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President Cheetos and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have an Evening Star in Aquarius.? Imagine love being abstract, theoretical, literally being as far away from the Earth (reality) as possible?? In the Venus Star system, these two are called Reflecting Twin Stars. Their otherworldly passions are synchronized.? Like a mirror, they see each other, they reflect the Aquarian need to be detached, above it all, I?ll say it ?above the law?.

When Venus is in her Evening Star phase, She is otherworldly, moving fast (can indicate a certain transactional qualities to each relationship) and looks to society to provide support for her elevated values.? This is a shadow side of an Evening Star Venus. The sign provides additional clues. When Aquarius splinters off from consciousness, they can be elitist, sociopathic and coldly idealistic. In essence, they use their presumptively large brains to sacrifice the ?100 for the 10000?.? People are categorized. People are things. When the Water Bearer doesn?t create a communal vessel to contain their feelings, they easily become fanatical, given to weak mindedly believing every conspiracy theory ever concocted. If Aquarians? detachment becomes extreme, they use their large rational brains and intuition to engage in sociopathic behavior (Pisces too).

Mythologically speaking the Sky God?s (Uranus) severed genitals produced Aphrodite.? His son, Chronos/Saturn, performed this deed. Until 1781, Saturn ruled Aquarius. Now, he shares this with Uranus.? The past traditions (MAGA, governmental structures, rules and legacies of class, race and gender) collide (severed body parts) with the future (environmental standards, ?all for one, one for all?, ?we the people, communal inclusiveness, scientific growth that benefits everyone on the planet).? This be the spectrum of Saturn and Uranus.

Ukraine and MAGA were sitting in a tree…KISSING.? When you are privileged enough to meet your reflecting star (begin by looking at folx born within the same 9 months from your birth given your place in Venus cycle), your soul opens up to these individuals.? My first (and best) sexual partners all were Morning Star Scorpios. I fell in love with Whitney Houston?s voice immediately (Morning Star Scorpio). You feel understood. Forget looking for a soul mate. Instead, search for your reflecting (same phase Morning to Morning or Evening to Evening) and your harmonizing (Morning to Evening and vice versa), these relationships will sustain you through difficult times.

Which brings us back to Cheetos and Zelensky…

These are dark times for an orange haired poor excuse for a human being.? I submit that Aquarius is not from earth (or at the very least has a brain that absorbs all that is perverse and twisted from the Earthlings, as if they observe us from afar to see how to fit in.)? The ego and the consciousness that produces what is known as a ?conscience? can be very weak in the Aquarius story. Oppositional disorder (in 45?s case Obama Derangement Syndrome) ?rebel without a cause is very real in the Aquarian story.? If you?re for it, I?m against it. An unevolved Aquarian constantly looks for an ?other?, a scapegoat. Aquarians expect to be outcast, so they will set up elite orders in which to belong, so they have somewhere they can feel like they fit in.

In the case of Cheetos, he created reality based upon his WMP (White Male Privilege).? From he and his father refusing to rent to black and brown folx, through the Exonerated Five to the Birther movement, his Evening Star Aquarius & Sagittarius Moon understood mob think and cultural resentments that covers the multitude of sins of our nation?s founding. He has the passion of the outcast.? When an Aquarian ideals turn dark, you get mob rule, you admire the dictators. Leo (Aquarian Shadow) sets up the cult of personality that a dictator needs for others to follow. 45 has Mars (bully/toddler) rising in Leo. His entire approach to life is based upon the vision that he is better (Leo). His birthright (Leo) is to be treated as royalty (Leo) and he?ll cut you for it (Mars in Leo).? Enshrined in our ?holy? Constitution is the three-fifths of a person. Everyone senses that successful Aftican-Americans have to work twice as hard. Do the math…if in the founding of American Consciousness is that you are 60% and there are guns to remind of that (hello, Second Amendment), then you have the ripe beginnings of respectability politics (which led to Obama?s Beer Summit, scolding us to ?pull up our pants? and his conciliatory rhetoric with Republicans. If you have lived your entire life believing that African Americans are inferior and one does what you haven?t done (and is obviously more intelligent and cooler than you), you seethe with resentment.

Imagine that for the first 73 years of your life you are able to live as if brand new when it comes to relating the past to the future (Uranus/Saturn in a new cycle).? BTW, AOC has the same ?new cycle?, except hers is in legacy building Capricorn, Cheetos has his in BS talking amoral Gemini, my money?s on AOC. Now at 73, collective power and shadow busting Pluto opposes your past (Saturn) and Venus (values, wormen & love).? As Pluto moves into his sixth house of ego purging, where there is no humility, like blood, there will be humiliation.

Simply listen to his speech to the UN on September 24, 2019.? The middle-school-having-to-speak-publicly tone says it all. The tone is foreshadowing.? Pluto and Saturn in opposition demand those out of integrity to be brought to their knees.? You can choose to pray and repent but that would require awareness and humility. Enforced humility aka humiliation will come from those who have strong Virgo or Scorpio.? President Zelensky, Michael Cohn and Nancy Pelosi have this humbling qualities. Like Nero, 45?s name will be synonymous failing empires. We the people can reverse this course.? ?Darkest before the dawn? and ?stars shine their brightest in the darkness? have rarely rung truer. Take a page out of the book of every oppressed person commune with those who love, live and think as you do and enjoy the daily simple pleasures.

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