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Continued Absorbing These 53 Hours of Venus!

Prince would've been 64 years old on Tuesday June 7.

Like many gifted artists, they foresee aspects of our lives before the general public. When he was engaged in a dispute with his record company, he changed his name to 'The Artist Formally Known As Prince' and to the symbol on my tee-shirt.

These 53 Venus hours ends Friday June 10 at 3.41pm CDT.

Merging Venus and Mars (feminine and masculine), he brought a transcendent vibration to our collective. Symbols often bypass our overactive intellects. They speak directly to our right brains where images rule and the moral of our stories endure the tests of time.

Oh, the freedom to be lived as we release the mental shackles of the 'dog eat dog' world. We are an integrated part of the universe, we are NOT the center of the universe!

As we relax into the Goddess of Love and Equilibrium (or She into us), we submit to our heart's guidance. Liberty engulfs us. Service to ourselves and the greater good are interconnected in ways we've scarcely imagined, but often felt like inspiring background music in our life's soundtrack.

During June (LGBTQIA month--Stonewall Rebellion June 28, 1969), it is important to live 'Love is Love'. Stonewall is usually marked as the beginning of the movement for gay rights. Note that it would be 4.5 years later before the American Psychological Association changed homosexuality from being a "psychiatric disorder".

Self monitoring is recommended particularly around those who want and do celebrate proudly who they are and how they live!

The sweet smelling perfume of a proud and out person cannot be ignored. Mythological Venus loved Gods and mortals alike without the patriarchal repercussions of the virgin or mother Goddesses. Take a page out of Her book and love everyone the same‐‐accepting and allowing--no judgement allowed.

Let's pollinate! Develop our style and beauty to attract love, give grace & liberty to all beings. Joy rules!

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