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Happy Juneteenth!

Yea! January 1, 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation was in enforce.

Exactly 900 days later, slaves in Galveston, Texas found out they were freed people.

What were you doing 2 years, 5 months & 18 days ago? New Year's Day 2019?

Have you freed your ego in some way? Do you remember any New Year's Resolutions?

How was 2019, anyway? How's 2021 treating you?

Evening Star 19 Sagittarius 1.1.1863

Morning Star 18 Taurus on 6.19.1865

Morning Star 4 Scorpio on 1.1.2019

Evening Star 6 Aries on 6.19.2021

Evening Star Venus runs on abstractions, ideals and a vision for the collective in Sagittarius.

Morning Star Venus creates reality from a pragmatic perspective . Chattel slavery made this country the wealthy powerhouse it had become (Taurus).

The Morning Star in Scorpio aligns with our US 7.4.1776 chart. Scorpio desires to make win-win relationships through sharing resources from the physical to spiritual. Scorpio complements the 'me, mine, my' of Taurus to 'you, us, ours' of Scorpio. This holiday symbolizes a way to go forward in a pioneering fashion to begin to balance our young soul egocentric country.

Mars is in Leo on our first federal holiday of Juneteeth---turn your will over to your chosen communities---give of your resources freely or determine when you can.

When you reach soul-ego balance, you can locate what you have to order others from a place of joy, live and peace.

Happy Juneteenth!

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