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Communication, Interrupted---Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Don't buy! Don't sign! If you must, pay for those warranties, ok? Like love, lessons are all around us. There's no need to fake it. Simply accept that Mercury (like our minds' logic as infallible) is often taken for granted until there's a mishap, a car that won't start, or weak Wi-Fi. Then Mercury retrograde is to blame. Intention behind all forms of communication matters. Often we do not acknowledge what's behind our words, thoughts or actions. Mercury slow down nudge us in an inner direction, to seek the root causes of our communications. And, in mature and integrity seeking Capricorn, the game is on! Like the fifth day of Kwanzaa 'Nia' --faith--guides our inner actions that benefit us and our chosen communities. Capricorn, after all, is a transpersonal earth sign (helps us access our roles we play in our community--family, career and societal/social connections).

In our Western world, we rely entirely TOO much on our intellects (left brained focus). We drug our 'overactive' children. At least, we have added 'A' for Arts in STEM (Science, Technical, Engineering, Math) to create STEAM, but it may be a cursory addition, huh? The point? Mercury retrogrades demand to recognize 'so called synchronities' to locate their meaning. When the ego practices non-action and observation, random 'coincidences' occur. For example, my exceptional and ear tuned son purchased a portable BOSE speaker for Father's Day 2022. This week), on the Mercury standstill to retrograde the speaker didn't recognize the phone. I had to re-set its settings. 'Re' is the prefix of all retrogrades. Place the prefix in front of any verb, then, breathe and re-lax. Chill and flow. Even though I tell myself how much I 'hate' technical difficulties, I am enough of a stargazer that has experienced Mercury 're-do' to grasp the need to re-imagine those stories we tell ourselves about what we lack, don't like or simply cannot accept. It is through these stories that we co-create and re-create our realities...shared and individual ones. Soul and ego.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn politely asked each of us to look to 'I Feel' Cancer. The Cancer-Capricorn axis feels on responsibility. The ability to respond, not to reach comes to us over time (as do all things Capricorn, after all, Saturn/Cronus runs this boss wanna get something started earth sign). Boss energy, like Big Dick Energy, can take away the choices of others through not allowing enough time for others to learn their lessons. Everyone has an equal opportunity to access their souls aka 'higher, deeper and inclusive' self. When you act or play the role of 'savior' or 'boss', you can interfere with another's ability to access their inner guidance and truth. Mercury retrograde asks each of us to pause, take a beat before we offer our counsel, money or energy. It's our soul's way of giving us 'on the job' training. As a social worker friend of mine is fond of saying---'when you're in enough pain, you'll ask different questions and begin to grow on your own'.

Mercury is moving with Venus in Capricorn. Mind and Love in the sign of business, trade and transactions. Both Mercury and Capricorn can be uber opportunistic. It's a 'stop, the love you save may be your own!' Any new people you meet (personal or business) are likely to bring up unfinished business aka past wounds. So, take your time. You can see folx from your past for a re-view of why your relationship didn't work the last time. How have you changed? Have you learned to give people the 'benefit of the doubt'? Mercury ruled people (Gemini, Virgo & Aquarians) are often quick character analyzers aka jumping to judgemental conclusions.

Slow down your thought and open your mind---your heart naturally follows.

Jupiter in Aries is an antidote to this Mercury movement through Capricorn (now until February 11, 2023. With Saturn being the ruler of this Mercury energy, controlling thoughts around who needs to be rescued or saved must end. You are nobody's savior---the Aquarian Age (on which we are cusping) ask each of us to take responsibility for the reality that is being created, individually and collectively. Saturn, is at the last degrees of Aquarius until March 7, 2023. I call these degrees potentially 'sociopathic'. In the real sense that your entire 'reality' skewed towards how others see, accept and believe you. Shadow Aquarius can to easily sell their soul to fit in to any group, relationship or situation. Their quick and agile minds 'read the room' like a natural con artist. There is no inner heart or central identity, shades of Leo gone awry.

A gift of Saturn in Aquarius is taking responsibility for those who have been scapegoated, marginalized or shunned, typically beginning with their family of origin. Religion or sexuality are usually the judge-mental culprits. Ask almost any LGBTQ+ person. Mercury in Capricorn aids those folx in getting practical help.

A trick during this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn exists on the sentimental to cruel spectrum. Which signs fall where on this spectrum of mercy to judgement?

Let's explore each of the 12 signs:

Gemini is likely to fall on the cruel side of this Mercury equation--judging others' appearance or communication style. However, once Mars begins to move in their sign (January 12, 2023) they can soften their judgements. Sentimentality occurs intermittingly with the Twins and if it's expressed verbally, you can be sure they have some major water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) influencing their charts or early environment.

Virgo talks the talk of service to their fellow human beings. Capricorn represents the Virgin's place of joy, creativity and self-determination. The more that the Virgo has worked upon detaching from their family's expectations, the more these exacting people will continue to soften the edges of their judgements. A compassionate Virgo is not an anomaly, just watch their actions, not so much what they say, ok?

Aquarius and Mercury in Capricorn has the double whammy of escaping reality. Caught between choices that do not match with your ideal reality. We 'should' understand your larger vision, cut what this Mercury is asking for is a reckoning about past mistakes. Arguing to prove that you're right will have us remembering your stubborn egocentric nature. Discussing matters to have a deeper mutual connection can bring the sunny days to any clouds. After January 12, Mars will give you the spirit to inspire those closest to you, especially when your heart's expression is involved.

Equilibrium and Fairness Driven Libra can enjoy this Mercury retrograde through examining their family's history. On a practical tip, 23 and Me can create a larger family support circle. On an emotional level, Mercury can give a pause to question the traditions of their family. Both Libra and Capricorn have a strong relationship to creating harmonic spaces. Our safe spaces are often dependent upon the initiating signs (Aries and Cancer are the other two. Libra manages to encourage all hard to deal individual to find common ground. Capricorn uses their 'behind the scenes' contacts to 'make offers that cannot be refused'. January will enlighten the scale bearer to take the long view and not ever, I mean, ever rush to judgement.

Aries finds Mercury retrogrades to be a curious examination in our minds work. These fiery folx show their best selves through action. A Mercury slow down in methodical Capricorn is an exercise in patience and integrity. Challenging this astrological influence is retro Mars. Until January 12, Aries will have lowered energy levels--sort of like being 'hangry' on a cosmic level. Trying out something new matters most to getting through January.

Cancer, another starting season sign, has an ability to affect any environment they are connected to. As Capricorn is as far away from Cancer, this retrograde cycle will be worked out within each of your relationships. Constantly seeking someone who understands all of your feelings may be a challenge that rarely, if ever, ends. Accepting early childhood wounds are an important first step. With separating Mars in flexible Gemini and your space of undoing, you may be feeling your saboteur in every waking moment. If you can realize that your wounds need to be unwound through applying more light and illumination shining compassionately on all.

Taurus can too easily believe in only what can be experienced through their five senses. How else can you explain too many Only Fan pages and non-singer singers on Instagram? With Venus also in Capricorn, you could confuse status for something that is more valuable than goodwill. What Mercury teaches Taurus from Capricorn is that our physical world is built upon the invisible and intangible. 'The Best Things in Life are Free' by Taurus Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross is an excellent place to begin.

Leo has the most attachment to their identity and how they are seen. The phrase 'saving face' was created for the solar folx. born in midsummer. Mercury check all our pride issues at the door of ego. However, when our hearts open to hearing and being heard, Leo roars with an inspirational tone that gives a foundation to our warmest bonds. Capricorn runs Leo's areas of work and health. No matter what the Lion's love language, January is 'acts of service' month.

Scorpio keeps their cards close to the chest. What's in our chests? Our hearts. Through your close association with Leo (it is rare for you not to have a prominent Leo or two in your life), you recognize how important to keep your heart guarded. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn tempts you to tell a different story. Mars retrograde in Gemini allows you to delve into the mysteries of why you are the way you are without judgement, only observation. The more you allow light to permeate your perspectives as it shines on an opal, the better your life unfolds. However you feel about surprises, expect some coming your way. A trick is to imagine ones that enliven your spirit, not exhausting you, ok?

Sagittarius has the big picture Jupiter firing them up from pioneering Aries. This double dose of spirit gives you an ability to turn all lemons into lemonade. Even Mercury questioning your values and beliefs from sturdy Capricorn until February 12, 2023. I guarantee that if you perform a thorough inventory using your moral compass, 2023 will be friendlier to you. However, if you don't review your actions since Halloween, ghosts will haunt you.

Capricorn, you are seeking more inspiration, enlightenment and illumination. All these words have a strong connection to light. Given that you skew towards darkness and pessimism, January has all the tools for you to daily take up an active mantle build upon self-care. If you feel burned out, you have over given and committed because of the role of 'savior' or 'good girl' has been accepted by you without question. Allow Daddy/Elder Saturn to download exception wisdom of freedom, liberty and reformation---as he spends his last days in Aquarius (March 7, 2023). Mercury will pull you into alleged 'coincidences' to help you drop your belief that 'you must do it all'. Teamwork and living the dream are indicated now for you.

Pisces---you want to make a quiet impact on the world. If you are showy about what you do behind the scenes, you are either born around noon or you have the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sag prominently placed in your chart. Whatever. Mercury retrograde in friendly Capricorn has all the trappings of how you want to make your world a better place. Having older or more established friends often helps. Retrograde Mars (the planet that fucks and fucks over others) in Gemini can have your body and soul disassociated and at odds. You may be considering going against your personal beliefs. Reevaluate your motivations behind all of your actions. If you cannot explain your actions to a child, then it is probably best to abstain or wait until you can.

Capricorn themes that effect all of us

Capricorn key focuses cardinal/yin/earth---starting the necessary roles in society & attachment to status and authority. Sobriety (hello, Dry January) and sober as a judge sometimes known Resting Bitch/Bastard Face RBF. Transgender (usually female to male, but there are no fixed rules for this). Structures (physical and emotional). Father/authority issues. Fall from grace (or not recognizing those invisible laws that the physical world hang upon). Man made law (particularly as divorced or separated from spiritual law). Our family and societal conditioning. Ancestors, that is, standing upon their shoulders. Unexamined authority, however, can cause an attachment to the past that largely ignores present day circumstances. Then, enter in our self-defeatist/saboteur patterns. Healthy boundaries and the discipline to manifest our calling or vocation. The role and our soul or heart's desire are unified into a mature whole. Integrity rules. Mercury retrograde simply gives you a second chance to elevate your standards based upon a solid inner foundation.

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