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Damn, we got it.? We got the love.? We got the power.? We got the anger.? We got the peace.

As Chaka Khan belts out her iconic hit ?I?m Every Woman? as I write this, know that Ms. Khan is an Aries with a boat load of Taurus (Venus ruled).? She is an embodiment of the warrior (Mars) and lover (Venus).

This represents where we are as a collective.? How do we understand the need for open hearted listening from a place of peace?

This Full Moon is a Super Moon exerting additional emotional energy on the opposition between the ?I am? Aries (aka ?deal with my momentary self-centeredness) and ?I balance? Libra (aka ?deal with my observational obsession on pleasing everyone?).

They both need each other to come to a ?call and response? energy of love and conflict, peace and war?and, did I say make up sex and authentic bonding.? Gimme a dose of oxytocin, please?!

This Full Moon has Saturn acting as a central karmic point from fundamentalist-divisive-my way is right-Sagittarius of compassionate Pisces and exacting Virgo.? Point?? Get the EFF over your insecurities, doubt and moral judgements!? Please let f#*k go please, now bae!!!!!? If you cannot laugh (hence, be objective about how all is one and this atmosphere has become beyond adolescently soulful) then stay in the matrix of your own creation. ?If you cannot be objective, then have more, not less, sex…protective and consensual, for sure & of course.

I feel a strong desire to drop this mic?from my Anahatta (unwounded) heart.

We all be required to grow up, take back our projections.? Otherwise, we gon? get the type of world that we are NOT we are the world?we are THE refugees?

Know your shadow; know your heart-light.? Live in a parallel reality of light, stringently divorced from fear.

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