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Cancer New Moon: Where Do I Belong?

Nowhere, perhaps, everywhere---hey, look I've seen the greatest movie in years--Everything Everywhere All at Once starring Michelle Yeoh & Jamie Lee Curtis! Multidimensionality meets with Sci-Fi---like 'Love Is a Game' and 'Love Is a Losing Game' come together in a British singer showdown between Adele & Amy---although if you don't know Celeste, then you have not been Everything Everywhere All at Once---'Hear My Voice' & 'Strange' brings all the feels home.

Cancer energies seeks home---which must come from within. However, pulling our egos to consider those beyond your blood lines is Saturn in Aquarius. This Cosmic Teacher takes us out of the comfort zone of seeing just those who look like us. Aquarius demands we breathe, pause and see the reasons why others behave differently than we do. These high-minded folx are attached to getting us to sacrifice now for the communal futures.

How can you be a modern day abolitionist?

With energies in nurturing signs of Cancer, we are asked to become more of who we get out of any and all 'comfort zones'. We are being charged with beginning new traditions. It is NOT enough to give our elders a 'free pass'. We cannot silently sleep with the enemy of personal freedoms and liberties. Now, in the very real spirit of equilibrium, I am not suggesting you battle with someone when survival issues are at stake, particularly when children are involved. However, know when you are playing victim in your mind. Learn how to become victorious in small ways that can make you feel good about breathing and enjoying the smell of flowers in the summer. Know when you sabotage love or sell yourself short (or long). When was the last time you listened to your magical child who sees innocence in all beings---not just four legged ones, but the two legged ones---including those in your family of origin?

All Americans are healing wounds of an individualistic nature. As we turn 246 as a nation we are bursting pimples on our faces that could have been prevented had we simply washed our faces more. Analogies aside, with Chiron (Wounded Healer) in assertive Aries, we have not learned to balance the higher valor of courage with love to practical visions promised by the alleged American Dream and Manifest Destiny.

Our Cancer New Moon comes along as our Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade. If the individual citizen does not wake up, well, let's hail Mary. Voting, yes. But, it's also seeing how we all connected and those we disagree with must be heard. This is one reason why the oppressed know more about their oppressors than the other way around---it's about survival. A trick is to not lose your compassion and humanity when you have a boot on your neck or an abortion clinic too far away to reach or there is no Plan B (literally and figuratively). Indifference and inaction kills, for sure. Speak to those family members.

As Warrior Mars finishes his trek through his home sign of Aries, use the next seven days to get fired up. Even if you cannot act, know your visions well enough to stand up for what really matters to you and those you love. You'll have until the end of August of ground your visions as the passionate and intense yang/masculine Mars in healthy Taurus soil. Seek security, but be inclusive, loving and gentle.

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