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As a Recovering Jehovah’s Witness, this holiday (along with many others) is anything but simple. ?Because of the intellectual nature of this cult like religion, any holiday with pagan or secular origins was not celebrated. ?That said, as an advocate for the planets, stars, ancestral, et. al, this Mother’s Day has an Aquarius Moon.

The Moon. ?The Mother. ?How Our Story Begins.

It has been easy to know your Sun sign. ?Date of birth, every 29-30 days it changes. ?Unless born on those ‘cusps’, easy to assess. ?But, it is the Moon sign that tells a higher self advocate about the source of your legacy. ?As most do not know their time or weekday of birth, even less know this most important part of their being. ?When it does not recommend that I speak individually, I’ll speak collectively.

The Moon represents, among other things, your legacy and perception of your mother. ?The Moon changes signs approximately every 2.5 days. ?For example, I have a Libra Moon. ?Venus ruled and connected to marriage and ?the law, I am a non practicing attorney (Libra, The scales of justice). ?Going to law school was a subconscious need to prove something to my family. ?Our Moon signs show where we are subsconsciously driven, where we’ve been influences.

Know your Moon, know what you need. ?Know your Moon, know what your mother imprinted onto you. ?My mother is beautiful, non-confrontational and can get along with anyone she chooses to (all Librans traits). ?If you have more than one child and they have a different Moon sign, each will have a different perception of you. ?Perception is not the whole truth, as the Moon can be subconscious and impressionable. ?It rules our instincts, imprinted upon us intrauterine (all mothers get a head start in molding us).

Do you know your Moon sign, if not, why not?

Aquarius Moon on Mother’s Day 2015?

Unconventional and forward thinking, that’s an essence of Aquarius energy. ?The power of mother can be eclipsed through wanting to speak transparent truths today and tomorrow. ?This evening around 5 pm is tailored made for an emotional overreaction based on simmering resentments regarding all things mother. ?If you cannot overlook, realize that mothers love imperfectly, the next several days will not bode well for you. ?Heck, with a Mercury slow down (to go retrograde on May 18), extend this counsel until spring’s end. ?Understand Aquarius Moon/Mood/Mother demands honesty, loyalty to truth. ?You can see your mother as coming from a long line of women with imperfections and pragmatic realities that shaped them, inequalities that required sacrifice.

Aquarius abhors the nice, but untrue, answer to direct questions. ?They do not like role playing either, particularly to hypocritical authority figures. ?They are willing to push over sacred cows. Today is tailor made to speak truths, kindly and compassionately.


How do you mother/nurture (men are not off the hook)? ?Do you care give from a conscious and objective perspective or do you give what you think the other ought to have? ?Do you see your children as possessing individual souls & spirits with their own paths and not as extensions of family legacies? ?Can you extend the nurturing energies to include those not of your bloodline? ?Can you receive care from those who did not birth you? ?Can you grow in unconditional/absolute love through care taking yourself and with a gaze upon offering such love to all with whom you contact?

Aquarius Moon/Mood/Mother can be friendly and insightful while maintaining the parent mantle. ?They see truth, so if insincere or disingenuous, expect to be called out for these behaviors.

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