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The Wounded Healer and Trickster were walking in the woods. ?Of course, Healer was trying to intuit what healing Trickster needed. ?After a spell of time passed, Healer went off by themself. Three days later the Trickster asked ‘why?’. ?Healer replied, ‘you spoke in riddles, I don’t heal from riddles’.

The Trickster is an amoral character. ?Thoughts, in of themselves, are things, images or inner words that we can observe without judgement. ?Morality comes from Gemini’s opposite sign of Sagittarius, home to the Wounded Healer. ?Their wound (transgender/transpersonal sign of Sag) inspires them to heal others. ?In healing, there must be ethics.

These next 28 days, it will be important to speak from a basic direct intention of communicating practical and grounded information. ?Oblique posturing aka ‘throwing shade’ or omitting facts will only fuel others’ curiosity in getting to the bottom of the matter. ?In other words, people will become amateur detectives, just when you want to be left alone. ?If you must get obsessed, be that way about your

Gemini New Moon Thursday May 25 2017

With Virgo on the Ascendant it will be a challenge of information gathering. ?When is enough, enough? ?A basic tension between Gemini and Virgo centers on what info is useful and what is not. ?This is about what is above your neck, the mind and your ceaseless thoughts. ?Clue: Mercury in Taurus says err on the side of saving time, money, energy and health. ?It is said (by my Taurus mother), that ‘Taurus has two speeds: ?Slow and Slower’. ?Take your time.

Venus (love/heart/affection) is in a challenging aspect (square) to Pluto (transformation/emotional depths/psychological motivations). ?The Goddess of Love and Harmony in the battleground sign of Aries, so let the conflicts begin. ?Pluto in Capricorn wants to take a more mature approach. ?Know this, though, it is love that has to be deepened or let it go. ?Studying the different levels of attachment and detachment is central. ?Grasping, demanding and manipulating will not be tolerated under this New Moon. ?Yet, if you are showing up expressing emotional authenticity and vulnerability, your heart’s desire can become profound and longer lasting.

As the Wounded Healer Chiron takes hits from limitation-by-necessity Saturn and self-starter assertive Mars, you could find yourself learning much about aggression, opinions and setting boundaries. ?Chiron in Pisces attunes each of us to the suffering of the world, the less fortunate, mentally ill, oppressed or imprisoned. ?Their suffering tests our empathy and compassion. ?The war like nature of Mars can go overboard in your intimate relationships when you don’t make time for heated discussion and/or shared activities. ?Mars is a below the belt kind of energy.

Our collective fate depends on opening our heart centers, bringing up tribal separating desires from our lower centers and bringing down our minds into our bodies. ?The heart is a great place to start. ?We have this lesson as a planet, as the North Node of the Moon is in Leo until November, 2018. ?Leo chooses love, dignity and respect to all and for all. ?When it’s shadow, the heart narrows, plays favorite and selectively hides its cheerful disposition. ?What would it feel like if the Sun said, ‘I don’t like your religion, politics, gender, sexuality, etc. so I’m not going to shine upon you today…’? ?All of those happy and uplifting songs (that sometimes want to make those of darker humor vomit) are on our Cosmic Soundtrack until November 16, 2018. ?’Love Will Never Do (Without You)’, ‘All You Need is Love’, ‘Saving All My For You’, ‘Higher Love’…you get my heartfelt drift.

The Sign of the Twins requires that you integrate that hidden side of yourself…make the time to assess what you haven’t been developing, then, get to developing it. ?If not that reflective, then, that is your homework. ?If you’ve been too reflective, get out in your immediate world and circulate.

Gemini time of year has us shining through our commitment to language, learning and engagement with those we may see routinely, but rarely take the time to speak with. ?Breathe and contemplate your everyday communication patters. ?Look at and examine your relationship to smartphones, social media versus sitting in nature, bathing. ?When was the last time you were in a conversation and you did not look at your phone? ?When was the last time you had a conversation and you did not wonder about your notifications from your phone?

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