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Full Moon in Sagittarius--Seeing With Your Inner Eye

Neptune is at the center of this Full Moon in Sagittarius. I've enjoyed calling Neptune a boundary blurrer who can make life, love and ethics confusing. I spoke with co-founder of Our Raw Material, Tavish Carduff this morning, we've come up with a rebrand of this shape-shifting God of the oceans...

From our ego's perspective, yes, Neptune blurs and confuses. However, he sets up our soul's eye. To view life through interconnected sight. To recognize light is everywhere. Sometimes you may even call it seeing with our bleeding hearts. Maybe we need to commune with our eight tentacles octopus friends with their three hearts? Let's walk on the ocean's floor living literally with Neptune's grace under pressure. To have more joy, we must allow grace and gratitude to permeate our intentions and actions.

Since 2012, Neptune has been powerfully situated in his home sign of Pisces. Relative truths and multiple dimensional living, that's for sure. Our Raw Material represents a dialogue between our linear egos and our interconnected and rooted souls. Dreams, synchronicities, visions and meditations of all sorts come under Neptune's influences.

When you pause to breathe and/or reach out to another empathically, Neptune, your soul's eye become your guiding light. Imagine each ego can be like a slave to desire, guilt and blame--Neptune is our North Star--guiding us out of seeing only with our physical eye of ego. To dissolve the ego's sight and voice takes time in daily contemplation and self-monitoring. Over time you begin to see the underlying light, love and harmony in your life.

Today's Full Moon in Sagittarius gives each of us a crash course in feeling these states of equilibrium. Similar to ocean's waves against the rocks, we thrive in its universal connecting wisdom. In ORM, we call this our 'roots'.

The Sun in Gemini has a choice--separate and categorize or bring together in unity. The Moon in Sagittarius asks that we kiss the proverbial blarney stone. Allow for revelations of arrows shot high in the sky of our own shared ethics or beliefs. Become the inspired reasoned, use both hemispheres of your brain. If you cannot label an experience, simply feel the experience in your heart/gut (third & fourth chakras).

Aiding us in these inner world travels between ego and soul is 'guide of souls' Mercury who has returned to Gemini until July 5, 2022. Let your contemplations be on what you want to speak into reality from a healed and whole position. Aspire to live your life from the inside out. Be aware of the larger 'we are the world' boundlessness of Neptune source of absolute love and union.

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