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Coming Up On Our Spring Energy

Updated: Jan 31

Yep. In Five (5), count em, five element system of Chinese Medicine spring begins around February 2nd. Groundhog's Day, notwithstanding, there's Candlemas--a Catholic ritual that purified Mother Mary after childbirth. The Christ child was believed to have been presented to the temple. Pagans celebrate this day too (pun intended).

Our days are noticeably longer. There's anticipation in the air. It's Aquarian Season a def humanitarian energy. These star children thrive on their causes and ideals (of which some individuals may be considered). Realize Aquarius ♒️ centers upon truth. Their loyalty to their inner truth may seem to be an expedient 'when in Rome, do as Romans do' theme. Question them at your own risk. They have large brains with exceptional emotional memory. If they didn't feel the experience, the memory can be shotty and sometimes self-serving.

Survival tip in Aquarius Season ♒️
Behave as if you're willing to walk away from anything (or anybody). This behavior places you in a superior negotiating position...wins you little friends and allies, though.

Uranus Stationary Direct in Taurus ♉️

Happened this past weekend of 1.26-28. Drama knobs were turned up to full blast. The more internal conflict you have about following your own untrodden path, the more folx in your neighborhood (tribe/family) will seem to challenge you.

Taurus thrives on consistency and permanence. Buena cosa (good thing) Buddha was born in Taurus Season. A Buddhist ☸️ practice aids in nonattachment which Aquarius likes to project an aloof or 'I can live without' energy. Truth be told they want to observe how much you care.

Uranus plays at the innocent and wise fool. When operating through Taurus he is the jester in the king's court. Today he's likely to be whoever triggers you on sight--let alone in discussion you realize they have polarizing beliefs, politics, sexuality, religion etc. You are going to be challenged on what root assumptions you may have made about a wide swath of people.

As we end this Chinese year of the Water Rabbit, let's place our family and ancestors in their proper place. No freeze framing anyone (including yourself) as victim or bully. Take responsibility for what reality you're living in and how it's been created. This next year of the Wood Dragon offers us a community focus. Let's return to trusting the inexpicable.

Let's awaken our right hemispheres along with our hearts!

Miracles can happen. The sprout rises through the dense earth. Through nature knowing what to do, how to open. Our natures intertwined with our open minds and hearts 💕 make our world whole.

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