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My only certification as an Astrologer is the Venus Star Point. ?Arielle Guttman wrote a groundbreaking book (which really is three in one) called Venus Star Rising. ?I call it ?Astrological Shorthand?. It?s simplicity (Sun, Venus and Earth aligns every nine months) and voila your personal passions and gifts are shown.

Pete Buttegieg, I covered in the first installment of Birth of a Nation?? ?As I wrote about his inspirational story (no doubt crafted from then Senator Obama?s steps to the White House), it lead me to the Mayor Elect of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot. ?Solar Leo, but born with an Evening Star in Aquarius. I wish Madame Mayor the best. Passion for recognizing the individual gifts that reside in each person?s soul, the refrain of ?I Feel Your Pain? Bill Clinton, ?compassionate conservatism? of George W Bush leading us to the ?very fine people on both sides? Trump. ?Each of these five individuals were born with their personal passions exploding through detached and communal Aquarius.

However, Aquarius can dissociate from personal emotional traumas and sell their soul to whichever group they claim to belong. ?Hence, the pathological liar (an amoral Gemini Sun and Uranus helps this process along in our current president, not president). ?Aquarius Stars? passions can easily become fanatical and can attract those with mallable and low self-esteems.

Morning Stars, first of all, have little to do with your time of birth. ?The beauty of this system rests upon knowing your birthday is enough. Morning Stars embody their passion placements. ?For example, Mayor Pete and Ellen DeGeneres are Morning Stars; while Oprah Winfrey and Queen Latifah are Evening Stars. ?Had Ellen not come out on the cover of Time, who knows where her career would have become? Remember her very flat situation comedy show? ?See, no you do not. But, she and Anne Heche at the Clinton White House, yes, you do. There has been speculation (open secret even) about the sexuality of Queen Latifah and Oprah. ?Evening Stars usually rests their relationships upon social inclusion and building upon societal norms, whereas, Morning Stars go to battle against those norms.

I lived the first 18 years of my life as an Evening Star Aquarian. ?I challenged all existing authority, Jehovah, my father, getting along with others at school, doing the minimal in math. ?Can you imagine a young black child with a 90th percentile in Math, not wanting to take honors Geometry? After my star shifted to a Morning Star Scorpio (the Venus Star is like a metronome it ticks from Morning to Evening to Morning), I told myself it was time to live (embody) the tenets of this cult-adjacent religion of Jehovah?s Witnesses.

Scorpio, a sign of other people?s money and values, I worked for my father while following a strict line of fundamental patriarchal suppression of my individuality. ?How I felt about my sexuality, the openness and acceptance of others? sexual and cultural expression was not allowed. I had one close bisexual friend who accused me of treating him like a pair of old shoes that was to be discarded. ?To this day, I have an intense disgust of anyone saying, ?you?re the most important thing?…not property, not shoes. Fortunately, this foray into Morning Star embodiment of conflict of what I valued versus what others held dear only lasted for three years. ?I had amassed more wealth at this time, however, my soul was starved. While an Aquarius Star can reflect what their community wants (and sell their soul for it), Scorpio Stars internalize and self-loathe. Their self-loathing can lead to literal self-destruction, (hello Whitney Houston and Jim Jones of Jonestown Kool Aid infamy, both Scorpio Morning Stars)…They both committed suicide under Scorpio Morning Stars.

As a Morning Star Scorpio nation, the United States is currently at a crossroads of splintering into factions based upon loyalties on outer appearances and inequities caused by these superficial perspectives. We are going through a ?dark night of the soul? to be reborn. ?Our rebirth is similar to a teenager growing into an adult, mature and aware of the needs of others. Use the example of the United Kingdom. Some Brits through a temper tantrum and voted against their own best economic issues. Sound familiar? Our ideals (Aquarian) must align with our souls, sharing power and accepting other people?s values even if, and especially when they differ from our own (Scorpio).

I resist the temptation to judge whether it would be best for anyone to ?come out? or not. ?Especially a woman of color who already carries intersectional oppressions. To add sexuality to the mix is an extremely personal decision. ?However, I can speak to what would?ve happened to me had I allowed Jehovah?s Witnesses, various partners or my class status to keep me in the closet (actually I saw my closet as having no doors, it was the religious imprinting, not a dishonesty with myself). ?I would not be here; I would have self-destructed. Aquarius Stars (and by extension anyone with strong Aquarius) cannot simply rebel against traditions. They must consciously decide what and who needs to be reformed, often starting with themselves. Man in the mirror and Michael Jackson (Aquarius Morning Star), anybody? ?Revolutions often replace the same egocentric, cult like tendencies. Look at our current political system. Anarchy is being televised, and tweeted. The otherworldly (read: bubble) nature of an Evening Star Aquarius cannot be underestimated.

Enter in Andrew Jackson (Evening Star Capricorn) and his twin reflecting Star Donald Trump. ?Known for his animus towards creating a National Bank, ironically, his face is on the $20 bill. ?Like Trump?s flagrant obstructions of justice, Jackson?s portrait hangs in the current White House as a reminder to the banking system and an homage to the ownership of slaves. ?This current president has been broadcasting his feelings about race, money, ?good genes? and stable genius all along.

Bill Weld, current GOP primary challenger, has a Morning Star Aries. ?If anyone can pave a new path, it is someone with placement. With Weld?s double warrior energy in Gemini, with proper messaging he can speak to those who feel disenfranchised within the GOP. ?Grab your popcorn. It will be someone with strong Aries energies (Moon, Venus Star) that will challenge our nation to grow up, to evolve beyond the ultimatum driven ?my way or the highway?, ?cease investigations or build infrastructure? way of governing. ?Our environment is forcing all of us into mature soul consensus building.

Contemplate: does climate change care about national sovereignty?

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