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What was begun at the New Moon (November 18) becomes illuminated at the Full Moon.? Through polarity we see answers to questions we?ve asked from within ourselves possibly get played out within our relationships.

Sagittarius and Gemini seek answers to life’s meaning.? Gemini open minded and listens, while Sag assesses and judges.? Daily routine and those we encounter (Gemini) and Sag takes the long view.? Facts v belief; reason/logic v intuition/vision, it is a delicate balancing act.

Questioning leads to doubt.? However, through healthy inquiry we start to grow and relate in a healthier and increasingly more honest manner.? We do not get to fake our news, particularly when Mercury is in retrograde (from now until December 22).? That reporter planet of communication and reasoning is in the sign of Sagittarius, riding (and dying) with Saturn.? Mercury seeks facts, and Saturn brings us down to earth (I?d argue, he never allows us to leave earth), yet Sagittarius is an adaptable fire sign of possibilities and emotional (read: subjective) truths.? What is fact?? What are biases? ?To what conclusions do you jump?? How opinionated are you?

Mercury retrograde affects Gemini and Virgo, and through relationships Sagittarius and Pisces.? The entire mutable cross (these four signs) questions their existence and the nature of reality to evolve.? Their fears tend to center around not having enough time or resources for all the adventures they want to experience.? Right brain Jupiter and unified consciousness Neptune are supporting each other in Scorpio and Pisces, making this Full Moon full (no pun intended) of hope and aspirations, even while our left brains are running wild with worry.

It has been said that you can count on Neptune to make a clear issue vague.? With his exact square (challenge) to the Sun and Moon from Pisces, faith, compassion and unity are on the agenda for this Full Moon (exact at 9.47 am CST on Sunday December 3, 2017).? Where can you use a bit more empathy?? How can you trust your physical body to reflect any imbalances in your emotional body?? Where do you need more sleep?? Can you begin to pay more attention to your dreams?

Our consciousness seeks redemption.? This Full Moon sits on a ?he who is without sin cast the first stone? motif.? How many times in the forgiveness process do you find yourself apologizing even though you are the wronged party?? How do you accept responsibility for your choices, possibly even recognizing where you aided in the creation of the wound or betrayal?? Neptune is the ego?s proverbial ?slippery slope?.? A seed of doubt (there?s that word again) that undermines your belief or faith in healing.? Yet, we can also get caught up in delusion and a childlike desire to return to the womb, where all our needs are met and a forgiving all knowing presence supports our dreams.? The Mercury retrograde moving along with pragmatic Saturn will not have any of these na?ve notions, no matter how ?spiritual? we may behave.

It is the little things that matter to strong Neptune movements.? Paradoxically, the big picture items like faith, compassion, loving kindness and ?we are one? are built on the details of telling and living our truths.? Sagittarius embellishes, often to inspire.? Yet, the more insecure, the more the exaggeration become unmoored from the facts and inspiration becomes fanaticism.? Gemini energy, when balanced, asks, observes and listens objectively for the facts and communicates them so we are can be on the same page (or at the very least reading the same book).

Bottom line:? be the inspired reasoner you were born to be.? Use your specialized and practical skills to serve those closest to you.? Increase your knowledge through study, particularly on those subjects that you are passionate about.? In these days of more stress and divisiveness, humility goes a very long way in keeping your life?s equilibrium.? Others may be going ?cra-cra? because they have no real anchor within themselves, a daily spiritual practice or healthy escapes.? Remember, it is the little things like monitoring one?s thoughts, visualizing, writing affirmations or saying mantras that matter during times such as these.? What type of world do you want to live in and how can you begin and continue to live there in small ways that are under your control?? Neptune rules dreams but let?s awaken to put these dreams into daily action.? Like charity, compassion begins at home.

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