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Adaptable fire sign, that?s Sag. ?Life, lemons and lemonade, this sign of late fall knows no strangers and likes to believe that they are chosen children of God…Great Spirit, Tao, you get the point. ?Something out there keeps an eye on them. This New Moon accentuates this belief even more so because the King of the Gods (Jupiter) is in Sagittarius for another 360 days.

Jupiter leads this New Moon. ?The seeds sown at this time promise possibilities born out of this ?special? and higher relationship to spirit. ?Challenge? Staying focused, following through on your word and commitments, accepting the responsibility that comes with privilege, there are a few of a balanced Sag?s favorite things. ?Not so. Helping turn these challenges into strengths is Saturn in his ruling sign of Capricorn. The visions of opportunities meets with the realities of the physical world. For every three or more possibilities of expansion, one is likely to earth, to manifest.

Make the time to contemplate what you want to live with, to leave as a legacy. ?In essence, what will stand the test of time. (Sometimes I deliberately play old music to see if I possibly still like it or I reread something I?ve written to see how I?ve grown). ?The Goddess of Strategic Wisdom (Pallas Athene) rises in Libra. Ideas surrounding social justice, law and equality past, present and future are present. With her focused (possibly obsessive) aspects to Wounded Healer Chiron and Reforming Uranus, we will see a universal stage play of how our past reliance on privilege harms everyone. ?Pallas in Libra fights only the battles that the participants agree to stipulate certain facts. Remember she was Jupiter?s favorite daughter, so she?ll want to influence the way the relationships will need to be equalized. How do you share power? Do you conceal your positions out of fear and control? A Sagittarius New Moon requires an open discussion about what truly matters.

Think of it this way?

Sagittarius follows Scorpio (the sign of profound transformations, death of the physical body being one of them).

Signs that follow another have learned the lessons of that sign.

Sagi rhetorically asks, ?what happens after death?? Being a sign closely associated with religion, you can see that principles and beliefs formulate around this deep question.

Some of the wisest Sagittarians have experienced near death experiences or have survived major illnesses. ?These folk live as if their entire life is one long bucket list. (Generally, I have mad compassion for these Sags and I am more likely to forgive their flakiness or tardiness. ?Their awareness of their own mortality can cause them to overcommit to people and experiences)

Those who have not had these experiences are usually stuck in the rational sides of their brains, easily dismissive of those who have different beliefs. ?At their worst, fundamentalists who preach at you and rarely listen, these are the hypocrites who will murder you in the name of their ?God?.


Hopefully, you spent November understanding how to reform how you love whom you love. ?This last week revolutionary Uranus spent time integrating the hermit side of your soul to the lover side of your soul. ?Touchiness about not touching or being touched was central. Now, this New Moon can offer enlightenment regarding the tempering of your desires? modulating, not repressing them.

The physical and spiritual worlds are one. ?With Warrior Mars merging with Nebulous Neptune in unified consciousness Pisces, blurred boundaries are indicated. ?The trick is to figure out where to have a conscious sacrifice of your ego?s expectations. Sag is known for its pride of wisdom. ?Pisces opens their hearts to receive guidance and knowledge. In these days of instantaneous access to info, we can too easily be lulled into believing we are wise when we are not. ?It will be necessary to keep out feet out of our collective mouths, yet apologizing when we have crossed a line (hint: usually it will have to do with not recognizing where we have more than others, yet not expressing empathy to those who have less). ?It can become too easy to speak from a childlike and fragile position when our worldviews have been threatened or questioned.

The current 20 year economic cycle is closing in 2020. With the social planets of Jupiter (expansive resources, sustainable abundance) and Saturn (conserving resources and recognizing physical limitations) in their signs of rulership, these positions of expanding and contracting can become rigid. ?It will be necessary to know where you tend to fall one the spectrum of expansion and contraction. Exhibiting an expansive spirit based upon love does not have to indicate a naivete. You can still examine and critically analyze. As a Sufi saying goes, ?Pray to Allah, but tie up your camel?.

Neptune is also in the sign of his rulership (Pisces), so the god of the oceans brings in another dimensional reality based upon compassion and divine love. ?To live with full hearts and souls does not indicate a martyred or doormat quality. Neptune (and Mars) in Pisces simply opens our hearts to seeing the whole picture, recognizing how a lack of examining our consciousness, daily, can lead to a resignation. ?We cannot allow ourselves to fall into patterns of futility and cynicism. This Sagittarius New Moon categorically states:

Aspire to be better, confront fears, and you will do better.

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