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Ceres Adds A Viewpoint To Our Young Soul USA

On this planet, everything is birthed or created in the darkness. As we change our lives, economy and relationship to health, race and hierarchical dominance, we must look inside for meaning and worth. No longer can we depend upon a Western expansionism aka ‘Manifest Destiny’ or ‘American Dream’. That not so royal ‘we’ belonged to cisgendered white people.

We have needed to consciously let go this now defunct Aunt Jemina Ceres archetype for far too long. Women as baby maker, siren or shrew has got to go. A heathly Ceres can be a lawyer, doctor, teacher and mother, not simply a nanny to other people’s children. She is not an enslaved person.

As Laurence Hillman reminded me today, we have a universal language that can use astrology. It is archetypes. Universal patterns of energy that work within and beyond our race, culture and gender. I began the work of deconstructing religion by asking one question: Is your belief system inclusive or exclusive (then I ask about a range of issues). Archetypes include all of how we sre taught to be different while honoring and acknowledging how certain perspectives are universally the same.

Listening to his presentation this evening, I have come to understand the Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn in an expanded light of Transfromative Strategist. Indeed every institution has been brought to its knees (particularly if it hasn’t served its values and beleifs) since 2008 when Pluto went into guardian of integrity Capricorn. Ponder on naming an institution that has not been transformed over the past 12 years… I’m waiting, well no not really. I’ve got other points to make.

Less than two days before our Declaration of Independence, Ceres went retrograde at 9 degrees of Pisces. She will be at this degree Saturday 8.15.20. The cosmos has decided we need a midwife (nurse, nanny, caretaker) as VP. Yet, balanced in her ambition (usually seen as yang/masculine). Black women have carried this mantle since our nation’s founding, having to balance both yang and yin). If we truly want to heal as a nation, we have to venerate our caretakers our conscience…that first Goddess who went on strike—held back the grains and food. Can I get a Black Lives Matter through Alicia Garza (Sun in patriarchal Capricorn, but unapologetically queer?) Know that life on earth would have been destroyed, had her daughter, Kore Persephone not been returned. Just like our life will be destroyed without the.bravery of other Capricorns like Michelle Obama or Greta Thunberg.

With yang/masculine purveyors of death Saturn and Pluto not brought this kind of darkness, we would have been open to being lead by someone who has intersectional darkness (Black and Female). We either grow to bring this hiding light within the double intersectional darkness…or we die. USA is going through a Pluto return in the next couple of years only to be filled by a shattering Uranus return later in the 2020’s.

If your Ceres nurse operates through the fire signs of Aries, Leo & Sagittarius, you give selflessly through example. All that role model talk is real for you. At the other end of of the spectrum, you can be harsh, dogmatic and impatient. Bootstraps and the associated pulling up by them is a MYTH. Cooperation wins almost every time (unless you’re extremely wounded & transactional).

If the Goddess of the grain (Ceres) operates through the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn, you have what it takes to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. Share and share alike, you have seen the sustainable bounty of Her presence. When wounded, though you can develop an unhealthy relationship to food and have no boundaries or self worth…self destruction looms large. How you eat, spend time and money can show you who you are.

If Ceres moves through the intellectual air element of Gemini, Libra & Aquarius, you feed our minds, using the Socratic method to teach us how to think openly and non judge mentally. Education is a must for your broad spirit. When your curiosity is blocked there is codependency, conspiracies and fretting over worst case scenarios.

If Ceres is allowed to flow through empathy water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, you feel the myth of Persephone and her mother in your world dreams and imagination. When you choose to focus your potentially large soul on the daughter’s return and/or the children of the world who need your love, everyone wants your attention. However, when you center upon your lack and wounds, you repel like an expected snake found in swallow grass.

Archetypes, universal patterns of energy, rule. No matter how your physical body presents, we have a common language that includes and transcends all of the ways we were taught to not be inclusive. How to be selfish and supremacist is what this country was built upon.

Ceres in Pisces presently teaches us compassion and sharing or greedy self destruction. Which does your soul choose? What/who will the soul of our nation choose? By this winter’s solstice Ceres will return to 9 degree Pisces, I choose to have faith in our transition to shared empathic beliefs and values. How we get there without bloodshed, well, stay posted…

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