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Energy Follows Thought Into Manifesation--Eight Guidelines For 2024: May Motherpeace Star 17/8 Guide Us

Updated: Feb 7

As 2024 is an ‘Eight’ year (2+0+2+4=8) the planet associated with this number is Saturn. Yep, Daddy Saturn watches over us this year, all year. His is a dominant energy that can embody any physical body, no matter what gender. Lessons learned are lessons soon to not be repeated. With his ‘Lord of Death’ ass in Pisces all this year, please realize we are all on clean up duty. Depending on how large you see your history, their energies (yep, I just referred to Saturn as a ‘they’, after all, he’s a Masculine Planet associated with a Yin/Feminine/Earth sign of Capricorn). He’s a both/and, for sure. Sigh. Take this in. And, when the initiating energy of Capricorn is added to the mix, there’s more penetrating/dominant in this planet, yes?

Need a bridge? See Saturn as a loving, tough but fair grandparent.

Remember the Pirates of the Caribbean, the first movie, I believe, when a ‘parlez’ is asked to go over the ‘rules’? One of the characters (please those who know the scene, add the details in the comment section) quips that the ‘rules are more like guidelines’. With the other ‘lord of death’ Pluto in Aquarius from January 20 to September 1, 2024, we cannot escape Daddy Saturn in any way. So, I suggest we lean into these eight guidelines:

  1. Be like water--content to take the lowest position possible. Yep, I lifted this one from Lao Tzu’s Tao-Te-Ching. It’s our egos that want recognition for our individual efforts, be they laurels, rewards, the stopping buck---whatever we’ve been conditioned to see as outward symbols of success. The person power uses is often sitting fat, full and pretty from behind the scenes---aging well and possessing the lowest blood pressure.

  2. Remain deep as the Marianna’s Trench or at least Lake Superior. I enjoy learning Spanish (for a number of reasons). The word for deep en Espanol is ‘profundo’. Yep, profound resonates beyond our egos. To be profound I associate with irreverent. You rever what you value. When you make fun or light of something with deep value, you transcend (get beyond) duality. Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius are here to teach us this in 2024. Por seguro/for sure!

  3. Give generously. Or as my mamacita says ‘be generous of spirit’. All of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) were born to embody these spontaneously expansive energies underlying ‘the more, the merrier’. With ‘U Get A Car’ Jupiter in Taurus until mid-May, Paying it forward has its benefits. A hack to give freely is to stay present. Manage any mental attachments to the receiving from the precise person or situation to which you’ve given. Our universe is multidimensional. Realize we are moving through time and space at all times.

  4. Speak truthfully. Yep, truth is relative. But Saturn distills. Pluto transforms our egocentric limits. The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius incarnated (literally, took a physical body) in time and space to elevate humanity through a loyalty to their inner truths. Like their rehashing their worries of the past repeating itself, they must be left behind. All these human signs have to do is pause to recognize their animal instincts to only protect themselves. Then breathe in a larger ideal, and then speak from these inclusive ideals, no matter how painful. When our air signs are dishonest we might well be musicians playing on the Titanic. Saturn was a Titan, ya know…

  5. Govern Gently. In the next 20 years there will be shift from linear leadership (which normally leads from being ahead or behind the collective) to a centralize leadership which looks to consensus. There’s a courting of patience and freedom. To court is to be a romantic suitor. Imagine a world where romance is seen as a feminine and inclusive spirit where all is not just seen, but felt. There are natural pauses to bring as many as who desire it--a seat at the proverbial table. Aquarius is a communal energy. Pluto strips our egos of all illusions of separateness. We keep each other andequal and valued, as river waters are always accepted by ocean water.

  6. Work capably and adaptably. Enter earth signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus onto the world’s stage. Virgo rules. Service and process are the true winners here. Often times it is the sign of the Virgin/Whore (yep, I said it---if you don’t know what your price is, you’re as dishonest as any duplicitous boarding on sociopathic behavior usually found in the air signs) that seeks to express their humility so much that they’ll court humiliation to make larger more inclusive points. We’ll need these (and any folx attuned to these energies) people to move from mere survival to thriving beyond fear. Imagine Lizzo’s (Taurus) body positivity messages of the past several years, ok?

  7. Take action opportunely. Enter the fire signs (Aries/Leo/Sag) and initiating signs (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn). Action speaks louder than words is a fav cliche for a reason. Cause it cuts through the complexity that our conditioned minds lead by ego thrives on. So, subsets of the 7th guideline are” A) Know yourself. B) Know Your Tribe C) Know Your Environment. In this way, you’re less likely to be distracted to forego resting for excessive movement brought on by unexamined insecurities. ‘Shadow work’ has become a thing much like ‘Body Positivity’, por seguro/for sure, yes?

  8. No fighting as this is an outmoded game that our egos enjoy playing. Aquarius is as far away from the petty ego games of Leo as any sign can be. Our ego (often through Leo) can make ‘game playing’ a ‘high art’. Yep, you can fight when your intention is protective of self or others. However, truth is a defense to slander is embedded in our laws for a reason. Silence moves mountains like faith and the proverbial mustard seed. A seed of luck is our wholehearted commitment to love, truth and action that’s inclusive (re-read the subset guidelines of #7)

(These eight guidelines are inspired by I Ching Book of Changes & The Unchanging Truth by Hua-Ching Ni)

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