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Earth Day 2024 Honoring Gaia!

In this Taurus season, be reforming instead of revolutionary---simply add your open hearted frequency to the planet we walk upon--treating Gaia & everyone with dignity & grace---including yourself.

There no martyrs in the upcoming Aquarian Age---like 'That's So Raven', martyrdom 'That's So Pisces---Age!'

Learn how to choose what's 'long suffering' and what's simple 'patience'. What if love is underneath all of your patience?

Yes, our frequencies have heightened with the Solar Eclipse & last weekend's Jupiter/Uranus merger in Taurus!

Upcoming is our New Moon in Gemini on 6.6.2024. Houses a new Venus Star Point all loving and evening star in 'Times Are A-Changing' Gemini---tune written by Gemini Bob Dylan.

Like worries, leave your mind behind.

Stay tuned for more info---and if you still don't know whether your Venus is Morning or Evening star---leave bday in comment section or email me at

Happy Earth Day!

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