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Beginning of winter, dark, bleak and cold days. ?I want to talk to you about the warm love goddess, Venus. ?She aligned with the Sun (will/identity) and Earth (dharma/karma) on January 9 to form the Venus Star Point. ?Evening Star, her other-directed lover phase reminds us to take care of others, while being productive, professional.

This Evening Star has a ?grown ass human? quality to it. ?Capricorn is the sign of the elders, traditions, legislation and status. ?Work done. ?Necessities met. ?Mastery of tasks. ?Venus oozes love, attractiveness and joy. ?Together these two energies can seem like a mic dropping with incredible audible feedback.

What to do til October 25 before the star changes to Morning and Scorpio??

Realize that most expansion will come from within. ?After all, Cap is a truly conservative sign. ?It conserves energy, time, money, even its body. ?No PDA allowed (yet at home touchy feely in the extreme)?a penny saved is a penny earned.

Join with others who are wanting to save their section of world (while thinking about the entire world). ?You cannot spend money or enjoy the fruits of your labors, if you cannot breathe. ?True conservatives have mad love and passion for our planet.

Speak out when you hear others wax on about the past. ?Know that the western expansionism aka Manifest Destiny, American Dream and Missionary/Evangelical work is gasping at its last breath. ?You need air to sing and this opera featuring the fat lady is all but done. ?Expand inwardly, realize you can only wear one shoe at a time.

Saturn is in Capricorn, along with Pluto. ?These heavyweights want you to contemplate the nature of your existence. ?Spend time in nature. ?Spend time creating lasting experiences. ?Who and what matters?

Five of our first seven presidents were born with an Evening Star in Capricorn. ?Creatively fed by an Aries Morning Star (double yang influence), it is time we all grow up. ?We are our brother?s keeper. ?We must find and act from our inner Good Samaritan. ?The last nine months (the length of each Venus Star alignment) has been an exercise in indulging our collective toddler (Mars rules Aries, the god of war has a 26 month cycle around the sun, therefore he throws tantrums?)

The grown ups must wrestle control back from Mars. ?Saturn is the appropriate task master to do just that? Patient people of integrity need only apply and show up.


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