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Franklin Graham and Vladimir Putin Were Sitting In a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Remember when sharing our pure and simple affection invoked a sigh and a clutching of our collective hearts? ?If only we could go back to childhood and be innocently accepting of difference.? But, sadly this is not the case. Graham and Putin were born less than three months apart in 1952.? Graham was born on July 14 and Putin on October 7.? This Christian minister has fostered hate and bigotry against LGBTQ individuals in order to support a non-religious and foreign leader.? Do I have a colorable action to bring a charge of treason?

Graham wrote ?the world used to look to America for moral leadership.? But those days are long gone?.? The country who built its vast wealth very quickly on the backs of African slaves? The country that still refuses to have a real policy conversation about race, gender (women get paid 77 cents for every dollar that man receives) and class?? The country that went into Iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction, but wants to saber rattle when Putin annexed Crimea?? We have moral leadership? This is news to me.? And, as the cherry on the rhetoric proverbial top, let?s talk Native American, like Salt-n-Pepa talked about sex nearly 20 years ago.

However, I am not writing a political treatise on Graham and Putin.? When any church starts to create laws or affect public policy based upon their beliefs or faith, they need to be taxed by the government. Period. ?But, that?s another story, for another blog.? I wanted to look at the Astrology of these two men.

On June 24, 1952 the Earth, Sun and Venus aligned at the fourth degree of Cancer.? This alignment is called the Venus Star Point (VSP).? Venus was on the other side of the Sun, as far away from the Earth as possible.? Think Venus.? Think Pagan.? Think all is lost.? No Venus.? No Earth.? No pleasure. ?No joy. ?When Venus is moving quickly on the Sun?s backside, she is called an Evening Star Venus.? Evening Star Venus people tend to be driven by their need to relate communally.? This is the face of Venus that brings her loving and receptive qualities to the forefront.? They have a propensity toward being visionary and otherworldly.? And, in the sign of Cancer, focused on the family and those who reflect, shall I say, a more traditional version of the family?

These two men would be called Reflecting Twin Stars because they have the same Venus Star.? The shadow side of Reflecting Twin Stars is that there may be no one to clean their mirrors, so to speak.? They form an echo chamber of unexamined (and in this case bigoted) viewpoints.? Another way to look at enmeshed Reflecting Twin Stars is what I call, ?The Mutual Admiration Society?.? These two men form a bond based upon one facet of their shared passion(s) —repressing and demonizing the ?other?.? Cancer in her guise as the protective mother can become irrationally fixated on those who are different than her brood and she wants to eliminate any threat to them.? Men can have irrational fears too.

Details, Details?(Astrological Notes)

The Moon rules Cancer, so she has an immense influence in the lives of Cancer Stars.? Depending upon time of birth, Graham may have his Moon in Aries or Taurus (Graham would have had to been born after 145 pm to get a Taurus Moon).? Putin, if he had been born before 415 am he would have a Taurus Moon too.? It would accentuate the bond found in these the Reflecting Twin Cancer Stars.

Jupiter and Cancer Evening Star?s Excesses

Another planetary energy associated with the sign of Cancer is Jupiter.

Dwarf planet Ceres leaves her nurturing mark on this water sign that begins the season of summer (look for a blog posting on Ceres current position in Scorpio).

Because of Jupiter?s connection to our belief systems and these two narrowly souled (if you can be narrowly minded, why not narrowly souled?), I will focus more on this planet.? They both have Jupiter in the fixed/concentrated earth sign of Taurus.? Jupiter?s shadow includes entitlement, greed and excess.? When found working through Taurus there can be rigidity, orthodoxy, a superiority or hierarchy of values, money and status.? Taurus is most known for its stubborn nature.? It will not relate well to anyone who has a different value system. ?Jupiter can expand these negative traits. ?In popular culture, Jupiter can reign like the Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones. ?The first season on HBO she exclaimed (a lot!), ‘where are my dragons?’ ?In this symbolism, when does personal vision become sadistically controlling and painful, not in an agreed upon pleasurable way? ?Know that Jupiter in Taurus without ‘side rails of restraint’ easily degenerates into a baby or young soul with too much power to push the proverbial nuclear button.

Evening Star Cancer energy wants to mark its soulful mark upon those who they perceive to be the most vulnerable, children.? Realize both of these men possess Evening Star Cancer energies.?? As one proverb says, ?bring up a boy in the way, as a man he will not soon depart from it?.? Or something like that, it has been years since this recovering Jehovah?s Witness has gone to Proverbs in the Bible for anything, for sure!? The Cancer Evening Star can easily absorb the worse elements of its family, become clannish (pun intended) and exclude all ?who don?t belong?.? Through the ?pragmatic? musings and rationalizations found in the Taurus and Cancer astrological scripts, these men can easily convince themselves that the LGBTQ population has brought this upon themselves.? In Graham?s case, God is the agent that judges; Putin, the state.

It?s been said that ?where?s there?s smoke, there?s fire?.? Their demonizing of LGBTQ folk has all makings of insecure (yet powerful) men.? As an aside, it is of a curious note that Graham?s Mars (sexual assertion) is in Scorpio (emotional attitudes towards sexuality) shares the same space as Putin?s Venus (receptive side of relationships/love) in Scorpio.? Mars and Venus were mythical lovers.? Hello, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.? These two men want to make out with each other, wives notwithstanding, or would their spouses be witnesses enjoying not having to deal with their men?

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