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Food for Thought & Action: Capricorn New Moon 2022

Alligators, mountain goats and unicorns---these are the esoteric totem animals for the last of the three earth signs. Responsible to only themselves aka selfish AF that is their alligator. When their soul is awakened (usually through the loss of one parent or a stern one who plays both parental roles) these Capricorns are the grounded and cautious mountain goats. Those who bring a mix of Eastern and Western spirituality--enter the pinpointed vision of the unicorn. Excreting rainbows and only showing themselves to those who act from impeccability and integrity--enter the unicorn.

‘Better to be asked to the head of the table, than asked to step away from it’ or so the Good Book says. Oh, I paraphrase, it’s been some years since I lightly knocked on doors as a Jehovah’s Witness. Talk about being steeped in patriarchal (and very Old Testament) thought as a child. No wonder one of the first things I did when I left this oppressive and separating religion was go to law school. Scheeh, I replaced one father with another one. One of my partners said she simply saw me as a renegade boy scout. I have to admit I have for too long in my life been attached to the ‘spiritual person’ image for far too long.

How have you been attached to playing a role---versus living authentically from heart? Ponder on---what others think of you is none of your business?

As Capricorn season is upon us, image, status and reputation reign supreme. Be that the medieval ‘are you in good odor with the king?’ or following Instagram accounts of your superiors, today we still wonder what is said about us behind our backs. In its most insecure state, Capricorn incites paranoia. You don’t have ‘friends’ you have colleagues. You don’t have a life, you have a career. While springtime and fiery Aries usually does best in the present moment and showing up ready for work (or battle), Capricorn takes the long view. If these methodical folx were paying attention during the Sagittarius lessons, their pineal glands are wide open and ready to be applied in excellently pragmatic ways. You see, Sagittarius teaches all of us to see every possibility. Yet, it is an inspiring fire sign--it is enough for these plucky ppl to get others to do their bidding much like a coach of a team or a business. It is Capricorn as the last and only transpersonal earth sign to get down to brass tacks, take action on the vision. Sag may have many visions, but Capricorn will send the vision to the patent lawyer and make a mint for themselves and the generations they leave behind.


This Capricorn New Moon on Friday December 23 has a T-square to Earth Mother Ceres in Libra and Jupiter in Aries. Indulgence is the theme this holiday season. Be it excess or rigidity, it is beyond time (and space) to look back over the past 14 years when transformative Pluto went into this most responsible of signs. Think about it---every institution has been reworked---the Presidency, Supreme Court, marriage--our collective feelings about race, gender, sexuality and religion. Remember 2008 brought the Great Recession---Pluto controls collective movements and Capricorn speaks through our laws and governments. It takes the ‘I feel’ of complementary Cancer and adds the ‘We feel’ (with sometimes a not-so healthy dose of ‘We are not amused’)---as we look down upon others who do not measure up in our class, race or gender status.

Transactional and exploitive, that is Capricorn in its shadowy state. ‘Ends justifying the means’ yep, that's them for sure. However, when they recognize the implications of their choices and actions, they shine beyond belief. This New Moon says the more you do self-care, feed the ones connected to you and my favorite---see every human being as an extended family member, we all win. Put your confidence to the test. Allow expansive Jupiter (which I call Juprah--Jupiter plus Oprah) to give freely of what you have without watching, worrying or wondering when and/or if it will be returned.

You remember the old biblical yarn of casting your bread upon the waters, yes? You thought I was going say ‘casting pearly before swine’, yep, I feel that one too. You see as Mercury slows down to go retrograde in Capricorn (December 29) and Mars still apparently moving backwards in Mercury ruled Gemini until January 12, 2023, we all feel like we are driving our cars with our hands on the emergency brake or we’ve been given a standard transmission when all we’ve been taught is how to drive an automatic one. We feel as if we cannot get moving. That’s where the phrase ‘grace under pressure’ comes into play. Grace is bestowed. Grace gives us a pause. Grace allows for time to catch up with our intentions. Yes, some Grace paves our intentional roads directly to our personal hell. However, when this happens we’ve built our foundations of our closest relationships upon transaction rocks.

What’s a soulful person to do? Check out Learn our how to assess your resources and what nourishes you. Ceres in Libra initiates a whole new cycle of coming together with like minded others (and some dissidents) to break bread to find common ground. Jupiter in Aries begins a new 12 year cycle of testing your beliefs in the real world and in the present moment. Act like a not-so mad scientist and live more for a ‘what if?’ or ‘it could be’ vision. Our manifest destiny is not external; it is internal and it comes directly from our soul's voice. Where are storing up your treasures? Go seven generations in your past---what would you leave seven generations from now? What will be? Sturdy mountain goat speaks from your wisest of elders. Happy holidays!

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