeping the balls in the air, that is, we all act from the higher and inclusive aspects of our soul’s nature. Finding love is not the same as coexisting with love. ?Suspending your critical emotional voices draws the best & original souls towards you. Boredom and indifference can only be corrected through precision surrounding your health. This New Moon accepts conscious pioneering in your ability to believe you can do better. Read Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: ?Begun in Scorpio. Sag rules the hip. ?Maybe that’s why you like being trendy or ?hip?? This New Moon draws you to reflect upon your past while simultaneously giving you the energy to create a future. Your mistakes are not destined to repeat themselves. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, slows down to go retrograde on April 10th in your sign. Until August 11, it is important for you to appreciate and understand the sustainable abundance that you have. Know how much you can realistically manage. ?Becoming the embodiment of ethical choices makes you sought after for love and counsel. However, expect partners and close friends to become more assertive, especially if you’ve been less than stellar with keeping your word.

Capricorn: ?New Moon in Aries supports your pragmatic approach to the world. Sure, you can find spring’s awakening passions like hibernating bears who’ve heard the thunder a bit daunting. Relax, the fear you must stifle is the mindset that has you believing that struggles are consistently necessary. ?Finding your service groove and relishing in that can lessen those dark moods that produces only more worse case scenario thinking. As the only initiating earth sign, it is what you do that is seen that truly matters. Call upon those symbols that bring majestic themes: mountains, oceans, lakes or even cloud formations. Seeking out what’s larger than you places some challenges in their correct perspective.

Aquarius: Couldn’t imagine your mind inactive at any time of year. Yet, the fiery independent impulse of an Aries New Moon quadruples your mental state. Walking through your neighborhood, (re)joining your gym, writing out goals for the next several months would be beneficial. You tend to rant or go cloudy when you’ve lost your ability to see the future. Stay in the present. Tackle what problems you have now, not awfulizing them out of habit. That’s why Aries is one of your friendship/sibling signs, their innate innocence draws you out of your head and into spirited heartfelt action.

Pisces: ?To say that you ?go with the flow? is not entirely accurate. You are learning to surrender your overly active mind to a soul sourced in love and compassion. Since mid February your mind has been flooded with images, thoughts and voices from other time zones. You stand at the ready to release past grudges and disappointments. By doing this work of exhibiting joy, you find that your relationships improve and they begin to follow your lead. If leading is not what you want, then we will be more receptive and adaptable to what you bring to the table. You offer a lavish buffet of ?all the feels? and we love you for your vulnerabilities.

Let our minds (Mercury) leave watery Pisces (April 17). ?This is when we can fully grow into expressing our new ideas that have percolating since mid-February. ?Take your proverbial shows on the road. Or, you may tell someone to ?hit the road? (and not come back). ?Whatever you choose, simply know that innocence and vulnerability are the foundations of April. Becoming jaded keeps those ?could be?s? and ?you never know? at bay. ?We are growing up and into a new, fresher level of connection with our inner selves and others.

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