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After the communal and family oriented Wood Sheep year, get ready for action!

The fire element represents spirit, drive and vitality. ?Fire demonstrates, shows off and burns away what is wasteful. ?Impatient, sure and braggart, quite possibly, however, when fire and Monkey join up, let the games begin! ?Here’s a paradox: ?take yourself too seriously and you’ll get hot poo thrown at you (symbolically speaking), don’t take yourself seriously and you’ll get called out on your BS. ?You see, the Monkey year wants folk to play, but be irreverent about your play…


In order to be irreverent, you have to revere what or whom you are making fun of. ?No one remembers superficial satire. ?It is the well studied comedians and/or observers of society that leave a lasting legacy. ?So, do not take the Monkey’s cavalier attitude for granted, it is a show. ?The show is staged to see how much you know. ?Be argumentative only when you have the facts on your side.

Watch this video to understand how the elements interact. ?Know how your element handles fire and you’ll know when to fight, play or love. ?Here’s a hint: ?consciousness and love win the day. ?Throw a tantrum or bring too much attention to yourself without putting in the work, well, that’s when you can expect the poo to be hurled. ?Poo as in turned backs, rolling of the eyes or simply to be ignored…

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