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Full Moons illuminate our deepest drives.? They balance two polarities. They seek a higher purpose through showing us our shadows.? Moon?s light is diffuse, mysterious and unclear. As dusk and dawn foreshadow the Sun?s setting and rising, a Full Moon has a build up of two days before and after.? From the vantage point of our Earth, She is as large as the Sun…and more powerful than the Sun. The more that you ?sleepwalk? in an unexamined life and play the same music as everyone else, the Moon rules.? You react to, instead of responding to, living. Each Full Moon is similar to a miniature and private midterm exam on Earth.

Security drives differ from spring to fall.? Taurus instincts in the fall (hence this Full Moon) means that the surface beauty of the spring must be connected to a higher relationship.? In essence, your mistakes of your youth no matter how physically appealing begin to challenged as you age. ?Pretty is as pretty does, and pretty can be pretty ugly sometimes?…or ?what we forgave at 17, won?t be forgiven at 37?.? Aging implies knowledge; wisdom shows best through action.

This Full Moon Taurus has a Scorpio Ascending, which means our consciousness and projection is the same.? How we show up to greet the world is the essence of who we are. If we are ?Scorpio?, then we are one with our inner spiritual warrior.? The mystical has to be grounded as the warrior as to be inspired, uplifted. Yes, we can be ?solid as a rock?, but said rock has to be ?looking to the sky?.

Helping us in this heaven and earth aka best order scenario is a telepathic connection between this Full Moon and the lords of death, Saturn and Pluto.? Capricorn provides a universal and sometimes legislative grounding to Scorpio?s passions (which can lean towards the extreme and rebellious). These same teachers of physical and soulful mortality (Saturn and Pluto, respectively) underscore a myriad of hidden talents found when Taurus and Capricorn relate.? Once earth signs know that no physical object or relationship has permanence then they can look to and support the impermanence of virtues such as goodwill, loving kindness, joy and other spiritual realities that exist through and on the earthly plane. It?s been said that accidents can only occur on the physical plane.? With accidental Uranus in concentrated earthy Taurus, these next six years have ?immediate, accidental karma? written all over it.

With Mars about to return home to diplomatic Libra and leaving his challenging connection to collective power and taboo inducing Pluto in Capricorn, it is not so much about what you?ve learned or how ?woke you are? as it is what have you been practicing? These may be the ?days of our lives?. Laugh, yet know, that many daytime dramas have profound roots in Greek and Roman mythology. With self-effacing Vesta (who holds the hearth fires) sharing space with our attachment principle (Moon) and opposing the Sun, know this:? what you focus upon grows, be it negative or positive. Sit down and contemplate: at what cost is beauty, comfort or support from others? Then, contemplate some more…Just remember that Leo (heart) and Aquarius (circulatory system) lie in the middle of Taurus and Scorpio.? So, it is your chosen individual participation in collectively creating an agreed upon shared future that matters. Helping all of us is reforming Uranus in Taurus which says you can change your beliefs, but keep your values constantly sustaining shared abundance. Know why (Scorpio) you want more (Taurus).? Observe how (Scorpio) your inner world (Taurus) affects others close to you (Scorpio).

12 Stories and 6 themes of division and unity

Aries/Libra:? Freedom and Consequences.? In the moment powerful and fresh, Aries lives to get beyond what?s been done before.? Freedom to act, speak and live as if a law unto themselves. However, Libra pauses and renders their verdict.? Typically, the scales of justice determines whether firestarter Aries actions and words exhibit love or contemptuous indifference to others…a ?sorry, not sorry? intention.

Taurus/Scorpio: Yours, mine and ours, shared resources on all levels of existence.? Taurus generates the bounty; Scorpio creates the safe relationship space to share the goodies.? What happens when Scorpio is living a minimalist existence? Or when discipline and self-worth is absent?? The ours can be filled with ?provider?s resentment. Abundance, to be sustained, has to have goals and openness.? Use this Full Moon to communicate what your expectations are, then realize you may be missing the present for a future that is lacking.

Gemini/Sagittarius:? The journalist meets with the Reverend.? Amorality, an examination of our thoughts without judgement, is a Gemini function.? Sagittarius, a seeker for life?s meaning, can be an adventurous pilgrim or a fundamentalist, or worse a con artist.? Either way, these two signs test ?what is real??, ?what is truth?? To ?Keep it 100? is not their goal. Their minds know that at 100, there is no more evolution.? Without growth, our souls can easily become complacent and our minds overactive in imagination and rationalization.

Cancer/Capricorn:? Who serves the servers?? Where do parents go to get their spirits replenished?? Absolute love based on bloodlines balanced with pragmatic ambition to make a last mark upon the world, that?s this parental axis of the beginning of summer and winter signs.? Love can have strings; professionalism can be only transactional. However, when vulnerabilities are expressed from a position of power and internal authority that you can handle any ?crisis?. Relaxation and humility win the day when perspectives are maintained.

Leo/Aquarius:? Yes, it is all about you. Your effort.? Your expressiveness. Hello, Leo. Yes, it is about others, ideals, the future, the planet and any other word you place ?the? in front of as a motive to explore your humanity.? That?s quirky Aquarius. Basic hack of this axis of participation is that the heart and head/mind must be in balance (or at least create several pathways of communication). What is blood if not allowed to circulate?? Give freely or keep it to yourself until you can. This Full Moon warns against excessive attachment to the role(s) you?ve been playing.

Virgo/Pisces:? Service from a virtuous heart space, you live for that.? Virgo from a practical and organized space; Pisces from an emotional and soulful one.? Both are needed for efficient functioning on this physical plane. Too much pragmatism creates a potentially dry and compartmentalized life that supports a chronic divine discontent.? Did I mention the constant complaining? Too much empathy without any boundaries sets up a ?messiah complex? where resentment fill the air. Did I mention the ?martyrdom?? If you are going to get on a cross, at the very least make it a conscious sacrifice…silently.

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