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Welcome to the second night of the Democratic Presidential Debates in Miami.

Yesterday, we had the Moon/Mood in warrior Aries talking with warrior Mars.? There were interruptions, microphone mishaps, Aries Chuck Todd talking entirely too much, Gabbard (with all of her fire planetary placements decked out in red) and Evening Star Aries Warren, Morning Star Aries Booker and DeBlasio igniting us either for good or ill.? But, impressions were made.

Tonight the Moon/Mood is in pastoral Taurus.? This persevering earth sign is as calm and unflappable as Aries is driven to stirring things up.? We could take a breath, if the Moon wasn?t sharing space with revolutionary Uranus and obsessive Vesta.? Taurus takes definitive stances, so tonight won?t be ?let?s float trial balloons?, like yesterday?s Aries Moon.? It will be how to educate us where you want to take us. What matters to us, the nation and the planet?

Whichever candidate can explain in a common sense and ingenious fashion what to do about the imbalances in wealth wins tonight (and may even have the best shot at winning the nomination and election).? This does not mean that those whom we saw last night are not capable of winning, it is simply that Taurus is no nonsense. Uranus is where our genius is located. The sky god teaches us through shocks, a lightning bolt that topples our sacred cows, as it were.? Tonight, there?s a restless mood. We want to have objective and authentic truth. Speak in Spanish at your peril, pandering under an uranian influence will turn off many. Say what you know to be true or admit to what you do not know, there are the choices for each candidate tonight.

Buttigieg and Bennet have a strong relationship to this lunar cycle, he stands upon the shoulders of his ancestors.? Mayor Pete has a better relationship with the progressive side of the planet Venus, not to mention better name recognition, than Bennet.? Tonight belongs to the eclectic side of Venus, our value system, how we spend our time, money and on what and why. It?s not as simple as ?it?s the economy, stupid?.? It is as simple as an understanding of the spectrum of capitalism, socialism and communism. Setting physical boundaries around our nation?s sovereignty too. Whoever is shining at the top of the 10pm hour has many blessings in joining emotional and financial security.? Health care, yes…but what about our aging population, Social Security and retirement funding? Student loan debt and reparations…Mercury?s about to go into retrograde at the USA?s North Node (direction for our country) in Leo, we must take visual steps to express our heart?s desire and appreciation for our bounty, reparations is only one aspect.? As Mars (warrior) moves in Leo, expect impeachment proceedings (more investigations before the August recess). Once he?s in Virgo (August 16), they?ll be a preponderance of the House that is ready. They?ll test the waters in their districts and it?ll be on come Virgo waxing Moon from August 29 to mid September.

Harris with her fiery Moon in Aries will come out swinging, passionate and full of confidence.? Like Biden and Hickenlooper, they are born under a waxing gibbous Moon (the phase before she?s full).? These folks can be ?full? of themselves and their origin stories. Senator Harris has the best astrological aspects to pivot away from herself having an initiating Moon in Aries and mediating Libra Sun.? Biden is saddled with a concentrated aka fixed/stubborn Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus. Imagine his energetic baggage. These two signs are loathe to let anything go…and we know what happens before a fall.? Like O?Rourke was at his energetic low last night, Biden is at his tonight. My money is on Senator Harris to take Biden out, a problem when the moon is in a fixed sign is that She can be extremely resistant to change…which brings us to Senator Sanders.

Bernie is the most known for his poplulist economic message.? Being born under a waning gibbous Moon in Aries is that once he gets the correct response to his pioneering ideas, he lets us feel the ?Bern?.? Tonight, though, is about a slow build up, setting the stage for the future of our US and planetary economies. Because Taurus is an earth sign (with Earth Day as one of its holidays), the environment and New Green Deal will need to take center stage (as well as federal legalization of marijuana and hemp production).? Sanders and Buttegieg (both Earth signs) have the best chance at explaining their large picture economic forecasts for our nation.

Senator Gillibrand has a role to play as being able to mediate between what she perceives as extreme positions while highlighting how transfer wealth through a clear tax or fees to those who can afford.? If she is bold without using euphemisms (like raising her hand to rid us of the Insurance companies), she might be able to distinguish her fiery Sagittarius self. (She shares the same Sun and Moon signs as Steven Speilberg, so give us a story and vision of our future, please.)? Andrew Yang brings in the Pluto in Libra generation with his Sun in Capricorn talking about Universal Basic Income…akin to Cap Dr. King, Jr. 50+ years ago with the March for Jobs and Economic Freedoms, Capricorn, when aware of class inequities, can create the laws which can further this or not.? Yang?s New Moon has this stargazer thinking he may be a dark horse of influencing more progressive ideals from this debate and throughout the primary.

Marianne Williamson will probably suffer a similar trait as Klobouchar (bossy women under a misogynistic patriarchy).? She?s anti-vaccination (Cancer Sun/Aquarius Moon, the Sun and Moon sign of the USA). Rebellious to the core, hopefully, she?ll emphasize the love aspect of her work, not the fear.? The economic message must stay center along with climate crisis (not change) and immigration. Who can humpty-dumpty all of these threads (identity inclusiveness, Black Lives Matter, ok?) will have the best shot at winning the Democratic nomination.

Sanders, Harris & Buttegieg will be too soon to tell, but as Harris explains the role of prosecutor to the masses, she warms us up to her.? Biden, if he can curb his defensiveness, can make a decent showing, but Uranus in Taurus breaks up outmoded value systems. Yang and Gillibrand could surprise, yet because of the second hour responds to the unexpected turmoil of the first, I do not know if they will.? Swalwell could be too nuanced, so maybe he?ll have some pre-prepared quips that won?t be seen that way.

Earth tones, deliberate speaking with an authentic desire to connect through humor and storytelling are advised.? If you truly regret a past action, admit it and move on, but move on with care.


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