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Blood Moon (sunset and sunrise reflections). from the Earth?s shadow. ?Super, it?s full and closest to the earth. The Earth?s shadow eclipses la Luna.

Shock, chaos, and that irresistible force meets with the immovable object. ?Over the past year we have all been lulled into a false sense of normalcy. How awake are you? ?Has your reality become inert, immovable? Our personal shocks occur jar us to become ?woke?. These shocks become more intense because of how deep our sleep has been. ?Each eclipse forces us to break with habitual reality. Instincts, the masses and our subconscious response patterns are connected to the Moon. She has long been associated to women, who in America are a mere two years from celebrating their 100th anniversary of having the right to vote. ?Mars, our toddler planet, shares space with the Moon, opposing the Sun in Leo and is being challenged to detach and grow up with Uranus in fixed earth Taurus. With economical and financially driven Taurus being stirred up by paradigm busting Uranus and our warrior energy in socialist Aquarius, it is no wonder the economy, capitalism, socialism and wealth inequities are on the minds of those who are woke.

How can the masses (Aquarius) increase our collective temperature to stand up against the rampant imperialism (Leo). ?We have arrived at America?s 1% ?let them eat cake moment?. This Aquarius Lunar Eclipse demands that personal power increases to wake from denial. ?Some believe that we do not need spiritual wealth. Are you hot or cold regarding wealth inequities? That is, what is your temperature? Passionate rants or stark objectivity regarding the facts? ?Either and/or both, but to be lukewarm in this wealthy nation would have the Christ vomit you out of his mouth. He stood for Aquarian principles, not Leo self-aggrandizement and vainglorious behaviors. Damn, 2000 years later and moneylenders in the our own Congress need to be cast out, many thieves are leading our nation.

How has certain ideals stolen your integrity? When lukewarm (and unwoke), it is too easy to ?agree to disagree?. ?How can you do so when it comes to the ?very fine people on both sides? ala the Charlottesville murder of Heather Heyer? ?How has fear of being different kept you from speaking up and expressing your perspective? Has needing to belong kept you mute or lukewarm ?agreeing to disagree? to repugnant statements? Our past has to be ?eclipsed?, has to be transformed, our ?trance? has to end. ?This requires living fully in the moment transcendent and hopeful. We can accomplish this when we let go of what has blocked us, be they people or ideals. Now, we determine at what level will we display our personal passions, our gifts based on our personal efforts to live an authentic and heart centered life. ??Leo requires that we take an individual stand based upon our true heart motivation. Through contemplating self-evident truths through our hearts, we can speak with wise authority. Aquarius gives us the mind and motivation to gather the information. Leo opens our hearts to offer space to all who desire to co-exist peaceably with integrity. ?And, Taurus looks to provide the basics, the safety net, so we can enjoy this physical world together.

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