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Equilibrium--to Expand & Contract--Venus/Jupiter & Mars & Saturn

Updated: May 1, 2022

Look east at sunrise! Sunday, May 1

Rarely do we have our lessons so beautifully displayed in front of us.

Venus/love/passive/yin & Mars/sex/active/yang---sure, it's a simple binary. Yet these two fall in transcendent Pisces--let's study soul and our interconnected natures.

These two complimentary energies form our ability to seek out and sustain interpersonal relationships. Too much Mars brings 'toxicity' and 'drama'---if you only act on your own desires, life can be pretty superficial and lonely. Without relational Venus our egos believe in the maya--the illusion of separation. To enact violence, Mars must be present as catalyst and/or motivator. Venus softens Mars. She allows us to pause and reflect upon our ideals. Venus offers an awareness of the 'other'--know your own value and possess self-esteem, then you can have equal and interdependent relationships of all kinds.


Jupiter and Saturn are social planets---what you offer freely in a generous spirit of grace and compassion--expanding your world is Jupiter. Saturn tempers, manages and contracts. We need them both. Privilege and oppression are flip sides of society's coin. Using one's privilege in an aware manner transforms the narrow egocentric and tribal natures. Speaking concretely about how you are segregated, outcast or scapegoat falls under Saturn's purview, particularly as he spends the next 11 months in Aquarius.

Jupiter and Venus flowing together in boundaryless Pisces can offer us visions and feelings of our oneness. We live from a perspective of being our 'brother's or sister's keepers'. This Solar Eclipse demands we act from a clear and reflective understanding of our past. Childhood triggers be damned as we allow our hearts to open in an expansive joy and grace. When you live from an authentically relationship to our 'one love', you soon begin and stay sourced in gratitude. Or if a Three Musketeers fan‐‐'all for one & one for all'...know that there's an invisible conspiracy to keep you on your heartfelt path. Imagine you are swimming with the playful dolphins with access to your pod mind. Continue to invoke the similar qualities of all you contact--watch and feel your magic grow.

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