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Helpful people, friends, travel and being a benefactor, all of these qualities are associated with the Pig Year. ?History will tell us through these 12 year cycles what will come up for review, added upon and hopefully made better. ?New and improved, you say? On the capitalist and communist fronts, let?s hope so. In Iowa, socialism is trending positive, while capitalist trends negative. ?Lukewarm centrist politics will be rejected, vomited out of our collective mouths, oh, so says one biblical verse. It would behoove all of us to remember that Fidel Castro can to power in a Earth Pig year (60 years ago this month). ?Our current political process is still continuing to understand the nature of sharing resources equitably.

As one of the benefactors, the overarching direction of this year is towards service. ?Last year, we critically looked at where we could do more to help others but allowed the perfect ideals of the humanitarian the Dog influence us negatively. ?You know the adage, ?don?t let the perfect become the enemy of the good?. In essence, there?s an innate rebelliousness, even entitlement that unsolicited service can create. ?You think through sacrifice, you can demand, even expect special treatment. This is so last year. Giving to receive is not paying it forward, this will not increase your karmic assets, it will keep your hole in your soul unfilled like a stale donut. ?Knowing where you can give freely, that is, without attachment to outcome or recognition trends this year of the Earth Pig.

Earth organizes, grounds and governs. ?Pig years awaken us to a larger vision that includes pleasure, joy and festive activities. ?Together, we share our best selves, indeed, life becomes centered upon the ?more the merrier? themes. ?Anytime we seek to manage (Earth Element/Saturn) our shared abundance, we are under the direction of Jupiter. ?The Jupiter Year can demonstrate how your particular animal year and hour will fare through the Earth Pig year.


The cycle of Jupiter around the solar system (11.8 years) most closely corresponds to the yearly round of the Chinese Animal Years.

The affinity animals emphasize the nature spiritual and ease of connection represented by the years 1, 5 & 9. ?Your affinity animals of connoisseurs (Pig, Rabbit & Sheep) are taste barometers, social influencers (water association in Western Astrology). The hour of the each animal is located within the parentheses.

Eating, drinking and being merry?(Pig, Sheep and Rabbits) and those who love them…

Pig (9p-11p) ?Jupiter Year 1 represents new beginnings, striking out on your own or at the very least developing a new philosophy about taking risks. ?Jupiter is in his home sign of Sagittarius, so he is very strong. Look to your friendship circle and ask just how diverse is it? An excellent question for the Sheep (1p-3p) because the introverted nature and love of family can keep your inner circle pretty homogenous. ?As your Jupiter Year is a five, your self-determination, creativity and basic willfulness must be displayed. We want to see what you?ve been working on (and with) since your Sheep year in 2015. Time to ?show and tell?. Rabbits (5a-7a) hop in with an extremely powerful Jupiter Year 9 which brings in blessings from their family trees and ancestral lineages. ?It is important that these individuals serve through influencing the conversations (and kinship groups) diplomatically around estate/wealth taxes, socialism, hell, even reparations. Looking to the past for answers without getting lost there will be a worthwhile pursuit for Rabbits, in particular, your affinity as well. The energy associated with those in this affinity cannot be underestimated this year. ?If you cannot act from your inclusive vision, then influence how we frame our world, our basic interconnections.

The affinity animals of Rat, Dragon & Monkey act, do and innovate (fire association). However, there is a natural conflict between what they perceive as possibilities and what can actually be made manifest?and, an Earth Pig year is all about showing your work, bringing things down to earth. ?The Marshall Plan to rebuild war torn Europe was launched in a Pig year The US and Russia became Cold War adversaries after being war time allies. The Truman Doctrine (Pig Year) was created to check the geopolitical expansion of the Soviet Union. Earth is a yin element, so hopefully, the kindness and gentleness can be acted upon and uses to inspire collective aspirations.

Rat (11p-1am), your Jupiter Year is 12 which means you need to release and forgive yourself as you reflect on the last 11 years. ?The themes of universal love and grace are all around you. Good deeds will be returned to you, tenfold. It?s an ?ask and you shall receive? thing…which dovetails nicely for your affinity animal the Dragon (whose Jupiter Year is an eight). ?The adaptable and fortunate Dragon (7a-9a) has to offer what they have first, then wait to be invited into those mutually beneficial relationships. Monkeys (3p-5pm) have a Jupiter Year of 4 which can bring out your more domesticated side, as well as, humility. ?Your cleverness will not serve anyone if you are trying to be right instead of being heard.

Those born under the Ox, Snake and Rooster have an affinity of grounding and physical energies at their disposal (earth association). These folk have a capacity to focus upon the details of daily living and get the most out of the earthy world.

Ox (1a-3a), you yoke with other hard workers. ?This year is no different. Your Jupiter Year is an 11, a master number of broad futuristic vision, angelic messages and community work of all kinds. ?You enjoy service, simply make it to the ideals of the group or organization, then you won?t suffer as many disappointments—which for the Snakes (9a-11a) can be downright depressing. ?Usually, though, your observational qualities and common sense wisdom tends to keep you from wrapping your sinewy body around those of no ambition, if you seek to mislead this year your will be misled. ?Your Jupiter Year is a seven which means your relationships will reflect your inner beliefs about your use (or abuse) of power. Roosters (5p-7p) have a Jupiter year of a three which augurs well for variety and the spices of life, curiously looking to expand your knowledge base as well as allowing the Pig year and its affinity for travel to take center stage.

The affinity of Protectors aka (Tigers, Horses and Dogs) enjoy the abstract ideals of communal service (air association). ?The prospective Jupiter years will determine which vehicles to use to have the maximum and lasting impact.

Tigers (3a-5a) pounce in at a Jupiter Year 10 which automatically illuminates your ability to hold influence in your work and family communities. ?Knowing when to retreat to replenish your energies as well as choosing your battles will be a worthwhile practice. Name and reputation will see your resources increase and through exacting and specialized service you Horses (11a-1pm) will have a similar faring as the Tiger. ?Horses, you will need to recognize when you need to share the spotlight because it is important to be thought well of when you are out of hearing range. A Six Jupiter Year demands devotion to your chosen work. Dogs (7p-9p) have an excellent path to increased fortune as long as it slow and steady. ?A Two Jupiter year enjoys reflection upon past successes and failures to streamline your efforts. You may be thinking too small.

You can check in with the affinity of Protectors (Tigers, Horses & Dogs) when you want an advocate for change, a reformer. ?Pigs years are about standing together to accomplish the most, unified as one. Of course, this unification can take on nationalist, racist, sexist, classist and heterosexist appeals. ?It is the inclusiveness, and working on inviting those who are different into your personal and communal spaces that matters the most for all of us, regardless of which animal or hour under which we were born.

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