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Tonight ask for clear skies. ?Jupiter is that planetary object next to the Full Moon. ?Ol’ Jove is in the sign of Cancer asking all of us to extend our definition of family. ?In the olden days, Daddy Zeus ruled ‘long journeys over water’, faith and those of foreign lands. ?Given our planetary experience and our shared genetics, we must live the words of ‘we are world/we are the children’…

In KC, Libra will be rising at this Full Moon (10:52 pm CST) which makes this one strongly connected to our Goddess of Love, Venus. ?Venus, Earth and Sun aligned on Saturday, January 11. ?This is called the Venus Star Point which you may read my introductory article on it. ?She is ready to go as a yang, warrior Morning Star in Capricorn. ?This Full Moon illuminates our gender roles and the expectations (and repressions) that emanate from them.

Learn to self-soothe and self-support with Ceres in Libra tightly squaring this Full Moon. ?This dwarf planet sits equally in mythological marriage to her nemesis Pluto. ?Ceres stopped vegetation from growing on Earth until her daughter, Persephone was returned to her.

Where would you like to go on strike? ?How have you been questioning your intimate relationships and friendships? ?Are they taking on a dysfunctional family meme? ? ?Be without duty; be only love. ?And, if you cannot express yourself to others lovingly without strings or expectations, then this Full Moon demands you wait until you can…

Retrograde Venus means she looks like she is moving backwards. ?Psychologically, it means Venus is acting from an introverted stance. ?And, in control oriented Capricorn, you have to operate from integrity or the entire Jenga like structure of your life will come tumbling down. ?Is it love or obligation? ?Do you know what you desire? ?Are you willing to risk the ‘judgment’ of others to have what or who brings you passion? ?These are some of the questions of a Morning Star Venus in Capricorn (that’s still retrograde until January 31, 2014).

Pay particular attention to your dreams (day and night) because this Full Moon is a foreshadowing to the upcoming fifth square between Pluto and Uranus (April 21, 2014). ?Translation: ?transformation of your relationship to authority challenges your individual freedoms.

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