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Polarity and Full Moons, two sides of the same coin.? Opposites not only attract, they amplify.

This one is particularly challenging to our physical, financial and emotional security because of its potentially deadly dance with Mars and Pluto.? Alarming, but not being an alarmist.

Over the past months I have spoken many clients who have had to come to grips with suicide, mortality, sexuality, gender and defining boundaries.? Mars represents our behavior in the outer world.? Like his approximately 24 to 26 months cycle around the Sun strongly suggests in any toddler: ?No, I am an individual?!? ?I oppose your suggestions!? ?I will not cooperate!? ?I defy!?? When combined with the Moon, that inspirational symbol of how we emotional participate in life and Pluto, the historical context our soul?s places on our hidden motivations, you get a royal battle within.

Mars attacks.? Pluto calculates. The Moon remembers.? The Sun illuminates.? Our personal war gets mirrored in our collective struggle.? If you are continually off balanced internally because of what you see in our country, what darkness are you denying or suppressing, and why?? This Capricorn Full Moon highlights our private and personal fight for security.? What is security?? Where is it located?? Where is the source of your security?? Hierarchy, class and patriarchy coupled with ambition and greed creates the toxic atmosphere that is felt.

What are appropriate subjects in social situations?? When the Moon/Mood is at its peak in Capricorn, ?appropriate? and ?conforming? are the prevailing moods.? However, Pluto demands we shine light upon our deeper needs.? With his transit through Capricorn (since 2008), every institution is being transformed?let?s talk about how each sign deals with death, literal, psychological and sexual.? Especially in the light of this Full Moon.? You either transparently and openly connect and merge with others or die a slow, self-isolating and increasingly paranoid death.

Pluto categorically says to stand up for your examined instincts, particularly around economic, social, racial and gender inequities.? After all, he rules the sign after Libra (Scorpio).? In Libra, we are taught to examine what is fair and equal, how to share. ?Pluto teaches us how to know our own value while recognizing how others hold different ones, finding shared meaning.? When that is in not possible, then Pluto impels us to live our authentic truths.? In some instances, it is a life or death issue that must be brought to light. ?By the time we are at Capricorn our laws are supposed to protect the inequalities through acceptable behaviors between all members of society. ?Pluto represents our collective emotional push towards a livable wage at $15/hour (Capricorn, a sign very intimate with the necessities of life).

Writer?s Note:? This is the first time I?ve ever written a column from the position of opposites in honor of our Full Moon.


Cancer:? You want to bring the soft underbelly of familiar love, even turning friends into family.? Your warmth and interconnectedness may have your manipulative feelers out that dampens our enthusiasm.? Use your finely tuned intuition to discover and support our sometime frictional disagreements like an oyster in the process of creating a pearl.? Full Moons illuminate distinct perspectives.? Once you accept your frozen in grudge holding memories, you can use your exceptional emotional intelligence to decide what you like about yourself.? Show what you want in your closest relationships by giving it to the relationship.? To disassociate from death and to deny its power and truth hardens your shell.? Take a lesson from your opposite sign of Capricorn: accept the aging process, mature and revel in it.

Capricorn:? After nearly a decade of your transformative Pluto in your sign, you?ve been learning that security cannot reside outside yourself.? The more your grasp, the less you can hold on to.? It?s about accepting your tenacious spirit, humbly.? You are not a Leo, so we do not let you get away with ?showing off?.? Do the job you?ve committed to, first.? If you are coming home to a silent house, ask yourself: Have you lost your capacity to freely share?? Integrity and ambition only exist at cross purposes when you have not accepted your insatiable appetite.? Your spirit (in private) is a lusty one, albeit, you desire the profound commitment to ignite these passions. Read from the book of Cancer (your opposing sign), the personal touch and relaxing of duty to accept your imperfections increases your allure and mystery.


Leo:? Sharing the axis of individuality with bonhomie Aquarius demands that you participate authentically.? Sincerity, that seemingly na?ve virtue, will be tested over the coming weeks.? Unfinished business is doubled.? Old flames could be sparked.? However, your responsibilities to the commitments you?ve made cannot be ignored.? This advice of the stars includes your physical body.? For you it centers on your heart and spine.? Your nervous system can easily become maxed out when your heart is not in your work.? You have the capacity to learn how to fully forgive, apologize and gracefully exit situations outside of your control.? Observe your opposite sign of Aquarius, stay detached enough from taking it personally, it may not be about you.? Ask before you assume and the shimmering light of la Luna will protect your future.

Aquarius:? Individuality internally generated is different from reacting against group think or social mores.? As you continually access your true source energies, you discover a depth of soul that matches your breadth of experience and social networks.? You see, when insecure, you can take on the soul of the group which changes with the group.? Then, you are not trusted.? You become our favorite scapegoat.? Let?s flip your universal script. Begin anew with your partner.? Learning to laugh together after a healthy clearing of the air means you realize you can learn new tricks.? Open heart follows an open mind, a lesson your opposite sign of Leo already knows.


Virgo: ?If wishes were horses, beggars would ride? sums up the critical and judgemental side of your personality.? Your opposite sign of Pisces, still believes in miracles because they were born to learn faith.? Use this Full Moon to get on your ?high? horse if you imagine a day where everyone has their own horse.? There is an actual dignity that comes from being of service to your fellow human beings that brightens your aura.? Your power comes from knowing when to serve and when to wish for more.? Life on this planet does not have to de-evolve into a zero-sum game.? Your wishing for more, does not mean that others will have less.

Pisces:? The planet of illusion and fantasy, Neptune has been in your sign from 2012.? Your ego has been on an imagined collision course with the need to breathe, relax, and then to surrender into a unified consciousness with the totality of life.? Too cosmic?? Too vague?? Well, let this Full Moon shed lots of light onto that loving balance between the types of loves that bring you fulfillment.? Erotic love emerges when you stay present and focused on what?s being offered now.? Open your eyes, yet use your discernment regarding what another is offering to you, and why?after all, that?s your opposite sign?s strength?Virgo sees the fine print in all contracts, especially those of the heart.


Libra:? Be my little baby.? Be my daddy.? Where is Mommy? These can seem to be perilous times. Yes.? Your neutral, mediating services are in constant demand.? Speak out of both sides of your mouth.? Agree to disagree people, if, and it is a BIG issue if you can get them to drop their tribal/instinctive selves to see, feel and think from another perspective.? You are the ?other? whisperer.? Whisperers are gifted souls who influence hard-to-manage beings in physical form.? Whisperers live and parade their gifts at the intersection of Stubborn Parkway and Grinch Boulevard.? Use your opposite sign of Aries, act first, then think.? You only stay off path when you refuse to reflect upon your impulsive actions.

Aries: Love is the answer.? Expansive, yet sensitive, feelings that you feel a strong need to share.? You can be immensely pragmatic.? This Llena Luna (Full Moon) has all the makings of a self-sabotage story gone precisely as planned.? Gather your trusted folk around you.? Until July 26 (Mars goes into highly compatible Leo), you are hereby placed on guard duty.? Your obligation is to soften.? Reduce harshness.? Avoid snap judgments.? Breathe and listen.? Yes, I know I am starting to sound like a Taoist.? Well, maybe I aspire.? Point is to reflect on What Would Libra Do?? WWLD? Reflect, investigate with balanced motivation to maintain peace, that WWLD.


Scorpio:? You know the battle rages from within, when to let your guards down brought on by fears and excessive egocentricity and when you trust, merge and flow.? This Capricorn Full Moon has you in a mental balancing act between reason and intuition, fact and revelation.? When in doubt, it is best to trust your vision, your aspirations.? Sure, you could find yourself renegotiating power struggles you thought were dead and buried.? Keep your heart open and your inner ear tuned to what is not being said, yet somehow communicated.? Feel like you can have nothing shake your resolve and you will be like your opposite sign of Taurus, not appearing unshakeable, being unshakeable.

Taurus: Freud said, ?Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.? You are more likely to take people at face value, particularly if they have given you no reason to doubt them.? Your psychological instincts and suspicions tend to emanate across the zodiac from Scorpio, your opposing sign.? Life has become entirely more complex than you like, so go at your regular pace as you broaden your vision and self-determination.? Letting others? help you manifest your ideals does not mean that they will want something in return other than the story of helping you.


Sagittarius:? Despite your adventurous, gypsy like exterior, you have a realistic attitude toward the physical world of money, self-esteem and building income.? Unless you have been imprinted with a consciousness of poverty, you will tend to see your accounts grow in direct proportion to your effort and discipline.? Full Moons illuminate where we can use some equilibrium.? In your adaptably spirited self, you must balance your inner child of expecting support from others with a mature offer of what you own and value.? Like your opposite sign of Gemini, you have no shortage of curiosity or inquisitiveness, however, know why you want to know so much about others.? Your motivations will make the difference in how you are received by the one who?s answering the questions.

Gemini:? Your self-worth can be likened to the waves on the sea.? Lately, your vacillations have taken on more extremes.? If you can remember that no matter how much we value your objective insight and maturity when it comes to mediating emotional differences between polarized positions.? If you cannot be objective now it is best to withdraw from the discussion.? No arguments are advised.? It is the adage of ?if you cannot say something nice, then don?t say anything at all? applies.? Use your opposite sign of Sagittarius? long range sight to pierce the veil of falsehood, to perceive truth.? When you know and live your truth, why bother with a defense?


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